<i>Never Resist a Rake</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Never Resist a Rake: Exclusive Excerpt Mia Marlowe "Rebecca grasped John’s arm and held on for dear life." Now Win <i>This!</i>: Tatiana de Rosnay's <i>A Paris Affair</i> Now Win This!: Tatiana de Rosnay's A Paris Affair Team H & H Enter for a chance to win an ARC of A Paris Affair! <i>The Last True Vampire</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Last True Vampire: Exclusive Excerpt Kate Baxter "He had nothing with which to keep the frenzy in check." <i>Then He Kissed Me</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Then He Kissed Me: Exclusive Excerpt Maria Geraci "It was a toe-curling ass-kicking kiss that nearly made Lauren swoon."
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May 22, 2015
If You Love Outlander, You’ll Love Nora Roberts’ MacGregors
Janet Webb
May 21, 2015
Futuristic Breeder Romances
Heather Massey
May 20, 2015
Jenn Bennett’s Roaring Twenties Series
May 19, 2015
Top 7 Ballsy Women in Movies, TV, and Novels
Winter Austin
May 19, 2015
Highland Knits for Outlander Fans
Kate Nagy
May 24 2015 2:00pm

First Look: Lauren Dane’s Back to You (May 26, 2015)

Back to You by Lauren Dane

Lauren Dane
Back to You (Hurley Brothers #3)
Harlequin / May 26, 2015) / $7.99 print & digital

Former model Kelly Hurley has finally put the ashes of the past behind her. After a passionate but turbulent marriage to rock star Vaughan Hurley that ended in heartbreak and divorce, Kelly rebuilt her life in Portland, where she settled so their two young daughters could be close to their father. Just not so close Kelly couldn’t truly make her own way without interference from the man who shattered her heart. Now Kelly’s finally ready to move on, and she’s planning to marry another man.

But not if Vaughan has anything to say about it.

Vaughan knows he was a fool all those years ago. A young, selfish—and prideful—fool. Even as he buried himself in the fast, decadent rock star lifestyle, he could never drown out the memory of Kelly’s beauty and love. Or the sweet, searing heat whenever they touched. For years, he’s had to deal with the pain of seeing her only because of their daughters, but it was never enough. Now Vaughan must prove that he’s the only man Kelly needs, before he loses her for good. And there’s only one way to do it….

Back to You by Lauren Dane made me think of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Not very romantic, you might be thinking, but a long-divorced couple who try to find their way back to each other is not going to have an easy time of it. Their path to happiness needs to be strewn with truth, paving the way to trust, finally culminating in an HEA that is all about the sweet rewards of reconciliation.

Kelly has accepted a proposal of marriage from her boyfriend Ross. Even she knows she’s lying to herself when she examines her reasons for saying yes. His tepid proposal didn’t help.

Only less romantically, it was more of a we’ve been sleeping over at one another’s houses for a year now. We should just get married because it’s good for everyone and it would be more cost-efficient, don’t you think?

What else could she do but say yes?

[She said yes, but did she mean maybe?]

May 23 2015 12:00pm

Never Resist a Rake: Exclusive Excerpt

Mia Marlowe

Never Resist a Rake by Mia Marlowe

Can he fool his new family?

John Fitzhugh Barrett, surprised to learn he is heir to a marquessate, is determined his new status won't mean giving up his freedom. But as families from all over England descend upon Somerfield Park for the shooting season, their unmarried daughters are lining up to bag the newest trophy buck-him.

Or is he only fooling himself?

John's instinct for self-preservation inspires him to divide his attentions between a scandalous young widow, and the safely ineligible Rebecca Kearsey, daughter of a destitute baron.

The charade gives John the illusion of controlling the game but when he loses his heart to the beautiful Rebecca, all bets are off.

Get a sneak peek at Mia Marlowe's Never Resist a Rake (available June 2, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

The houses on either side of the street became much less grand and finally became fewer and farther between. At the first stone fence row marking off one field from the next, John’s heart lifted, and he inhaled deeply.

He’d forgotten how sweet a lungful of country air could be.

A small whirlwind of fallen leaves, a rust-and-scarlet dervish, twirled across the road in front of them, and the gelding shied at the unexpected sight.

[Log in or register to read the full excerpt...]

May 22 2015 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: The Mad Max: Fury Road Crew

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is not the typical movie we cover on Heroes and Heartbreakers...but when hot guys and adrenaline-pumping situations are involved, you can bet we're going to make an appearance. These men (and women) make dirty look sexy! Tom Hardy as Mad Max himself would be enough enticement, but underneath all that makeup is another cinematic hottie—Nicholas Hoult as Nux! 

(With a special cameo appearance from Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, just ’cause she looks pretty badass too.)

Are you going to see Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend? What did you think of it? 

[The Mad Max crew is furiously hot...]

May 22 2015 3:41pm

Romance News Roundup: Laura Florand and Carolyn Brown Deals!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand—Deal Alert #1: Laura Florand's contemporary The Chocolate Touch (Amour et Chocolat, Book 4) is currently $2.99 in e-book at e-tailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.* The Chocolate Touch was one of several books explored in Kate Rothwell's “How Sweet It Is!: Chocolate in Romance Novels,” just in case you're not already craving a sweet treat...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, billed as a “bigger, fatter wedding,” is really actually happening and now even has a release date: March 25, 2016.

—Deal Alert #2: Carolyn Brown's contemporary Western Honky Tonk Angel is currently $.99 in e-book at Amazon.* For more, read excerpts from four other Carolyn Brown romances here.

*We don't know how long deals will last, so get 'em while you can!

May 22 2015 2:00pm

First Look: Elizabeth Hoyt’s Dearest Rogue (May 26, 2015)

Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt

Elizabeth Hoyt
Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane #8)
Forever / May 26, 2015 / $8.00 print, $7.99 digital

Lady Phoebe Batten is pretty, vivacious, and yearning for a social life befitting the sister of a powerful duke. But because she is almost completely blind, her overprotective brother insists that she have an armed bodyguard by her side at all times-the very irritating Captain Trevillion.

Captain James Trevillion is proud, brooding, and cursed with a leg injury from his service in the King's dragoons. Yet he can still shoot and ride like the devil, so watching over the distracting Lady Phoebe should be no problem at all-until she's targeted by kidnappers.

Caught in a deadly web of deceit, James must risk life and limb to save his charge from the lowest of cads-one who would force Lady Phoebe into a loveless marriage. But while they're confined to close quarters for her safekeeping, Phoebe begins to see the tender man beneath the soldier's hard exterior . . . and the possibility of a life-and love-she never imagined possible.

The heroine of the delightful Dearest Rogue, Lady Phoebe Batten, is blind, which presents some unique problems for her and for the reader. So much of how we experience the world - and fall in love - is done through sight. So Phoebe - and by extension we - must employ our other senses to navigate through life and love. Elizabeth Hoyt does a fabulous job of showing Phoebe's limitations but also how her other senses stimulate her life.

Lady Phoebe is the target of several kidnapping attempts and her stalwart bodyguard James Trevillion, late of His Majesty's Dragoons, whisks her away from danger, racing through the London streets on horseback.

Around them the cacophony of London continued, eternally unabated: the rumble of carriage and cart wheels, the tramping of thousands of feet, the babble of voices raised in song and argument, people buying and selling and stealing, callers of wares, and the shriek of small children. Horses clip-clopped by and church bells tolled the hour, the half hour, and sometimes even the quarter hour.

As they rode, people shouted at them angrily. A canter was quite fast for London, and judging by the bunching of muscles beneath them and the sudden changes of direction, Trevillion was having to weave in and out of the traffic.

She turned her head toward him, inhaling. Captain James Trevillion wore no scent. Sometimes she could discern coffee or the faint smell of horses on him, but beyond that, nothing.

[Oh! Captain James has her smitten...]

Jan 12 2015 11:45am

Lost Girl 5x06 Recap and SPOILER Thread: Bring It On, Succubus

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including last night's Season 5, Episode 6, “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts.” The recap first went up after the episode aired in Canada, and now we're bringing it back after SyFy's airing in the U.S. for more discussion. We hope you enjoy...

Bo sits in an ethereal white room wearing a white gown turning the crank on the box Daddy Hades sent her last week from which comes a sweet lullaby. It’s almost exactly like that cool season two promo, except, as the camera slowly pans up, we see it’s not Bo; it’s Doctor Lauren. She turns and smiles at Bo, still cranking away at the box. Try not to get hit over the head by the metaphor. Bo wakes from the dream with a gasp and sits up in bed deeply troubled by its possible meaning. Is it prophetic? Is the doc a tool of Hades? Or a victim? Or does she just crank Bo’s box? Okay, now it hit us upside the head. One thing’s for sure: It means my doccubus-free bliss is apparently coming to a quick end. Oh well. All good things can only last for so long…like season one.


May 22 2015 12:00pm

Now Win This!: Tatiana de Rosnay’s A Paris Affair

Click here to be entered for a chance to win an Advanced Reader's Copy of Tatiana de Rosnay's A Paris Affair!*

A Paris Affair by Tatiana de Rosnay

Learn more about the book:

From the internationally best-selling author of Sarah's Key comes an irreverent yet heartfelt collection that examines our most intimate and forbidden desires

Does a fruit taste its sweetest when it is forbidden? Is that which is prohibited always the most pleasurable? In this passionate and perceptive collection, Tatiana de Rosnay paints a portrait of the most forbidden of loves, in many different shades—sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous, sometimes heartfelt, always with a dry wit and an unflinching authenticity. A Paris Affair is an enjoyable “undressing” of intimate delights, where laughter mingles with compassion and the heartbeats of illicit desire.

Click here to enter for a chance to win an Advanced Reader's Copy of A Paris Affair by Tatiana de Rosnay!

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning.  Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States, D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec), who are 18 as of the date of entry.  To enter, complete entry at http://www.heroesandheartbreakers.com/aparisaffairsweeps  beginning at 12:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on May 22, 2015. Sweepstakes ends at 11:59 apm ET on May 29, 2015. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law.  Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Heroes and Heartbreakers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

May 22 2015 11:00am

If You Love Outlander, You’ll Love Nora Roberts’ MacGregors

Rebellion by Nora Roberts

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and Rebellion*, In from the Cold, and For Now, Forever by Nora Roberts have so much in common. The stories are anchored in Scottish history, with Rebellion and Outlander beginning in the years leading up to the fateful Battle of Culloden in April 1746. Jamie Fraser and Serena MacGregor (the heroine of Rebellion) are Scottish patriots to the core. Each falls in love with a Sassenach, respectively Claire Beauchamp Randall and Brigham Langston, the English Earl of Ashburn. According to Yahoo answers, “Sassenach is a word used chiefly by the Scots to designate an Englishman. It derives from the Gaelic Sasunnach…” Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary states that the word is “used, often disparagingly, by the Gaelic inhabitants of the British Isles.”

Nora Roberts tells the story of the MacGregor clan, spanning the centuries from war-torn Scotland in the seventeen hundreds to modern-day Boston. Here’s a description of Rebellion:

“Scotland, 1745. Against the bloody background of the Battle of Culloden, another war was waged and won–the price was honor, the victory, love.” Scottish beauty Serena MacGregor’s hatred of all English began as a child when she watched as a band of Englishmen attacked her mother. Her brother’s friend Brigham Langston was no exception to Serena’s loathing–despite his supposed loyalty to the Scottish cause…and his good looks.

Although Brigham eventually proves himself worthy of the MacGregor family’s respect, Serena is still reluctant to abandon her hatred for him and his heritage. But Brigham has other plans. Serena has captivated him with her beauty, her passion for life and commitment to her beliefs–and he refuses to let her antagonistic attitude keep him from winning her. And Serena must learn to open her mind–as Brigham opens his heart–to see the true love awaiting her.

*Note: Heroes and Heartbreakers has a special audio clip at the bottom of the post for readers who are either new to the MacGregors or want to hear it acted out. Enjoy!

[Historical romance filled with so much passion...]

May 22 2015 9:30am

First Look: Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan Off Base (May 22, 2015)

Off Base by Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan

Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan
Off Base
Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan / May 22, 2015 / $2.99 digital

New York Times bestselling authors Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan team up for a collaboration featuring two sexy contemporary romance novellas.

Tessa Bailey: Kenna and Beck

A welcome home he never expected...and will never forget...

When Kenna Sutton is tasked with driving home newly returned Beck “True Blue” Collier, she expects the strategic Army mastermind to be a pasty number cruncher. Never at a loss for words, Kenna is nonetheless rendered speechless by the gorgeous, inexperienced and tightly-wound Army major that lands in her passenger seat. Outraged by Beck’s lack of a welcome home after seven long years overseas, Kenna takes matters into her own hands, giving Beck something he’s only ever fantasized about in his bunk.

Beck has never shied away from a test of will and Kenna gives new meaning to the word challenge. One problem? Kenna’s father is the lieutenant general presenting Beck with the Silver Star and Beck is determined to treat Kenna with the respect she deserves, even if her eyes beg Beck to act out his most secret desires with her. Desires he's always been told were the work of the devil. But how long can one lonely, starving man hope to resist the woman he craves?

Sophie Jordan: Huntley and Cullen

Being a good girl has its drawbacks...

Huntley Collier, an emergency room nurse and all-around do-gooder, is tired of living in the friend zone. Cullen Brooks was given the job of babysitting Huntley when her brother – his best friend – deployed. But their friendly coffeehouse hangouts and TV marathons leave her wanting more. When one crazy night leads to too many drinks and an explosion of long-denied lust, Huntley's dreams become a reality. And reality is one hot, wild place she never wants to leave.

But only a good girl can bring down a bad boy...

Known as Sullen Cullen around Black Rock, Cullen Brooks doesn’t have many friends, but Huntley is one of them … and despite his decidedly unfriendly fantasies of the curvy blonde, she is far too sweet for his darker tastes. Keeping his hands off is easier said than done, however, when demure, little Huntley responds to his touch like the wildcat he never expected...and can't stop pursuing, despite his better judgment. But when Cullen suddenly faces losing her, will this bad boy risk it all to keep his good girl?

Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan’s erotic military romance Off Base is the best-kept secret this spring. These authors collaborated on a top-secret, digital project they only revealed the week of release, featuring two intertwined novellas about two separate couples all set on the fictional Fort Black Rock Army Base. Jordan’s story features the beloved best friend/little sister trope, and Bailey’s story can be summed up in three words: Army virgin hero. And more than anything, this is the hottest stuff they’ve written yet.

[The military gets a little spicy with these two couples...]

May 22 2015 8:07am

Literary Scents, or What Happiness Smells Like

via Powells.tumblr.com

As book people, we like booky gifts. We've thought or taken snapshots of everything type of literary gifts—come on, admit it! Everything from favorite quotes immortalized in jewelery to really cool bookmarks have popped into our view at some point or another.

But what about book perfume? This post from Nylon counts up some of the more popular and interesting literary perfumes that are on the market. These perfumes contain everything from the “vaguely woody scent of books” to perfumes actually inspired by writers. 

Would you or do you have any literary inspired scents? What romance writer or novel do you think deserves a perfume of its own? Flowers from the Storm sounds like it was made for a perfumery, doesn't it?

If you're looking for more book inspired nonsense, check out our So Literal Pinterest board!

h/t to Sahara Hoshi for sharing this link with us!

May 21 2015 5:00pm

First Look: Shannon Stacey’s Under the Lights (May 26, 2015)

Under the Lights by Shannon Stacey

Shannon Stacey
Under the Lights (Boys of Fall #1)
Jove / May 26, 2015 / $7.99 print & digital

They were the golden boys of fall: Stewart Mills High School’s legendary championship winning football team. Fourteen years later, they’re back to relive their glory, save the team—and find themselves again…

Chase Sanders’s life has taken a lot of crazy turns lately. But returning to his hometown to help his old coach keep his high school football team afloat might be the craziest thing to happen to him yet. That is, until he starts falling for the last person he should—Coach’s gorgeous daughter…

Kelly McDonnell learned the hard way that cocky, charming men are nothing but trouble, so she knows Chase is bad news. Still, she can’t resist his smile—or the rest of him. But when his loyalty to her father conflicts with their growing attraction, any hope for a relationship might be blocked before it can even begin…

Shannon Stacey adds a new twist to the sports romance with her Boys of Fall series in which the heroes are not professional athletes or even college stars (current or former), but rather former members of a high school football team that won the first championship for tiny Stewart Mills, New Hampshire. Fourteen years later, the town is suffering from the economic downturn, and one result is a tight education budget that means cutting the football team. Kelly McDonnell, daughter of the town’s beloved football coach, and her friends Jen Cooper and Gretchen Walker spearhead a fundraising effort to save the team with a festival that includes an exhibition game between the current team and members of that first championship team. Although the romance between Kelly and Chase Sanders, running back on that famous team, is the heart of Under the Lights, the novel is also a portrait of football and its role in small-town America.

[A little football and small town romance goes a long way...]

May 21 2015 4:26pm

Romance News Roundup: Shelly Laurenston & Cynthia Eden Deal and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Howl for It by Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden—Deal Alert #2: Looking for a paranormal fix? Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden's Howl for It duology is on sale for $2.99 in e-book at e-tailers such as Barnes & NobleAmazon, and iBookstore.* See what our reviewer had to say about it in our First Look!

—The Harry Potter movie franchise's Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) is all grown up and posing for pretty impressive shirtless photoshoots, if you're into that sort of thing (we are, and wow, wow, wow)... Lewis and J.K. Rowling's Twitter exchange is icing on the cake!

—Deal Alert #1: Philippa Gregory's historical novel The White Queen, Book 1 in the Cousins' War and the basis for a TV miniseries by the same name, is currently on sale for $1.99 in e-book at e-tailers including Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and Amazon.* Want to know more? Read our recaps of the show here.

*We don't know how long deals will last, so grab 'em while you can!

May 21 2015 1:30pm

Exclusive Edie Harris Cover Reveal + Snippet from Crazed!

Today we're thrilled to have Edie Harris on Hereos and Heartbreakers! Edie is the author of the much-loved Blood Money series, a thrilling romantic suspense series featuring heroes and heroines who flirt with the dark side—in all the best ways! We're so excited to be revealing the covers for books four and book five, Thrilled and Locked. Edie also gave us a first look at book three in the series, Crazed (available October 19, 2015) with an exclusive snippet. See below for the full covers and to get reading!

[Keep going to see both covers and read a snippet from Crazed...]

May 21 2015 12:30pm

Futuristic Breeder Romances in Sci-Fi Erotica and Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

Breeder by Cara Bristol

(Trigger Warning: This post involves references to rape and non-consensual sexual acts in SF erotica and erotic sci-fi romance.)

Breeder erotica is alive and well and has been around for many years. It's particularly a staple of SF/horror erotica. It also makes regular appearances in erotic sci-fi romance. A cursory check of Listopias on Goodreads will turn up packed-to-the-gills lists of “Mars Needs Women” and “impregnation” stories.

Breeder SFRs typically involve heroines who are captured for often non-consensual, forced impregnation (or at least that's the initial intention). These stories typically include graphic sex, dark content, and some romance. One of the more popular premises is that an alien species has lost all or most of its childbearing women and so require a fertile, compatible species in order to survive.

In a science fiction/SF erotica tale, it's a pretty horrific situation since women (usually from Earth) are kidnapped, raped, imprisoned, and forced to bear children. To what extent does adding a romance change or transform such stories?

Cara Bristol's Breeder is pretty transparent about its dark content. The society is one in which patriarchy runs amok. Men rule the world and they view women as subhuman.

[Men ruling the world, again?]

May 21 2015 11:00am

Is This the Real Life... Male/Male Best Bets for May 2015

Shotgun by Marie Sexton

If you like contemporary romance and/or fantasy, this is your month. Sadly, I didn't run into anything in the way of frock coats or sword canes (though some of the fantasies do get into armor.)

Shotgun (Coda #7) by Marie Sexton

As a young man, Dominic Jacobsen already suspects he’s gay, and he gets all the confirmation he needs when a rich boy from out of town climbs into the back seat of Dominic’s GTO. One night with Lamar Franklin is all it takes to convince Dominic he’s found the man of his dreams. Unfortunately, that one night is all he'll get before Lamar returns to Tucson.

Fifteen years later Lamar returns to Coda, Colorado, after ending the latest in a string of bad relationships. He’s alone, depressed, and plagued by late-night phone calls from an unidentified caller. Lamar's ready to give up when he comes face-to-face with his past.

Since he was seventeen, Dominic has dreamed of a reunion with Lamar, but that doesn't mean he’s ready for it now. Facing small-town rumors and big-family drama is bad enough, but Dominic won’t risk losing custody of his teenage daughter, Naomi. The only solution is to make sure he and Lamar remain friends and nothing more. Clothes stay on, no matter what.

It seems simple enough. But for better or worse, Lamar has other ideas.

After 9 novels and short stories about the same three couples, it's interesting to see this small town series branching out. Some previous Coda favorites make an appearance, but this can be read as a stand alone. (Although considering the series contains Promises and Strawberries for Dessert, why would you want to?)

[More Male/Male Best Bests for May 2015...]

May 21 2015 9:30am

First Look: Caroline Linden’s Love in the Time of Scandal (May 26, 2015)

Caroline Linden
Love in the Time of Scandal (Scandalous Series #3)
Avon / May 26, 2015 / $6.99 digital, $7.99 print

Penelope Weston does not like Benedict Lennox, Lord Atherton. He may be the suave and charming heir to an earl, as well as the most handsome man on earth, but she can't forget how he abandoned a friend in need— nor how he once courted her sister, Abigail. He's the last man she would ever marry. If only she didn't feel so attracted to the arrogant scoundrel . . .

Once upon a time, Benedict thought he and Penelope got along rather well. Though he needs a wealthy bride to escape his cruel father's control, spirited Penelope just doesn't suit his plans for a model marriage—until a good deed goes awry, and scandalous rumors link his name to Penelope's. She might not be the quiet, sensible wife he thought he wanted, but she is beautiful . . . beguiling . . . and far more passionate than he ever imagined. Can a marriage begun in scandal become a love match, too?

In Caroline Linden's Love in the Time of Scandal, Penelope Weston doesn't much like Benedict Lennox. He'd courted her older sister and was rejected and now seems bent on marrying Penelope's young naïve friend in her first Season. Not on her watch! Passionate Penelope will save her friend from the machinations of the Loathsome Lennox, and though she's vastly annoying, Benedict cannot help but admire Penelope.

At her best, Penelope was exuberant and amusing, with a sparkling wit; she was loyal and fearless in her devotion to those dear to her. With her hair tousled and her color high, she was a smoldering temptress, and all her words in praise of passion ran through his mind in sinful suggestion.

[Weston is dying to get married and Penelope is standing in his way...]

May 21 2015 8:11am

Throwback Thursday: Who Was Your First Knight?

The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E WoodiwissThere was a time when knights, squires, and medieval lords graced the pages of many romances. The shining armor, the sword fights, the derring do! There's a lot to love about medieval romances. But who was your first knight? What was your first medieval romance? Do you read them still?

May 20 2015 4:30pm

First Look: Jennifer Probst’s Searching for Beautiful (May 26, 2015)

Jennifer Probst
Searching for Beautiful (Searching for... #3)
Gallery / May 26, 2015 / $16.00 print, $7.99 digital

Genevieve MacKenzie has her life completely under control. About to wed the charming Chief doctor at the local hospital, she’s an up-and-coming surgeon with everything she could ever want. Until an escape through the church window on the day of her wedding sends her life into a tailspin…and flings her right into her best friend’s arms.

When Wolfe catches his best friend falling out a window on her wedding day, he doesn’t ask questions. He whisks her away, determined to watch over her and discover the truth behind her desperate escape. But when his feelings turn more than platonic, he realizes he may risk his most important relationship in order to protect his damaged heart, and the woman he loves.

Can Genevieve and Wolfe’s friendship turn into something deeper—or is it already too late for true love?

I have a confession to make: I jumped on the Jennifer Probst train a bit late; it was well after Searching for Someday had been released, and just a couple of weeks before the release of Searching for Perfect. It kept popping up in my recommendations, and I kept debating whether or not to download it. One weekend I was looking for a new book to read since I’d blown through my virtual TBR pile and downloaded Searching for Someday on a whim.

I couldn’t put it down, and it killed me to have to wait a few weeks for Searching for Perfect to come out. Once it was released, I plowed through it. Then, needing a fix, I totally binged on Probst’s Marriage to a Billionaire series.

[Bestfriends turned lovers has a nice ring...]

May 20 2015 3:12pm

Romance News Roundup: Damon Suede Deal, Rainbow Rowell on Fandom, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Hot Head by Damon Suede—Deal Alert: Damon Suede's Hot Head is currently $1.00 in e-book at Amazon.* You may recall this novel made it onto our list of 10 Must-Read Male/Male Romances...

—Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl spinoff novel, Carry On (which can be read as a standalone), isn't out until October, but BuzzFeed is already bringing us some great coverage. They sat down with Rowell to discuss the impact fandom and fan fiction have had on her own life and her writing as well as why she thinks “we've been using fiction and story to sort out our lives since always,” which I think many of us can relate to. Want more? Read Rowell's H&H guest post on the most satisfying love stories ever.

—Gearing up for Stephanie Laurens's next Cynster novel, A Match for Marcus Cynster? Bibliophilia, Please has an excerpt to further whet your appetite. Laurens's Cynster romances regularly end up on H&H lists on topics like Top Historical Sex Scenes and the 10 Regency Romances You Should Read. For all Cynsters all the time, read this take on the best books in the series.

Game of Thrones is on notice with many of us right now (read our recap for more on why we're upset about Sansa's storyline), but I can never resist Peter Dinklage, who for Red Nose Day performed Game of Thrones: The Musical in tribute to all the characters who've died in the show so far. Only the teaser has been released for now, but it's a good one!

May 20 2015 2:00pm

From Merchant Heiress to Countess: Cross-Class Romance in Mary Balogh’s Traditional Regencies, Part 2

A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh

This post is Part 2 of a two-part series exploring the cross-class romances featured in many of Mary Balogh's traditional Regency romances. For the other types of cross-class romances Balogh has written, see here for Part 1.

The Middle-Class Protagonist

In Mary Balogh's three novels with middle-class protagonists, she presents families from the merchant class as warm, loving boisterous clans whose open-hearted affection for one another is contrasted with the formal and sometimes cold family life of their social superiors. The hero of A Christmas Promise (1992), Randolph Pierce, the new Earl of Falloden, has inherited heavy debts along with his title. Joseph Transome, an immensely wealthy coal merchant, wants to see his daughter and heiress, safely married before his death. Transome purchases all of Falloden’s debts and offers to cancel them and to settle half of his fortune on Falloden if the earl agrees to marry Transome’s nineteen-year-old daughter. If Falloden refuses to marry Eleanor within the month, Transome will call in the debts, and Falloden will go to debtor’s prison. Reluctantly, Falloden agrees to marry Eleanor immediately, to bed her within a week of the marriage, and to live in the same house with her for at least the first year of the marriage.

Eleanor is no more eager for the marriage than is Falloden. Each is in love with a member of his/her own class, and each has firm class prejudices. The earl expects Ellie to be a “loud and vulgar creature,” insensitive and incapable of entering the “the ranks of his class.” She may be a beauty, but he is convinced she will be the very antithesis of the “delicate and delectable Dorothea” with whom he has been in love for the past year. Ellie concedes that Falloden is handsome, but she also believes him to be a “harsh and a proud man . . . the sort of man who lived an idle life . . . a spendthrift and probably a gamer.” She is persuaded he will be nothing like the hardworking cousin whom she had hoped to marry.

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