<i>Do Not Forsake Me</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Do Not Forsake Me: Exclusive Excerpt Rosanne Bittner "He always knew there’d be the devil to pay." <i>The Perfect Bargain</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Perfect Bargain: Exclusive Excerpt Jessa McAdams "He was right—she was too prim for that." <i>The Devil Wears Spurs</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Devil Wears Spurs: Exclusive Excerpt Soraya Lane "She swallowed, hard, trying to think of something witty to say." <i>Heat of the Moment</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Heat of the Moment: Exclusive Excerpt Lori Handeland "I hesitated, but now that I’d opened the door..."
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July 1, 2015
The Role of Family in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy
Sharon Ashwood
July 1, 2015
Romance News: Reisz, Roberts, and Ward!
Heather Waters
July 1, 2015
O Canada! Celebrating Canadian Romance Writers
Darlene Marshall
June 30, 2015
Top 5 Nerds in Romance (and Why We Love Them)
Jennifer Probst
June 30, 2015
Best Reads of June 2015
Team H & H
Jul 1 2015 4:30pm

Family Matters: The Role of Family in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Possessed by the Fallen by Sharon Ashwood

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sharon Ashwood to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sharon's latest release, Possessed by the Fallen, came out today! Sharon writes about wolf shifters, and as we all know, wolves run in packs. Sharon is here today to talk about the unique influence family has on us and how that influence shapes the background and journey of a character. Thanks, Sharon!

No man is an island, unless he’s an alpha hero.  The image of the lone cowboy riding into a prairie sunset is firmly fixed in the popular imagination. He’s the symbol of individualism, independence, and the belief that personal strength of character can overcome every obstacle. He’s a figure of romance in the older sense of the word—an avatar of the quest, a demigod who has accepted loneliness as the price of storied adventure. Or, at least that’s what his publicist would have us believe. Never believe a press kit.

He’s not so alone as all that. Scratch the surface and our hero (unless he’s utterly socially dysfunctional) has a life with relationships and community, even if it’s a less than traditional one. One of the favorite tropes of popular fiction is the “band of brothers,” a group of strong male characters who are held together by a shared experience or purpose. Both military adventures and heist stories use this construct, as do a wealth of paranormal romances. J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series is an obvious example—no one would ever question the individual power of the heroes, and yet they work within a complex, interdependent community that makes them stronger than they would be on their own.

[Author Sharon Ashwood's talks about family influences on story-telling...]

Jul 1 2015 3:33pm

Romance News Roundup: Tiffany Reisz Teaser, Nora Roberts Deal, and J.R. Ward Fantasy Cast!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts—Deal Alert #1: Nora Roberts's Whiskey Beach is currently $1.99 in e-book at e-tailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and iBookstore.* You can find all things Nora at H&H here.

Tiffany Reisz has just released a teaser for The Queen from her series The Original Sinners: The White Years. Are you psyched? If you're new to the world, head over to Jennifer Porter's post on the compelling Original Sinners world.

Bitten, the TV series based on Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld books, has been renewed for a third season. Have you been keeping up with Elena, Clay, and the gang? Looking forward to a new season? If you need to catch up, our Bitten Seasons 1 and 2 episode recaps are here.

—“We're making a movie about male strippers here. Make no mistake, I came to play.” Joe Manganiello's Vulture interview for Magic Mike XXL is worth a read for those lines and more. See what Mala Bhattacharjee thought of Magic Mike XXL in her movie review for H&H.

—Deal Alert #2: Abbi Glines's The Vincent Boys is $1.99 in e-book right now Amazon and more.*

[+J.R. Ward fantasy casting & a Cynthia Eden deal...]

Jul 1 2015 2:00pm

Cover Wednesday: Exclusive Reveals from Kerrigan Byrne, Laurelin McGee, Mia Gabriel, Dawn Ryder, and Melanie Scott

Today we have cover reveals from Kerrigan Byrne, Laurelin McGee, Mia Gabriel, Dawn Ryder, and Melanie Scott. He's hired to hunt her down, but once the hero lays eyes on his beautiful prey, he only wants to protect her in Kerrigan Byrne's The Hunter. They can't fight this feeling anymore when an online relationship gets real in Laurelin McGee's Love Struck. Lord Savage returns in Mia Gabriel's Savage Nights. She's too good to be bad, and he's bad in all the right ways in Dawn Ryder's Dangerous to Know. Then it's time for these two lovers to put their professional lives on hold and step up to the plate for each other in Melanie Scott's Playing Hard.

[Learn more about these books and view the amazing covers...]

Jul 1 2015 12:00pm

Do Not Forsake Me: Exclusive Excerpt

Rosanne Bittner

Do Not Forsake Me by Rosanne Bittner Fate brought them together. His past may tear them apart.

Miranda Hayes' life was changed the day she faced down infamous gunslinger Jake Harkner...and walked away with his heart. Their fates have been intertwined ever since. Hunted by the law, fleeing across a savage land, their desperate love flourished despite countless sorrows. Now, twenty-six years later, their family has finally found some measure of peace...balanced on the knife's edge of danger.

Jake has spent his years as a U.S. Marshal atoning for sins, bringing law to the land he once terrorized. But no matter how hard he fights the demons of his brutal past, the old darkness still threatens to consume him. Only Miranda keeps the shadows at bay. But when outlaws looking for revenge strike a fatal blow, Jake risks losing the one woman who saw past his hard exterior and to the man inside.

He always knew there’d be the devil to pay. He just never realized he might not be the one to bear the ultimate price.

Get a sneak peek at Rosanne Bittner's Do Not Forsake (available July 7, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

With a reporter’s eye, Jeff Trubridge studied Marshal Jake Harkner as the man rode into Guthrie with four prisoners in tow, three of them looking mean but defeated, their faces bruised and battered. The fourth man was obviously dead, his body draped over a horse and wrapped in a blanket tied tightly with rope.

Harkner put two fingers to his lips and gave out a loud whistle.

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]

Jul 1 2015 11:00am

O Canada! Celebrating Canadian Romances and Writers

Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freeman

O Canada!

When you think of our neighbor north of the 49th Parallel, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 

Why, romance, of course! 

I’m not Canadian, but some of my best friends are, and I love to visit their country.  It’s the land where a Stampede is a good thing, at least in Calgary, and you buy your coffee and doughnuts at Tim Hortons with “loonies” and “toonies”.  Heck, Canadians gave the world Leonard Cohen and for that alone we should all be grateful and appreciative!

Sure, the U.S. invaded Canada once or twice, but that’s all behind us now (I hope), and in honor of Canada Day it’s time to pour yourself an ice-wine and raise a glass to The Great White North.

Canada doesn’t take a back seat to anyone in North America when it comes to romance. To readers in the United States, “Canada romance” means the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, aka The Mounties. In the early 20th C., Nelson Eddy crooning to Jeanette MacDonald in Rose-Marie made women’s hearts go pitty-pat for a man in a red coat. The RCMP, famous for always getting their man (and who doesn’t agree with that motto?), conjures images of Dudley Do-Right with his square jaw, the aforementioned baritone Nelson Eddy as Sgt. Bruce, and lovely lines of red-coated gents on parade. 

[In the mood for a little Canadian romance?]

Jul 1 2015 9:30am

First Look: Roni Loren’s Call on Me (July 7, 2015)

Call On Me by Roni Loren

Roni Loren
Call on Me (Loving on the Edge Series, #8)
Penguin Publishing Group / July 7, 2015 / $16.00 print, $9.99 digital

The new Loving on the Edge novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Nothing Between Us and Need You Tonight…

Oakley Easton wants two things: to be a good mom to her daughter and to ditch her less than ideal night job. Hooking up with bad boy drummer Pike Ryland? Not on the agenda. She needs a promotion. Not sex, tattoos and rock ’n’ roll.

Pike isn’t about to let Ms. Prim and Proper shut him down so easily, especially when he stumbles upon Oakley’s sexy night job. She’s only playing a role on those late night calls with strangers, but when he gets her on the line, all bets are off. He won’t stop until that sultry voice is calling his name for real.

But as they move from anonymous fantasies in the dark to the flesh-on-hot-flesh reality of the bedroom, the risk of falling in love becomes all too high. And the safe, quiet world that Oakley’s worked so hard to create is about to be exposed to the one person who could ruin it all.

I’m pretty certain that Roni Loren can do no wrong with her Loving on the Edge series. With Call on Me, we get Pike Ryland’s story as he woos Oakley Easton - mom, receptionist, former girl-band member, and phone sex operator. Except Oakley is trying to keep half of those titles under wraps. After getting pregnant far too early, she was asked to leave Girl-Pop and began raising her daughter on her own. That time of her life left multiple deep scars, causing Oakley to bury that part of her history, save her daughter. A daughter she would do anything for, including going into debt to put her in a special school that has resources for children with Asperger’s and other special needs. Enter her job as a phone sex operator. Not a job that she gets off on, nor does she let anyone else know. But she can make good money because her voice can make men melt with just one word, it is that sultry.

[One man cannot get enough of that seductive voice...]

Jul 1 2015 8:05am

Do You Collect Multiple Editions of a Book?

With reprints and reissues, e-first, paperback, hardcover, tradepaper...there are so many editions to consider! When it comes to your favorite authors, do you find that you collect multiple editions? Maybe a paper copy to keep and an e-copy to read?

What are some of your habits when it comes to your favorite authors? Let me know!

Jun 30 2015 4:30pm

First Look: J.L. Merrow’s Played! (June 30, 2015)

J.L. Merrow
Played! (Shamwell Tales #2)
Samhain Publishing / June 30, 2015 / $14.99 print, $4.99 digital

All the world's a stage...but real-life lessons are hidden in the heart.

The Shamwell Tales, Book 2

Though Tristan must join his family's New York firm at summer's end-no more farting around on stage, as his father so bluntly puts it-he can't resist when Shamwell's local amateur dramatics society begs him to take a role in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The bonus: giving private acting lessons to a local handyman who's been curiously resistant to Tristan's advances. Not only is Con delicious, there's fifty pounds riding on Tristan getting him in his bed.

A late-diagnosed dyslexic, Con's never dared to act, convinced he'd never be able to learn his lines. But with Tristan's help, he takes the chance. Trouble is, the last time Con fell for a guy, he ended up getting his heart broken. And with Tristan due to leave the country soon, Con is determined not to start anything that's bound to finish badly.

Just as Tristan thinks he's finally won Con's heart-and given his own in return-disaster strikes. And the curtain may have fallen forever on their chance for happiness.

Warning: Contains a surfeit of Bottoms and asses, together with enough mangled quotations to have the Bard of Avon gyrating in his grave.

With the USA legalizing same-sex marriage on a national scale this past week, it seemed appropriate that the next book I’d write about for H&H would be a queer romance. J.L. Merrow’s Played! called out to me because of the catnip: queer men, one witty and theatrical, the other down to earth and conventionally bodacious, finding love and sexytimes with each other. I’m a fan of the UK-styled wit that Merrow clearly channeled with the story, and it was helped by a strong opposites attract romantic storyline. Played! is a tip of the hat to Shakespeare, theater, sharing passions, and male/male romance.

[A must read male/male romance...]

Jun 30 2015 3:43pm

Romance News Roundup: Jane Green, Katharine Ashe, and KCole Deals!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Mr. Maybe by Jane Green—Deal Alert #1: Jane Green's Mr. Maybe is $1.99 at the moment in e-book at e-tailers such as iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.* Get to know Jane Green's writing with excerpts from Summer Secrets and Another Piece of My Heart.

—Deal Alert #2: Katharine Ashe's I Adored a Lord is $1.99 in e-book right now at e-tailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore.*

—Deal Alert #3: Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter's holiday anthology Deep Kiss of Winter is currently $1.99 at Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and Amazon.*

*We don't know how long deals will last, so get 'em while you can!

Jun 30 2015 2:30pm

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Jennifer Estep, Shiloh Walker, Tillie Cole, and Santino Hassell

Today we have cover reveals from Jennifer Estep, Shiloh Walker, Tillie Cole, and Santino Hassell. First up, you better stay far away from the assassin on a mission in Jennifer Estep's Bitter Bite. Then, he'd walk through Hell for her, but Hell isn't letting him back out in Shiloh Walker's Grimm's End. It's two books for one in the bindup of the first two books in Tillie Cole's Scarred Souls series, Raze and Reap. Then explore New York City in Santino Hassell's Sutphin Boulevard.

[Learn more about these books and view the amazing covers...]

Jun 30 2015 1:00pm

Talk Nerdy to Me: Top 5 Nerds in Romance (and Why We Love Them)

Searching for Always by Jennifer Probst

Today we're thrilled to welcome Jennifer Probst to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jennifer's latest book, Searching for Always is the fourth book in her matchmaking Searching For series that sees two opposites attracting. Many times that opposites attract trope is used between a nerd and a “popular guy or girl”—to use high school terminology. Jennifer has written that story too featuring the nerd closest to her heart Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle (yes, his initials spell N.E.R.D.) in Searching for Perfect. Jennifer is here to talk about the glorious appeal of the nerd, and why we all need one in our lives! Thanks, Jennifer!

It's June and I'm ready! For what, you ask?

The end of school. The end of rushing out in the morning with the kids, and making lunches, and missing buses. I'm ready to roll out of bed when I want to, cook a real breakfast other than frozen waffles, and spend some well needed time reading a book on the back deck, cocktail in one hand, while the sun beams bright and hot in the sky.

[Author Jennifer Probst talks nerdy book boyfriends...]

Jun 30 2015 12:00pm

The Perfect Bargain: Exclusive Excerpt

Jessa McAdams

The Perfect Bargain (Entangled Lovestruck) by Jessa McAdams

American lass seeks brawny Scot...

As if being newly single isn't brutal enough, Sloane Chatfield's friends are getting obnoxious about setting her up. When Sloane insists she's waiting for a certain sexy fictional Highlander to come along, her friends surprise her with a trip to Scotland to find her a new boyfriend. She'd rather have a root canal. But if she can find a Highland hunk to “break her heart” before her friends arrive...

In a remote Highland village, Galen Buchanan is struggling to keep the family pub afloat. Everything is falling apart, he's running out of money, and now there's an opinionated American lass parked at his best table, driving him mad. But then Sloane asks Galen to be her pretend Highland boyfriend...and offers him enough money to save the pub. It's only for a few days, he figures. What's the worst that could happen?

Get a sneak peek at Jessa McAdams's The Perfect Bargain (available June 30, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

The next moment, he heard the jingle of the bell as the door opened and some muttering under breath.

“You didna kick the ewes, did you?” he called out as he finished hooking up the keg. He rose up, wiped his hands on a dishtowel, and swiveled around. Miss Prim was standing there in a tight sweater and tighter pants. She did have a nice figure, he’d give her that. “As I suspected. You again, terrorizing the flock.”

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]

Jun 30 2015 11:00am

10 Women’s Fiction Audiobooks You Should Listen To

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

Have you heard? June is Audiobook month so let’s send off the month by celebrating their wonder.

If you are only listening to books on long trips in the car or on the plane then you are doing yourself a disservice. They make even the unpalatable chore palatable.

In the 1990’s I took on the responsibility of ordering my grandmother’s books on tape from National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicap. I thought they were wonderful for her, but really didn’t see the benefit to me. I had much rather read than have someone read to me.

But after a couple long distance trip filled with static and radio silence I became a believer. And for years that was the only time I listened to audiobooks. I would make sure on my trips to find the local Cracker Barrel restaurant and exchange my old book for a new one as I traveled on.

I’m not sure when I discover the beauty of books and chores. Marketers for audiobooks call it multi-tasking, but for me it is called relief. Relief from the drudgery of unwelcome tasks that take me away from my favorite pastime—reading. My mother’s life would have been so much easier if audiobooks had been around when I was a sulky teenager. Her interruptions into my reading time put me in bad temper –martyrdom in fact. I think it is possible that I might have been half way pleasant if I could have washed windows and listened to a favorite book.

[More Women's Fiction audio books below...]

Jun 30 2015 9:30am

H&H Bloggers Recommend: Best Reads of June 2015

The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand

Each month, we ask our bloggers to share the best thing they’ve read (or things, plural, if our bloggers declare a tie ’cause they just can’t choose). It doesn’t have to be a new book, as evidenced below; just something that made the month sparkle a bit more.

Without further ado, here’s the installment for June 2015 (and if you’ve missed any, be sure to check out past recs via the Related Posts section at the bottom of the post):

Sahara Hoshi:

All of Cassandra Gannon's The Elementals series, my favorite was The Treasure of the Fire Kingdom.

Laura Florand's The Chocolate Touch - I like a big, clumsy guy trying to win a heroine over!

Megan Mulry's The Royals series, my favorite is the second book If The Shoe Fits.

Jess Moro:

So my favorite read was a bundle. It was $.99 so I decided to snatch it up and it was new adult goodness! C.M. Owens' The Sterling Shore Series is filled with alpha guys, hilarious heroines and various antics that I laughed out loud for. I couldn't put it down and devoured the entire series in a week. 

[More book recommendations from H&H bloggers...]

Jun 30 2015 8:08am

When Was the Last Time Your Fangirl (or Boy) Was Unleashed?

Goddess of the Night by Lynne Ewing

Sometimes you love a book/TV show/movie, but you don't know anyone else who loves it as much as you. Sometimes you become obsessive about it and you create fan art, fan videos, join the fandom on Tumblr, and maybe stalk the author or celebrity on social media (we've all been there, don't deny it). The feeling fades and you go on with your life, knowing that you love that series like no one else you know, and that's okay. Then, one day, someone in your “real life” reveals they loved this book/TV show/movie, too! Suddenly, years (sometimes decades) of pent up fangirling is unleashed upon the world, and you just have to let everyone know about these feelings—ALL the feelings—you've had about this fandom. 

What was the last thing that unleashed your fangirl (or boy)? Was it a new fandom that you joined, or was it an old favorite that you just recently found a new love for when you found someone else who loved it, too? What do you love about it?


Let me know in the comments!

Jun 29 2015 5:43pm

Romance News Roundup: #AskELJames, JoJo Moyes Deal, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes—Deal Alert #1: Jojo Moyes's Me Before You is currently $2.99 in e-book at Amazon.* Preview the Me Before You Delicious Despair scene we just had to write about.

Grey author E.L. James is answering questions on Twitter with the hashtag #AskELJames. We've learned that she's “written a new book and [is] halfway through another.” James says they're both romances and she's not sure when they'll be finished. In answer to a question about whether she's ever wanted to change anything in Fifty Shades, she answered: “Yes. I would have liked to split them up for longer at the end of FSoG.” When asked if she would be writing more from Christian's perspective, her answer was maybe. Read more of her responses here. And if you haven't already weighed in with your reactions to Grey, please do join the conversation.

—Deal Alert #2: M.Q. Barber's Healing the Wounds is $.99 right now in e-book at Amazon.* Looking to dive into the Neighborly Affection series? Get the scoop with our First in the Series primer.

—While Fahrenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury's former house was demolished earlier this year, the good news is that pieces of Bradbury's house were turned into bookends, according to io9. How fitting, right?

—Deal Alert #3: Cat Johnson's One Night with a Cowboy is $1.99 in e-book at e-tailers such as iBookstore and Amazon.* Catch up on all our Cat Johnson coverage here.

*We don't know how long deals will last, so get 'em while you can!

Jun 29 2015 5:20pm

H&H Quickies #10: Kerrigan Byrne—Prompt Me!

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

If you can never get enough of your favorite authors (and who can?!?), you are going to love H&H's author writing challenge, H&H Quickies. Not only will you get to read fun, original scenes by awesome romance authors, but said awesome romance authors will be writing those scenes based on YOUR prompts!

Following up on wonderful Quickie scenes by Lora Leigh,Valerie BowmanCharlotte Stein,and more (see all the Quickies, here), we are pleased to announce today that Kerrigan Byrne will be the tenth author to participate in the H&H Quickies challenge! Here are the details:

The idea

For the next week, H&H readers are invited to leave comments on this post with writing prompts/ideas for Kerrigan Byrne with a historical theme. Once the prompting period is over next week, Kerrigan will read over all of the prompts and pick at least two that she finds inspiring, and use them to write a short original scene. H&H will then post the scene for everyone to read and enjoy (yay!), as well as reveal which prompts Kerrigan used for the scene (woo-hoo!) for bragging rights.

The rules

Prompting is open from right now until Wednesday, July 8, 2015, at noon EST.

Prompts can be anything, like a word (mask!), a setting (a country road!), a situation (being robbed!), a description (tall, dark, and handsome!)...the sky's the limit! Just one requirement, to keep things interesting: the prompts for this particular challenge should be historically-themed.

After you leave some prompts, that's it, your job is done for now! Just be sure to check back on July 24 for an original scene from Kerrigan Byrne based on your suggestions!

Psst... if you're a newsletter subscriber, you'll get to see the full scene a few days early! Not on the list? Here are three more reasons to join in on the fun. To sign up, register to become an H&H community member here and check “YES” to receive the newsletter. Or, if you're already an H&H member and want to start getting the newlsetter, go into into your profile, click on the red button with the heart that says “Click here to subscribe for the H&H Newsletter,” and voilà! If you have any trouble signing up, always feel free to contact us for troubleshooting.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email us at info@heroesandheartbreakers.com.


Sounds like a blast, right? Let's get prompting!

Jun 29 2015 3:30pm

Donna Grant Spills About Her Love of Dragons and K.M. Moning’s Fever Series!

Back in March, we asked you to send in questions for Donna Grant (thank you, everyone!), whose Dark Kings novel Soul Scorched is out in paperback tomorrow. Now, today, we're excited to bring you her answers. Thanks, Donna!

In the video, you'll find out what inspired her to write about dragons and druids (:05 mark), the last great book she read (:55 mark), and why she loves writing romance (1:07). We hope you enjoy!

For more on Donna Grant's latest release, Soul Scorched:

Buy at Amazon

Buy at B&N

Buy at iTunes

Buy at IndieBound

Jun 29 2015 1:00pm

First Look: V.K. Sykes’s Summer at the Shore (June 30, 2015)

Summer at the Shore by V.K. Sykes

V.K. Sykes 
Summer at the Shore (Seashell Bay #2)
Forever / June 30, 2015 / $6.00 print, $5.99 digital


Morgan Merrifield sacrificed her teaching career to try to save her family's bed-and-breakfast and care for her younger sister. She can't let herself get distracted by Ryan Butler. After all, the rugged ex-Special Forces soldier is only in Seashell Bay for the summer. But her longtime crush soon flares into real desire—and with one irresistible kiss, she's swept away.

Ryan values his freedom. As much as he wants Morgan, he's not ready to settle down with anyone, much less in sleepy Seashell Bay. But his code of honor doesn't allow him to leave a woman in distress—and she's in desperate need of help to fix the inn. It only takes one day working under the same roof and Ryan is already hoping for a lifetime of hot summer nights...

Or is he? It’s clear that Ryan is hoping for at least a couple months of hot summer nights and Morgan is partially on the same page, but...it’s the eternal conflict: Ryan and Morgan are wrestling with “can you go home again?” versus “there’s no place like home.” It looks like an either/or proposition and that’s not what either one wants. Morgan loves teaching off island, Ryan secretly hopes to train Special Forces warriors: how does that mesh with happily ever after on a Maine island? Morgan is about to find out. The bed and breakfast she and her sister Sabrina inherited from their dad needs a lot more than tender, loving care and Ryan steps up to offer an in-house handyman’s skills. Does Morgan have the fortitude to resist Ryan’s charms?

Ryan was almost a James Bond or Jason Bourne type of guy, a crazy-hot mystery man who did wild, top secret stuff he never talked about. He acted like a normal guy when he was home, except for the sky-high emotional walls he’d erected around himself. Ryan never talked about himself or his life. If that didn’t spell danger, she didn’t know what did.

And now she’d flat-out invited Mr. Sexy Mystery Man into her life. Into her home.

[A summer near water is always sexy...]

Jun 29 2015 11:30am

The Summer’s Gonna Blaze: New Adult Best Bets for June 2015

Burn by Allie Juliette Mousseau

New Adult June is the start of summer! This month’s picks are sure to raise the temperature. Whether it’s a second chance story or characters that hit you right in the gut, these picks make you want to stretch right out and read away.

Burn by Allie Juliette Mousseau is a second chance romance story that brings on the feels. The second book in a standalone series, the premise is around men who forged a strong brotherhood, after extremely painful pasts. Liam and Quinn fell in love when they were teenagers, one night tears it all apart, and circumstances bring them together again, years later. Can the years they were apart wipe away the memories of that one devastating night? My emotions were all over the place and I couldn’t put it down!

Beautiful Sacrifice by Jamie McGuire is the third book in the Maddox Brothers series. Taylor Maddox knows what he wants and goes after it. Using that familiar Maddox charm, this hotshot firefighter uses his skills to befriend Falyn, the girl who keeps him at arm’s length. What ensues is a slow burn that erupts into a blaze.

[More New Adult Best Bets for June 2015...]