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September 21 2017

The Quiet Revolution: Victorian Women & the Periodical Press

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sandra Schwab (Yuletide Truce) has done a lot of research for her Victorian romances. While in historical periods it's often assumed that women were oppressed,...
September 3 2017

What’s the Difference Between a Regency Romance and a Victorian Romance?

Regency vs Victorian Romance: A Reader’s Guide One look at the romance shelves in any bookstore will show that the nineteenth century is hot, hot, hot when it comes to historical romance....
August 10 2017

A Victorian Romance Starter Kit: 5 Victorian Era-Set Romances You Must Read

The Victorian era has a special place in history. Spanning an impressive sixty-three years, it closes out the 19th century and gives us a world still far enough back in history to have that historical...
September 28 2016

Game of Love: Video Games that Are Essentially Romance Novels, Part 3

Love, Gamified, Part 1 | Love, Gamified, Part 2 Welcome to the final part of my perhaps unnecessarily long series of articles on video games that might be interesting to people who like romance....
September 28 2016

A Lady’s Guide to Historical Dress: What Went into Getting Ready for a Ball

Julia Kelly (The Governess Was Wicked) has put a lot of research into historical dress and is here today to share a little of her knowledge with us—and give you some insight into how those...
August 26 2016

Back to School: Not-Your-Usual Historical Best Bets for August 2016

What historical romances will you be reading this month? If they didn’t get a jump start in July, August is definitely the time of year when parents everywhere look at the calendar and...
July 5 2016

Susan Howatch and the Wheel of Time

Fellow Readers of a Certain Era, let’s say it together! I was ten years old when I first saw the Inheritance and twenty years old when I first saw Janna Roslyn, but my reaction to both...
November 17 2014

Not at Home (To You): Helpful Restrictions in the Victorian Era

Today we are thrilled to welcome author Tasha Alexander to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Tasha has just released the ninth book in her Lady Emily mystery series, titled The Counterfeit Heiress. Lady Emily...
July 5 2014

Falling in Love with Leslie O’Grady’s The Artist’s Daughter

The Artist’s Daughter may not have been the first romance novel I ever read, but it’s the first one I remember reading. Published when I was a wide-eyed fifth grader in 1979, this engrossing...
February 27 2014

First Look: Maire Claremont’s The Dark Affair (March 4, 2014)

Maire Claremont The Dark Affair Signet / March 4, 2014 / $7.99 print / $5.99 digital Lady Margaret Cassidy left a life of nobility behind in Ireland, forsaking her grieving homeland...
February 24 2014

Possessed by K.J. Charles’s Charm of Magpies Series

All readers, no matter how broad-reaching their tastes, have a few things they won't read (we covered those genres in a What's the Exception to Your Reading Rule post earlier). It's the...
July 30 2013

Beau Brummel Is Mr. Snotty Pants: Not-Your-Usual-Historicals Shopping List For July 2013

I love the Regency, you love the Regency, but sometimes we all need a historical romance that doesn’t mention Beau Brummel. Without further ado, here are some historical romances hitting the shelves...
June 17 2013

No Prinny in Sight!: Not-Your-Usual-Historicals Shopping List For June 2013

Hey, we love Almack’s, the Season, ballrooms, and Dukes—but sometimes a girl needs a little change of scenery. Without further ado, here are some historical romances hitting the shelves...
April 11 2013

Romantic Fantasy from Elliott, McCaffrey, Wells, and More!

I came to romance as an adult reader, and realized that what attracted me were things I had always sought out in my other genre reading, whether fantasy, science fiction, or mystery: interesting characters...
February 12 2013

First Look: Liz Carlyle’s A Bride by Moonlight (February 26, 2013)

Liz Carlyle A Bride by Moonlight Avon / February 26, 2013 / $7.99 print, $6.64 digital Royden Napier, Baron Saint-Bryce, is tall, dark, and ruthless—and on the hunt for a dangerous...
July 30 2012

First Look: Liz Carlyle’s The Bride Wore Pearls (July 31, 2012)

Liz Carlyle The Bride Wore Pearls Avon / July 31, 2012 / $7.99 Beneath the elegant façade of Victorian high society, the mysterious men of the St. James Society play only by rules of danger...
April 16 2012

Inventing the Vibrator: New Hysteria Trailer!

Hysteria is a fact-based film about the invention of the vibrator. It looks rather deliciously fun, especially when there’s Hugh Dancy involved. The best line of the trailer comes at...
September 26 2011

Fresh Meat: Carrie Lofty’s Flawless (September 27, 2011)

Flawless Carrie Lofty Pocket Books, September 27, 2011, $7.99 Sir William Christie, ruthless tycoon and notorious ladies’ man, is dead. Now his four grown children have gathered for the...
February 23 2011

YA at Heart: More Picks for Adult Readers

Any reader interested in YA has probably already made his or her way through at least one of the holy triumvirate of adult crossover series by now, and maybe all of them: Harry Potter (where it began,...
February 13 2011

Nothing Says Love Like Victorian Excess

Will you be my valentine? Seriously? What would it take? Chocolates? Flowers? A romantic dinner? Some serious jewelry? A discreet but elegant house on Jermyn Street? A big wedding at St. George's...