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September 20, 2014
Immortal/Mortal Love in The Shadowhunters Series
Willa aka willaful
September 19, 2014
Friday Beefcake: Foxy Flannel
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September 19, 2014
H&H Debriefing: Give a 'Ship
Team H & H
September 19, 2014
Addicted Authors and Characters
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September 17, 2014
Benedict Cumberbatch's Darcy Scene
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Sep 22 2014 4:30pm

First Look: Anne Stuart’s Never Marry a Viscount (September 23, 2014)

Never Marry a Viscount by Anne StuartAnne Stuart
Never Marry a Viscount
Montlake / September 23, 2014 / $12.95 print, $4.99 digital

She’s crept back into the home she lost. He’s crept into her heart.

Sophie Russell was once society’s darling. But after the disgrace and death of her father, she now finds all doors firmly shut to her—including those of her family home. To discover the secrets now hidden within its beloved walls, she’ll pose as a cook and spy on the estate’s new owner, a broodingly handsome viscount, who may have schemed against the Russells. Instead of dishing up the truth, the viscount tempts Sophie with delicacies of his own…

Viscount Griffiths suspects that there is more to his new cook than meets the eye—especially since it was a mistress he hired sight unseen, not a cook. With the hope that her passion in the kitchen will extend to his bedchamber, he humors the beautiful interloper. But when that passion burns to brightest love, revelations may shake both of their wary hearts…

The final sensuous book in the Scandal at the House of Russell trilogy will lay the truth bare.

It never bodes well when a tale of romance starts off with a lie; you just know there’ll be all kinds of tension before a happy ever after can achieve fruition. In Anne Stuart's Never Marry a Viscoutn, Sophie Russell decides a small untruth will be her best way into the Viscount Griffiths’s estate. It shouldn’t be hard to pull off pretending to be the new cook when Sophie’s skills in the kitchen have been raved about by her former nanny, among others. The biggest obstacle will be in dealing with the man who may have been party to her father’s murder and the loss of her good family name that has, in part, forced her to seek work. Still, she believes that she knows what she’ll be up against, having watched the Viscount from afar for the previous several weeks:

Alexander Griffiths, the new viscount, had a reputation that was far from stellar. His first wife had died under mysterious circumstances more than a decade before, and he’d lived far to the north, never venturing into society, presumably haunted by guilt. He was certainly haunted by something, Sophie thought, dropping down to her favorite spot on the ledge and taking out her cheese and bread. The one thing no one had ever told her was how exquisitely beautiful he was.

Mere gossip, added with what she’s seen only from a distance, aren’t enough to prepare her for dealing with the tall, dark, handsome man who's become her new boss. Fortunately for Sophie, she’s been assured he’s never been the type of man to show any inclinations towards meddling with his female staff. 

[Until now?]

Sep 22 2014 2:00pm

Past Perfect: 5 Erotic Historicals from Day, Page, and More!

Lord Savage by Mia GabrielToday we're pleased to welcome author Mia Gabriel to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Mia's Lord Savage, the first book in the Savage trilogy, is out now, and tells the story of a woman who's in the throes of her first truly pleasurable experience with the enigmatic Lord Savage. In addition to having written an erotic historical (or historical erotic!), Mia loves super-sexy books set in the past, and is here to share her favorites. Thanks, Mia!

I’ve always found the past a sexy place to visit in books. There’s always candlelight, the beds are big and mysterious with curtains that close around them, and the clothes are so much more seductive, silk and velvet and corsets and major jewels. Best of all, there are none of those annoying modern distractions: no deadlines to make or emails to answer, and no historical hero, ever, is going to hear the prompt on his cell phone and say, “Just a sec, babe, gotta check this.”

Nor will a historical hero be PC. He’ll be super-manly, with muscles he earned doing dangerous, manly things instead of the gym. He’ll know when to be a gentleman, and when not to. He won’t be distracted by Sunday football, because there isn’t any yet, and besides, there’s no TV. No, his main focus is bedding and ravishing the heroine (which right there sounds so much sexier than hooking up).

[The times, they are changing...]

Sep 22 2014 12:15pm

Riding Dirty: Exclusive Excerpt

Jill Sorenson

Riding Dirty by Jill Sorenson

He's her weapon of choice

Psychologist Mia Richards wants revenge. Her new client, tattooed Cole “Shank” Shepherd, provides the perfect means. She just has to manipulate the felon-turned-informant into eliminating her husband's killers—members of Cole's rival motorcycle club. The first step, seducing Cole, is simple. As for walking away before she falls hard—it's already too late

Dirty Eleven practically raised Cole, and he plans to double-cross the cops rather than sell them out. But smart, sexy Mia is an irresistible distraction. While she's evaluating his mind, all he can think about is her body until he discovers her true intentions. Walking a fine line between desire and betrayal, they'll have to outrun her past, his enemies, and the law for a love that's dangerously real.

Get a sneak peek of Jill Sorenson's Riding Dirty (available October 1, 2014) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

“Did you marry young?” Cole asked.

“I was twenty-five,” Mia said.

“How old are you now?”


He didn’t say she looked younger. “How was the sex?”

She almost choked on her tea.

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Sep 22 2014 11:35am

Outlander Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Was it Good for You?

Claire Randall's adventure continues in the first season of what is sure to be a long-running series on Starz based on the beloved historical fiction/fantasy/romance series by Diana Gabaldon, and we are so ready to recap and then discuss every single moment of it.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Outlander, including Saturday night's Season 1, Episode 7, “The Wedding.” Enjoy!

Claire’s second marriage begins with memories of her first. A younger Claire, hand in hand with Frank, stops outside a registry office, where Frank surprises Claire with a proposal. Claire answers with a kiss, which fades into her kissing Jamie at their wedding.

Soon enough, it’s the wedding night, and the newlyweds are charmingly awkward. A few drinks calm bridal nerves for both, and Jamie assures Claire he’s not going to force himself on her. Claire never thought he would, but she does have some questions, which strikes Jamie as fair. Why did Jamie agree to marry her?

Jamie allows that he married Claire to keep her safe. To protect Claire, the letter of the law must be fulfilled. The marriage would need to be consummated right away, with witnesses swearing they were in the building, if not the room. Jamie gives Claire his name, his clan and his family. If necessary, the protection of his body as well. Pause now for the entire female viewership to swoon, but Jamie is only getting started.

Claire joins him on the bed, hands entwinde, there’s leaning in for a kiss. Claire stalls. She wants to know about Jamie’s family. Jamie asks Claire how many generations back she wants him to go, and, well, ask a Scotsman a story, and the answer will not be brief. Hours pass as the newlyweds swap family stories, until would-be witnesses burst in to see how things are going. Jamie ushers their guests out, and Claire suggests she and Jamie go to bed. 

[Can we join, too?]

Sep 22 2014 10:59am

Downton Abbey Series 5 (Season 5), Episode 1 Recap: Live the Truth

Edith and Marigold in Downton Abbey Series 5/Season 5Welcome back to Downton Abbey and what's sure to be another year of delicious upstairs/downstairs drama. Come, let's see what Series 5 has in store for our beloved Crawley family, shall we?

Note for U.S. Viewers: Downton Abbey returns to PBS for Season 5 on January 4, 2015. We'll be repromoting Naz's recaps then, so feel free to wait to read them until that time to remain unspoiled.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Downton Abbey, including last night's Series 5 premiere. Enjoy!

And here we are again! When we left the Crawley family last Christmas, Mary was being pursued by a gaggle of suitors (well, okay, really two serious contenders. Poor Evelyn doesn’t really count, does he?) and Edith was planning on reclaiming her daughter, bringing her to Downton and having her raised with one of their tenants, Mr. Drewe. Tom was showing interest in Sarah, the new girl in town, and Isobel was flirting with Lord Merton. And of course, the ever-exuberant Rose fell in and out of love (with the “wrong” man), and had a spectacular coming-out during the course of which, she helped save the Crown Prince from a royal disaster. Downstairs, Daisy emerged as a confident, self-assured young woman, who doesn’t need the attentions of a man to validate herself any more. Anna and Mr. Bates were carrying on as usual, having put Anna’s horrific experience with Green to rest. Or have they? We were left wondering if Mr. Bates really was responsible for Green’s death. Thomas had a hold over Mrs. Baxter, and she, in turn, was looking to Mr. Molesley to protect her. We also saw a glimpse of a possible (?) romance brewing between Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes.

So, here we go.

[Whatever happens, we're in this together...]

Sep 22 2014 8:10am

Is it Ever All Right for the Hero to Have Sex with Someone Other than the Heroine in the Book?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

There is a book coming out in the next month or so (a gritty motorcycle club book) that has a scene where the heroine comes into the hero's living room and finds him having sex with another woman (this is after seeing him getting orally serviced, but in that scene, he stops before finishing). Not only does he not stop the sex, he takes the heroine's suggestion, and he and the other woman head off to his bedroom to finish. And the heroine hears it all.

This isn't precisely a cheating hero, since the hero and heroine haven't committed to one another yet, but it skates very close to the line. Have you read any romance novels where this happens?

Is it ever all right for the hero to have sex with someone other than the heroine during the course of the book? 

Sep 21 2014 2:00pm

Shipping Sunday: Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabbie

Sleepy Hollow's Ichabbie, the pairing of 18th century Ichabod Crane and modern woman Abbie Mills, is a 'ship that makes a lot of sense—and it also does not. Let's explain.

Source: SupaGirl  

First, let's take the fun stuff—the 'shipping. 

[Cast off the line, sailors!]

Sep 21 2014 10:00am

Christmas Brides: Exclusive Excerpt from “Once Upon a Christmas Scandal”

Alexandra Hawkins, Suzanne Enoch, Elizabeth Essex and Valerie Bowman

The Christmas Brides Anthology

Relax on a silent night and dive into Christmas Brides, a lush historical holiday anthology featuring a brand-new story from USA Today bestselling author Alexandra Hawkins. And back by popular demand from last Christmas, previously published One Hot Scot, The Scandal Before Christmas, and It Happened Under the Mistletoe are back to deck the halls in this sensual Christmas collection.

One Hot Scot by Suzanne Enoch

Duncan Lenox lives surrounded by enemies, a MacLawry in a land of Campbells. But when an English beauty has nowhere else to turn, he feels obligated to help. Now that they must spend a night together in an abandoned cottage while a storm rages on, will their mutual passion save—or doom—them both?

Once Upon a Christmas Scandal by Alexandra Hawkins

Lady Ellen is outraged when she learns her dowry’s been increased by her dad, eager to draw every bachelor in England to her front door. So when Lord Swainsbury comes knocking, Ellen assumes he’s another dreadful fortune hunter. Little does she know that Swainsbury has completely fallen for her—body, heart, and soul…

The Scandal Before Christmas by Elizabeth Essex

Lieutenant Ian Worth needs a wife by Christmas. He has to find her, woo her, and wed her before he goes back to sea. Anne Lesley is a shy spinster with no prospects, so she accepts Ian’s hasty offer only for the security it will bring. But when a midwinter storm rolls in, things start to heat up between them…and they might just find true, honest-to-goodness love…

It Happened Under the Mistletoe by Valerie Bowman

Oliver Townsende intends to avoid the hordes of marriage-minded misses at a friend’s holiday party. When he meets Miss Cerian Blake, who’s dodging her own unwanted set of admirers, the two decide to join forces and fake an infatuation to keep their suitors at bay. But when mistletoe becomes involved, will their Christmastime prank turn into a love to last all seasons?

Get a sneak peek of the Christmas Brides anthology (available September 30, 2014) with an exclusive excerpt from the story “Once Upon a Christmas Scandal” by Alexandra Hawkins.

Her cheeks were a vivid pink that had nothing to do with the chill in the corridor as they walked back to the main house.

“How long had you been listening?” Derrick quietly asked, sensitive to the fact that Lord Netherley’s comment had upset her.

Lady Ellen halted in front of the closed door. She placed her hand over his to prevent him from opening it. “Long enough to understand that you are a good man.”

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Sep 20 2014 12:15pm

“Even If It Were Just Days": Love Between Mortals and Immortals in Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters Series

City of Bones by Cassandra ClareNote: contains major spoilers for “The Mortal Instruments” and “The Infernal Devices” series.

It's a well-established theme in paranormal romance and romantic urban fantasy that true love should be forever. If one lover is mortal and the other isn't, it has to be remedied in some way: this can be as simple as a vampire “turning” his beloved, or as mind boggling as some of J.R. Ward's solutions, which usually involve divine intervention. A lover who can't or won't be turned is generally tragic backstory.

Cassandra Clare's interconnected YA Shadowhunters books are unusual in exploring relationships between mortals and immortals as a viable option, albeit not one without problems.

In The Mortal Instruments series, mortal teenager Alec falls in love with Magnus Bane, an immortal warlock who's over three centuries old. The bliss of requited love is marred by Alec's jealousy over Magnus's many previous relationships, and by his worry about growing old while Magnus stays youthful—shades of Bella in the Twilight series, but this story goes in a very different direction. With no desire to be immortal himself, Alec contemplates a spell to take away Magnus's immortality, and he realizes how wrong and foolish this would be just a little too late—Magnus finds out about the plan and dumps him, breaking both their hearts.

[It's a good reason to breakup, but...]

Sep 19 2014 5:00pm

Friday Beefcake: Foxy Flannel

Adrien BrodyPlaid flannel was once a fabric reserved for grunge rockers and lumberjacks. But now, any man can rock the fall trend—and we're especially glad if they rock it with some facial hair and twinkle in their eye!

This week we're ready to snuggle up in some flannel, maybe grab a cup of coffee with the guys from last week, and settle in for some nice fall weather.

Does a bundled up (fall) guy or a stripped down (summer) guy appeal to you more?

[Let's get this flannel party started...]

Sep 19 2014 4:30pm

H&H Debriefing: Give a ’Ship

Another day, another way to follow H&H—we're now on YouTube! Subscribe to the HeroesnHearts channel to catch weekly Debriefings in which Team H&H's Heather, Megan, and Jenn discuss what's hot in romance.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for Sleepy Hollow Season 1 and How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1-9.

This week, we address a topic especially near and dear to Heather's heart: shipping. We attempt to define the term, share some of our favorite ships (right now we're all about debating whether or not we 'ship Ichabbie in Sleepy Hollow), and ask readers to weigh in on the question of whether or not everyone is a shipper. Last but not least, we list some of the shows we'll be covering this Fall TV season—if there's anything you've been watching or are looking forward to watching this year that we don't already cover that you think should be, let us know! We'll do our best to make that happen.

Editor's note: And if you want a more in-depth background on shipping, I highly recommend checking out this crowd-sourced history of shipping in (Internet) fandom. Fascinating stuff. —Heather

Sep 19 2014 3:15pm

Ahoy, Maties: Top 10 Pirate Romances from Hoyt, Lindsey, London and More!

Pirate in Her Arms by Danelle HarmonTalk Like A Pirate Day is today, and what better way to observe the holiday than talking pirate romance? From Cape Cod to the Barbary Coast, Elizabethan times to Victorian era Brazil, these seafaring romances are ready to board your keeper shelves.

Pirate in my Arms by Danelle Harmon

Let’s start out this list with a story based on the real deal. Danelle Harmon spent three years working with the crew that recovered the sunken ship, Whydah, belonging to actual pirate Black Sam Bellamy, and it shows in her attention to detail. Prepare to be swept back in time with this unforgettable tale of an adventurous English rogue who finds his greatest treasure in gentle Maria Hallet of Cape Cod, and a love that will not be denied.

Across a Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham

Marsha Canham could probably fill this list all by herself, but if pressed to pick only one of her nearly flawless pirate romances, the first in the Elizabethan-set Pirate Wolf series would have to be the one. Isabeau (Beau) Spence, herself the daughter of a notorious sea dog, is definitely daddy’s girl. A skilled navigator who demands respect, she rescues Simon Dante from a doomed ship, and the battle of wits between them begins. Rapier-sharp wits, passionate hearts and thrilling adventure make their happily-ever after one for the history books.

[And our TBR piles...]

Sep 19 2014 1:00pm

LOL! The Top 10 Rom-Coms of the Past 10 Years

I worship at the altar of Nora Ephron, Tom Hanks, and Meg Ryan. I can quote When Harry Met Sally on command, and I’ve been to Katz’s Deli. However, since the early 2000s, much has been left to desire in the world of the rom-com. But if you know where to look, there are plenty of gems to be found. In chronological order, here are my picks for the best rom-coms of the last ten years; what rom-coms would make it onto your list?

13 Going on 30 (2004)
Why? Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner are perfectly charming. As teenagers, we all wished we were older and wiser—or Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving as Jenna wishes in the film. But she quickly learns that the perfect life isn’t really worth it without the ones we love. Plus, Andy Serkis doing the Thriller dance is a vision.

[And so many other things to love...]

Sep 19 2014 12:00pm

Gentlemen Prefer Curves: Exclusive Excerpt

Sugar Jamison

Gentlemen Prefer Curves by Sugar Jamison


Belinda Gordon thought she had it all—a great job, wonderful friends, a home of her own. She’s even come to love her voluptuous body. But she still can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. And then Carter Lancaster, aka Her Biggest Mistake, shows up in town, as irresistible as ever, and shakes up her entire world.


Carter never expected to find Belinda in town, looking as delicious as the day he married her five years ago—before she walked out on him after six weeks and a painful misunderstanding that included his baby daughter, Ruby. A quick divorce is the sensible option—but Carter can’t let Belinda go now, not when he can see the family they could be. Love may be a curveball, but this time he’s going to prove to Belinda that he can hit it out of the park… Gentlemen Prefer Curves is the third book in the Perfect Fit series

Get a sneak peek of Sugar Jamison's Gentlemen Prefer Curves (available September 30, 2014) with an exclusive excerpt of Chapters 1 & 2.

Chapter 1

Parents just don’t understand …

Parents. Can’t live with them. Can’t toss them off the roof.

Belinda Gordon walked up her parents’ driveway. She had moved out of their home practically on her eighteenth birthday but in the last five years she had probably spent more hours in her parents’ home than her own. Her mother had called half an hour ago, for the third time that day, this time begging her to come over.

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Sep 19 2014 9:30am

Strung Out and Written Down: Addicted Authors and Characters

Today we're joined by author Ciar Cullen, whose heroine, Lillian Holmes is an heiress-turned-detective-turned-vampire, and is also an addict. Ciar's latest release, The Devil and Lillian Holmes, finds Lillian embroiled in yet another adventure, one where she has to find the devils surrounding—and within—herself. Ciar is talking about the addictive nature of both author and character today. Thanks, Ciar! 

Most of us read romance fiction to escape. Whether it’s the big, sweeping epic, the cozy tale of a small-town couple reuniting years after high school graduation, or perhaps the recorded antics of a business tycoon and his wicked, wicked ways, our favorite stories help us put daily stresses behind us, a chapter at a time. Thus most romance heroes and heroines are, by modern standards, pretty together people. You’d be hard-pressed to find a hero who staggers home drunk every evening, or a heroine who downs prescription painkillers. That is the stuff we see in our communities, on our grittier TV series, and on the evening news. Hardly the stuff of standard romance fiction.

We are too familiar with the statistics: addictions kill in alarming numbers, drug crime has decimated whole neighborhoods. Substance abuse and depression are close siblings—although the jury is still out on genetic vs. environmental factors that lead to addiction—and depression affects a staggering percentage of the population. Not even the “rich and famous” are immune, and their struggles tend to be in the spotlight. The tragic recent suicide of Robin Williams touched so many. How, why? we ask. Love or hate actor Russell Brand, his 2013 interview in The Guardian is raw and gut-wrenching. “Drugs and alcohol are not my problem, reality is my problem, drugs and alcohol are my solution.” It’s terribly painful stuff, and that kind of painful stuff generally doesn’t make it into romances.

[Not usually...]

Sep 19 2014 8:23am

Who’s Your Favorite Pirate?

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day! And in honor of the day, we want to know if your favorite pirate is Captain Kidd, Captain Morgan, Dread Pirate Roberts, Blackbeard, Captain Jack Sparrow, or someone else? 

Are you talking like a pirate today? 

Sep 18 2014 4:30pm

A Stranger in a Strange Land: Fish-Out-of-Water Romances from SEP, Morsi and More!

The Lovesick Cure by Pamela MorsiWhat do you think of when someone describes a novel as having a “fish out of water” trope? Do you immediately think of social inequities, or class differences like in Georgette Heyer’s hilarious An Unknown Ajax? Maybe your thoughts jump to stories illustrating cultural differences, such as Nalini Singh’s Desert Warrior. In western romance novels, you’ll often see greenhorn heroes or heroines as they struggle against the hard life, as Englishwoman Jessica Thornton does in Pieces of Sky by Kaki Warner. More than a few of you might think of a dramatic saga like Diana Gabaldon’s time travel series, Outlander, or even maybe Linda Howard’s suspenseful Son of Morning. Or did your first thought go to more comedic books, like Maryjanice Davidson’s Undead series.

All of the above examples are in some way or form part of this trope. According to the definition from wiseGeek: “In fiction, a fish out of water theme is a story paradigm that places the main character in a world totally foreign to the world he or she is accustomed. Commonly a vehicle for comedy, it can also be used in other genres including drama, romance, action and science fiction.”

The books listed below are all in the contemporary and comedy genres (with a post focusing on historical and fantasy books later).

[We'll live in the now, for now...]

Sep 18 2014 2:00pm

Exclusive: Donna Alward and Jackie Ashenden Covers Revealed!

Cover reveals for Donna Alward's Summer on Lovers' Island and Jackie Ashenden's Make You Mine and Billionaire's Club booksToday we're pleased to reveal covers for exciting upcoming releases featuring doctors, dangerous pasts, and past mistakes, and chances for redemption through the power of love, of course. Click through to see the cover for Jackie Ashenden's Make You Mine (scruff!), Donna Alward's Summer on Lovers' Island (sunset hug!), and Ashenden's Billionaire's Club Box Set (clinch!)

[All will be revealed...]

Sep 18 2014 12:00pm

Night Sky: Exclusive Excerpt

She's the ultimate weapon in fighting destiny...

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann and her daughter Melanie Brockmann have written a pulse-pounding novel of paranormal suspense set in a near future both fantastic and frightening.

Skylar Reid is shaken when Sasha, the little girl she babysits, is kidnapped. Scared that the weird dreams she's been having about Sasha are real-and even more afraid that Sasha is already dead. When a mysterious girl with extreme butt-kicking abilities roars into town on a motorcycle and, well, stalks Skylar things get even weirder. Supergirl Dana tells Sky that she also has abilities – that a hormone in their blood makes them stronger, faster, smarter. A hormone that the makers of a new drug called Destiny will murder to get their hands on.

Dana and Milo, her dangerously hot, yet oh-so-forbidden, partner in crime, want Sky to join them in their mission—to mold Sky into the ultimate weapon. She can sense there's something about her abilities they're not telling her. But the only way to save Sasha and stop other girls from being taken is to embrace the weird...and fight Destiny.

Get a sneak peek of Suzanne Brockmann and Melanie Brockmann's Night Sky (available October 7, 2014) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

My knee stung, so I pressed the washcloth against it as I looked at Milo and then at Dana. And I shook my head. “I don’t know what goes on. I just know that I’ve never been able to hear anyone’s thoughts before, but I can hear Milo’s.”

“And he can hear yours too?” Dana said. She looked pissed that Milo had waited to tell her about it—and equally amazed that it was even possible to pull off what we had done. “That’s freaking… Wow. I mean, that’s something.”

[Continue on to read the full excerpt of Night Sky...]

Sep 18 2014 10:50am

Seven Steamy Steampunk Couples from Priest, Carriger, Connolly and More!

Today we're pleased to welcome author Beth Cato to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Beth's Clockwork Dagger has just been released this week, and is a steampunk fantasy, incorporating airships, magic, a kick-ass heroine, and of course, romance. Beth's heroine, Octavia Leander, is a healer, but she's not just content to wait for those who need healing to come to her—she goes out and finds them, determined to do some good in the world during an ongoing war. Beth is here to talk about her favorite steamy steampunk couples—seven of them—and just why they make the list. Thanks, Beth!

Steampunk literature is rollicking fun with its fresh takes on Victorian and Edwardian-era adventure, plus a healthy dash of magic and/or clever steam-based technology. Then there's the clothing—men in tailored suits, suave hats, and those luscious knee-high boots, and women in corsets that defy gravity and bustles that give a whole new meaning to “Baby Got Back.” Laced-up stays look extraordinary, but it's oh-so-nice to have them loosened on a warm day, especially by another person's skilled hands.

Those are big reasons why I love reading steampunk—and writing it, too. My own novel, The Clockwork Dagger, is Edwardian-inspired steampunk with an action-packed romance between my two leads, Octavia and Alonzo. They ride an airship, dodge assassins, and still manage to work in a kiss or two. That's all in a day's work in a steampunk world, and well in the legacy of steamy genre authors like Gail Carriger and the six other authors listed below.

[Let's get this automaton going...]