<i>The Deep End</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Deep End: Exclusive Excerpt Kristen Ashley "Olivier isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into..." <i>Perfect for You</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Perfect for You: Exclusive Excerpt Candis Terry "In that breath-stealing moment, Dec thought they might be in for..." <i>Damage Control</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Damage Control: Exclusive Excerpt Lisa Renee Jones "I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her naked body against me..." <i>Roar</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Roar: Exclusive Excerpt Cora Carmack "Just this once, Rora wanted something that had nothing to do with storms..."
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February 21, 2017
A Romance Newbie Needs a Recommendation!
Team H & H
February 19, 2017
Part Erotic Romance, Part Psychological Thriller: Beth Kery's Make Me
Lime Cello
February 19, 2017
Rachel Grant's New Flashpoint Series Is Off with a Bang
Dolly Sickles
February 18, 2017
ICYMI: Swoonies Voting, KGI Series, J.R. Ward, and more!
Team H & H
February 17, 2017
Friday Beefcake: 5 Drummers That Won't Skip a Beat!
Jamie Shaw
Feb 14 2017 10:00am

The Swoonies 2017: An EPIC Couples Battle!

Welcome to H&H’s third annual couples battle, The Swoonies, where romance’s most popular pairings go head-to-head for the title of H&H’s Swoonworthiest Couple of the Year!

Starting today, in Round 1, you get to decide the fates of 16 couples in 4 battles across 4 conferences (Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, and Romantic Suspense) by voting for your favorites in each poll. Over the coming weeks, couples will be eliminated via weekly polls until just one couple is left standing.

We recognize this won’t be easy, but hope you’ll enjoy the thrilling matches! Here’s everything you need to know:

Vote Now in Round 3:

Schedule of Events:

  • Round 1: February 14-February 17 at 10:00 am
  • Round 2: February 17-February 21 at 1:00 pm— 
  • Round 3: February 21-February 24 at 1:00 pm VOTE NOW
  • Round 4: February 24- March 2 at 3:00 pm
  • Winners Announced: March 2 at 4 p.m. (EST)

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Feb 21 2017 4:30pm

Start Your Engines: Romance News & Deals from Gillian Archer, Susan Mallery, and More!

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

Ruthless by Gillian Archer

Deal Alert: Gillian Archer's motorcycle club romance Ruthless, first in the True Brothers MC series, is $.99 in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | etc.* It's hard to beat a wicked man with a heart of gold—they sure rev our engines! 

Deal Alert: Susan Mallery's women's fiction novel The Friends We Keep, Book 2 in the Mischief Bay series, is $1.99 in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | etc.* Three friends provide love and comfort to one another as they journey through the stress and turmoil of life's expectations. It's no surprise that romance is the perfect place to tackle tough issues.

Deal Alert: Julianna Keyes' college co-ed romance Undecided is $1.99 in e-book at iBooks | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | etc.* This sexy new adult romance features two characters who don't do anything by halves...including the trouble they get themselves into! Don't miss out on these fresh new adult romances from January!

[+Emma Watson sings 'Belle']

Feb 21 2017 3:00pm

The Gateway Experiment: What Romance Should Author Roshani Chokshi Read Next?

A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi

It is one of the greatest joys of any reader to recommend beloved books to a person—especially when that person is brand new to the genre we hold so near and dear! It can be a tough call, however, to find that gateway book that is sure to please. Luckily, making that tough decision just got easier since we'll be matchmaking for author Roshani Chokshi, who is new to the wonderful world of romance!

Since Roshani isn't totally new to the romance genre, we have an idea of what she's looking for in the perfect match. 

Roshani loves Regency romances, having already devoured books from Julia Quinn, Sarah MacLean, and Tessa Dare. 

If a book contains the “fake dating/marriage” trope or feature enemies to lovers, it may be a good fit for what Roshani is looking for in her next read. 

Like any good romance fan, she knows the romance covenant, and hates anything dealing with infidelity. 

We'll be leaving the recommendation period open from now until February 27 when Roshani will pick what book piques her interest. Once Roshani decides on a book, she'll report back on what she thought with a post about her experience!

So—what romance book should Roshani read?


While Roshani gets to know the romance genre, get to know Roshani. Learn more about or pre-order a copy of A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi, available March 28, 2017:

Buy at Amazon

Buy at B&N

Buy at iTunes



Buy at IndieBound

Buy at Kobo





Feb 21 2017 12:15pm

First Look: Lisa Renee Jones’ Damage Control (February 21, 2017)

Damage Control by Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa Renee Jones
Damage Control (Dirty Money #2)
St. Martin's Griffin / February 21, 2017 / $15.99 print, $7.99 digital

The second book in a four-part series is always tricky. Damage Control,  the second in Lisa Renee Jones' Dirty Money series, is no exception. Fans on the hook after reading Hard Rules want reassurance that the couple they took to their hearts is going to make it but the plotline has to maintain suspense and tension so that readers devour the story avidly and wait impatiently for Bad Deeds and End Game to arrive. A hard task, but Jones’s latest Dirty Money tale satisfies on every level. 

Shane Brandon has fallen hard for Emily Stevens, but it turns out that she has as many secrets as him. Deeply hurt, Shane confronts her.

[Uh oh...]

Feb 21 2017 2:00pm

The Swoonies 2017, Round 3: Final Four Couples

  • Rhine/Eddy vs. Cletus/Jennifer

  • Eve/Roarke vs. Mercy/Adam

Welcome to H&H’s The Swoonies, where romance’s most popular pairings go head-to-head for the title of H&H’s Swoonworthiest Couple of the Year!

ROUND 3 POLLS ARE NOW OPEN! Vote now until Friday, February 24, at 10:00 a.m. (EST)

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Couple Battle 1

Couple: Rhine/Eddy
Book/Series: Forbidden (Old West series)
Author: Beverly Jenkins
What brings them together: Rhine rescues Eddy in the desert and helps her recover. 
What threatens to pull them apart: Society seeks to keep them apart; Rhine is engaged to a woman from a powerful political family, and his life and livelihood depend on him passing as a white man, while Eddy has no intention of risking her plans to move to California to open her own restaurant.
Swoonworthiest Moment: “ 'Your sweetness is so much stronger than their hate.' ”

Couple: Cletus/Jennifer
Book/Series: Beard Science (Winston Brothers series)
Author: Penny Reid
What brings them together: Jennifer blackmails Cletus into helping her shake her “banana cake queen” image.
What threatens to pull them apart: Jennifer’s family and Cletus’ secrets are their biggest hurdles.
Swoonworthiest Moment: “ 'You’re my beginning, middle, and end.' ” —Beard Science 


online survey


Couple Battle 2

Couple: Eve/Roarke
Book/Series: Apprentice in Death (In Death series)
Author: J.D. Robb
What brings them together: Eve’s a homicide detective, and Roarke’s her prime suspect...
What threatens to pull them apart: These days? Mostly just their constant brushes with death.
Swoonworthiest Moment: “ 'I love you,' she said again, pouring herself into the kiss. 'You saved me.'

“ 'Each other.' He laid her back, covered her with his body. 'We saved each other.' ” —Apprentice in Death

Couple: Mercy/Adam
Book/Series: Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson series)
Author: Patricia Briggs 
What brings them together: Werewolf Adam happens to be Mercy’s next-door neighbor.
What threatens to pull them apart: Pack infighting, for sure, though Adam has Mercy’s back through it all.
Swoonworthiest Moment: “ 'I misspoke,' he said in a steady voice. 'She doesn’t need me to make sure she has enough food or a place to live—that is my privilege, but she doesn’t need me to do that. She doesn’t need me to keep her safe or to make her a whole person. She doesn’t need me to do anything except love her. Which I do.' ” —Fire Touched


survey hosting

See all the battles

Keep up with who’s currently battling whom and who’s winning in each conference by visiting the full Swoonies bracket:

Schedule of Events:

  • Round 1: February 14
  • Round 2: February 17
  • Round 3: February 21
  • Round 4: February 24
  • Winners Announced: March 2 at 4 p.m. (EST)


Want to campaign for your favorite couple? Make your cases in the comments and with the hashtag #Swoonies17 on social media to be heard!

For an overview of all the Swoonies 2017 battles, visit the index:

H&H Editor Picks:

More Weird Protagonists, Please: Penny Reid's Weird Science

Best Books to Read After Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series

Make Mine a Virgin: Virgin Heroes from James, Gabaldon, Singh & More


Feb 21 2017 11:30am

Acts of Emotional Heroism: The Heart is Mightier Than the Sword

Today we're thrilled to welcome Jennifer Ryan (His Cowboy Heart) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. It comes as no surprise that heroines have the capacity for great heroics—it's not just something left to the men. Jennifer is here today to share some of favorite heroic heroines in romance. Thanks, Jennifer!

Heroines are Heroes Too!

But savvy romance readers know that, right? I mean, why do people only imagine a male “hero”?  I think readers want a heroine who is flawed but can stand on her own. After all, confidence is sexy. Strength is a turn on. It’s what we love in men. It’s what they love in us.

Heroines don’t always start out poised and on top of the world, especially in one of my books, but it’s the journey, the discovery, the trying, failing, and trying again we can all relate to and cheer on.

We all know heroes who put their lives on the line: military, cops, firefighters, Good Samaritans. They step up and fight when called upon. They saves lives and protect the innocent. They run toward danger when others run away. And just like those jobs, heroism knows no gender boundaries. We love stories about these people. We live vicariously through them and hope that if we are put to the test, we’ll rise to the occasion just like them.

[And we rise up...]

Feb 21 2017 9:30am

First Look: Lisa Marie Perry’s Sin For Me (February 21, 2017)

Sin for Me by Lisa Marie Perry

If you love FOX’s sudsy Empire, then Lisa Marie Perry’s sizzling Sin For Me is a must-read! The twisted, drama-soaked first book in the Devil’s Music duology is set amidst the Atlanta music scene, at a record label that’s growing new talent and age-old feuds. Dangerous wild-child Delilah Bishop, voted out of her family’s company by her three best friends, Joshua Drake, Emma Toledo and Chelsea Coin, wants back in at any cost. She’ll burn things down (literally), wreck marriages — and even throw her own brother, songwriter Dante Bishop, under the bus to get what she wants. But what Delilah doesn’t realize is that Devil’s Music holds its own allure for Dante — in the form of chief operating officer Chelsea, the woman who betrayed him and still enthralls him.      

Her smile could command his heartbeat. Her touch could freeze his mind and light his body on fire. Her pussy was immortalized in the hip-hop/R&B song “In You,” which remained unfinished and unsung, confined to the pages of an old notebook.

Funny how his church’s priest had never said that evil could be beautiful, could sound like the most unforgettable melody, could feel so damn good wrapped around you.

Evil was Chelsea, a woman who’d turned his love against him, betrayed everyone in her way, and preyed on a friend’s mental instability.

[Read more...]

Feb 21 2017 8:20am

What Sort of Reading Month Did You Have?

February is always the shortest month of the year, which means you either don't get as much reading done as you'd like or your month ends up being jam-packed with great reads. 

What sort of reading month was it for you? Was it filled with great reads, or a bit of a dry spell?

Tell us about your February in the comments!

Feb 20 2017 1:00pm

Are You a Betty or a Veronica?: The Riverdale Reading List!

 Betty or Veronica? Betty vs Veronica- The Riverdale Reading List!

By now you may have heard…Archie Andrews and his pals from the Riverdale comics are back!! And starring in a brand new, dark, gritty, sexual version on the CW Network. As a huge fan of the comics and now hopelessly addicted to the show after just one amazing episode, I’ve always wondered who Archie might end up: Betty, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, sweet, supportive, smart girl next door, or Veronica, the dark-haired, dark-eyed, sassy yet classy, city girl who falls hard for our favorite ginger haired hero.

I love that both girls are truly nice, as far as how they treat each other and Archie. It’s a real love triangle. I still can’t decide who I’m rooting for: the girl who’s always dreamed of being with Archie and has always supported him and his dreams, or the girl who’s lost her money, her friends and now is having to start over and falls for the charming Archie because he’s so different from her old life.

As a tribute to the exciting debut of Riverdale, I’m giving you the ultimate Betty vs Veronica book list that way you can read each week to satisfy your hunger for more Riverdale until the next episode airs.

[How 'bout a little Betty and Veronica?]

Feb 20 2017 12:00pm

Kristen Ashley Excerpt: The Deep End

Kristen Ashley

The Deep End by Kristen Ashley

Enter a decadent sensual world where gorgeous alpha males are committed to fulfilling a woman's every desire…

Olivier isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into when he joins the Honey Club, only that a dark part of him hungers for the lifestyle offered by this exclusive club. Here, no boundary will be left untested…and one's deepest fantasies will become an exquisite reality.

When Amélie invites Olivier to surrender, she gives the alpha submissive what he craves. Soon they both find themselves falling harder than they ever anticipated—but as their connection deepens, the truth about Olivier’s past could destroy everything…

Get a sneak peek at Kristen Ashley's The Deep End (available March 7, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

One: There Could Only Be One


Amélie sat in the semicircle booth at the back of the club, her lips to the rim of her champagne glass, her eyes to the bodies moving through the large space in front of her, her mind wondering when it had happened.

Seven years.

For seven years, as a day passed that she knew at the end of it she would be going to the club, she felt a mild but persistent anticipation.

This, as she’d make her preparations to go, she’d allow to build into excitement.

[Read the full The Deep End excerpt...]

Feb 20 2017 10:00am

First Look: Lisa Kleypas’ Devil in Spring (February 21, 2017)

Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas Lisa Kleypas
Devil in Spring (Ravenels #3)
Avon / February 21, 2017 / $7.99 print, $6.99 digital

Is there a book that is more eagerly anticipated by the romance community than Lisa Kleypas’s Devil in Spring? Why is that? The beloved protagonists of Devil in Winter, Evangeline and Sebastian, are now the Duke and Duchess of Kingston and they do a star turn as preternaturally youthful and passionate parents, now grandparents. Their oldest son Gabriel, the new Lord St. Vincent, inadvertently gets into a serious scrape with Lady Pandora Ravenel, the season’s most reluctant debutant. Pandora is her generation’s wallflower, much more interested in her budding board games business than looking for a husband at a ball. Gabriel has a very satisfying relationship with a sophisticated married lady. Marriage is the last thing on the mind of either Gabriel or Pandora. Shades of Georgette Heyer’s Devil’s Cub, no?

Inevitably the news of his oldest son’s indiscretion brings Sebastian to town. Over a game of pool at Jenner’s, Sebastian tells Gabriel that if need be, they’ll “buy a husband for her,” since Gabriel seems to believe that his only honorable option is to marry Pandora. Why then doesn’t Gabriel leap at the opportunity to avoid “a lifetime shackled to a girl,” that he seemingly can’t abide? That question certainly intrigues Sebastian, particularly after Gabriel pronounces Pandora “bloody ravishing.”

[That's a high compliment indeed!]

Feb 19 2017 2:00pm

Beth Kery’s Make Me Is Part Erotic Romance, Part Psychological Thriller!

Make Me by Beth Kery

Harper McFadden established herself as an investigative journalist by being both compassionate and fearless.

After tragedy strikes her family, she moves to the shores of Lake Tahoe to find some peace. But when mysterious software mogul Jacob Latimer enters her life, her thoughts turn from her own healing to an insatiable desire to get closer to him... No one knows what secrets lurk in the past of Jacob Latimer. He built his corporation from nothing, but rumors abound about his mysterious rise to power. Harper is the last person he should let into his life. She could expose the truth about his origins. But Jacob knows things about Harper’s past that draw him in. He wants nothing more than to make her his—and Jacob is a man who always gets what he wants...

Make Me was published as a serial, and I'm super excited that this is now available in book form. (*whispers* I'm not the biggest fan of serials—too impatient, I like reading stories all in one go.) I loved Beth Kery's Make Me when it first came out, and re-reading it for the “compilation” release just brought that home. The end just made me want to hug something - which is saying a lot. 

[Read more...]

Feb 19 2017 11:00am

Rachel Grant’s New Flashpoint Series Is Off with a Bang

Tinderbox by Rachel Grant

Reading Rachel Grant’s books is like being in the middle of an Indiana Jones movie. Only, in her stories Indy is a heroine, and Miriam is a soldier. Since Grant, herself, is an archaeologist, her plots always include badass science—but they also weave in exotic settings and sexy suspense. And in this new Flashpoint series, she incorporates even more of a healthy dose of adventure.

In Tinderbox, we meet Dr. Morgan Adler and Master Sergeant Pax Blanchard. Morgan’s work on a dig in the Djibutian dessert is already dangerous enough, just by geopolitical standards; but when you add in her desperate race from a dig to the closest military base … with a stolen artifact in the trunk … all bets are off. Poor Pax, acting on a tip-off about an en route with a “message” from said Warlord, has no choice but to detain Morgan. Out in the field, choices are made quickly or hesitation can mean death—whether the choice is being made by an archaeologist or a soldier.

[Read more...]

Feb 18 2017 1:00pm

First Look: Megan Frampton’s My Fair Duchess (February 28, 2017)

My Fair Duchess by Megan Frampton

Megan Frampton
My Fair Duchess (Dukes Behaving Badly #5)
Avon / February 28, 2017 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital

Fun Fact: Megan Frampton is the former community manager of Heroes and Heartbreakers—we now love being able to talk about her historical romances!

As you might suspect, My Fair Duchess, the latest in Megan Frampton’s Dukes Behaving Badly series is a retelling of the classic My Fair Lady. Yes, there’s a makeover and a reluctant man overseeing the education of the plucky young lady. The real hook, however, is an inversion of the governess-artistocrat trope. I loved it.

Our heroine, the newly-minted Duchess of Blakesley, is an anomaly. She becomes a duchess due to an old forgotten ruling in her family line that allows any direct heir to inherit, not just the most closely related male. A note at the beginning of the novel should clear this up for you in case you are thinking “oh come on, that’s not a thing!” (It was a thing in one family, one time.) Having been raised by servants in the country while her father allows the duchy to languish, Genevieve is woefully unprepared for the role. She needs a new wardrobe, training in estate management, an entire new staff, and the confidence to pull off the demeanor expected of a duchess.

[Read more...]

Feb 18 2017 12:04pm

Candis Terry Excerpt: Perfect for You

Candis Terry

Perfect for You by Candis Terry

Meet the Kincade brothers: they’ll do what it takes to protect their legacy—but what happens when love gets in the way?

Declan Kincade has spent so much time chasing success he’s almost forgotten how to just live. Lately, though, his all-business routine has been thrown into disarray. Brooke Hastings is the best employee Dec’s ever had: polished, capable, and intelligent. After four years, he’s just realized that she’s also smoking hot. But their working relationship is too valuable to stake on a fling, no matter how mind-bendingly pleasurable it promises to be . . .

What’s worse than never meeting the right man? Finding him, and then working side-by-side every day while he remains absolutely blind to your existence. That is, until one temptation-packed road trip changes everything. Teaching her gorgeous, driven boss how to cut loose and have fun is the toughest challenge Brooke’s ever faced. But it’s one that could give both of them exactly what they need, if Dec will take a chance on a perfect—and perfectly unexpected—love . . .

Get a sneak peek at Candis Terry's Perfect for You (available February 28, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

He’d been denied many things in his life. Forbidding himself at least a taste of Brooke was going to be like sitting in front of a decadent slice of chocolate cake with a shark cage between them.

Just before he swung the Infiniti onto the freeway onramp, she said, “Pull over.”


“Right there.” She pointed to yet another gas station.

Against his better judgment—because today he seemed to be minus a few marbles—he complied. “Did you forget something?”

[Read the full Perfect for You excerpt...]

Feb 17 2017 4:29pm

Lessons in Scandal: Romance Deals & News from Meredith Duran, Anne Stuart, and More

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Happy President's Day weekend! The Afternoon Tea will be back on Tuesday with more deals and news...

Top Off Your TBR Pile

A Lady's Lesson in Scandal by Meredith DuranDeal Alert: Meredith Duran's historical romance A Lady's Lesson in Scandal is $1.99 on Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | etc.* “No one portrays the agony of divided loyalties and the grace of their reconciliation better than Meredith Duran,” says H&H reviewer Miss Bates, who adds that her HEAs promise “in the heroine and hero’s union, a new world, a better, more hopeful, more just, more joyful one.”

Deal Alert: Anne Stuart's romantic suspense Consumed by Fire, first in the Fire series, is $2.00 in e-book at Amazon.* Heroine Evangeline may have been fooled once by the man who stole her grandmother's earrings and then abandoned her on their honeymoon, but she won't be fooled a second time. Except...what if it turns out that was all an act and he's actually a covert operative?! Hero James may start to win you over in this very sexy excerpt from Consumed by Fire.

Deal Alert: Marie Harte's contemporary romance Roadside Assistance is $2.99 on Amazon | B&N | Kobo | etc.* “The pages of Roadside Assistance are populated with macho, mouthy, straight-forward guys,” according to H&H reviewer Janet Webb. “They don’t pussy-foot around.” Yum!

Deal Alert: Lauren Dane's Ink & Chrome erotic romance novel Opening Up is $2.99 at Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | etc.* “Lauren Dane is bold,” writes H&H reviewer Tiffany Tyer. “She writes really confident, take-no-prisoners women, and that makes for a fun heroine we can look up to, comfortable in her own skin but vulnerable enough to have layers. That’s what we have in PJ, a smart, gorgeous pin-up type with mad skills in custom painting.” Read the rest of our First Look at Opening Up.

[+Jeaniene Frost video Q&A and more...]

Feb 17 2017 3:00pm

Charmed We’re Sure: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

Karen H near Tampa loves a charming chap

Karen H near Tampa in Do You Like Charming Heroes?

I'm definitely in the charming camp. I actually never liked Heathcliff and only liked Rochester a little. I prefer to read about people I'd like to be around and snarling has gotten quite old for me.

[Read more...]

Feb 17 2017 2:00pm

Friday Beefcake: 5 Drummers That Won’t Skip a Beat!

Source: Brian Patterson Photos / Shutterstock, Inc.Today we're thrilled to welcome Jamie Shaw (Havoc) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The final book in Jamie's Mayhem series features drummer of The Last Ones to Know, Mike. Jamie is here today to celebrate other favorite drummers with a special guest beefcake. Thanks, Jamie!

1. Travis Barker — Blink-182

Travis has the “bad boy drummer” look down to a tee, and I’m a total sucker for bad boys. The tattoos, the piercings... yes, please! Plus, he’s a doting father, which makes him even sexier.

[Think you can handle these sexy drummers?]

Feb 17 2017 12:18pm

The Swoonies 2017, Round 2: Contemporary Couples

Continue voting in Round 3!



  • Eva/Gideon vs. Cletus/Jennifer

Welcome to H&H’s The Swoonies, where romance’s most popular pairings go head-to-head for the title of H&H’s Swoonworthiest Couple of the Year!

ROUND 2 POLLS ARE NOW OPEN! Vote now until Tuesday, February 21, at 10:00 a.m. (EST)

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Couple Battle

Couple: Eva/Gideon
Book/Series: One with You (Crossfire series)
Author: Sylvia Day
What brings them together: Eva takes a job in Gideon’s company and, before her first day, runs into the magnetic Crossfire CEO in the office building’s lobby.
What threatens to pull them apart: Abuse survivors Gideon and Eva must each work through their pasts to be able to live their happily ever after.
Swoonworthiest Moment: “ 'There aren't words to tell you what you mean to me. But I hope that when you see this ring on your hand, you'll remember that you shine as brightly as diamonds in my life and you're infinitely more precious.' ” —One with You

Couple: Cletus/Jennifer
Book/Series: Beard Science (Winston Brothers series)
Author: Penny Reid
What brings them together: Jennifer blackmails Cletus into helping her shake her “banana cake queen” image.
What threatens to pull them apart: Jennifer’s family and Cletus’ secrets are their biggest hurdles.
Swoonworthiest Moment: “ 'You’re my beginning, middle, and end.' ” —Beard Science 



[Read more...]