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Urban Fantasy vs Paranormal Romance
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May 9 2017

3 Must-Read Sexy Urban Fantasy Series

Today we're so thrilled to welcome our blogger, Chelsea Mueller, to Heroes and Heartbreakers in her author capacity. Chelsea's recently released Borrowed Souls is sexy urban fantasy. We...
February 7 2013

Urban Fantasy 101: Rice, Hamilton, Rowling and More!

Think urban fantasy is all leather-clad heroines and male sidekicks with big guns? Think again. Urban fantasy has become one of the most varied of the speculative genres. In fact, it’s no longer...
August 14 2012

Who Put That Romance in My Non-Romance Novel?

You put romance in my WHAT? Imagine this scenario: Your significant other is reading a manly science fiction or epic fantasy novel when he suddenly begins to hyperventilate. Have the aliens...
January 27 2012

Karina Cooper’s Dark Mission Series: Genre Crossover Done Right

Like many paranormal readers out there, I flit between the Romance and Science Fiction/Fantasy shelves at the bookstore. I get frustrated when I see the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning in the Romance...
August 27 2011

In It for the Plot (No, Really): Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Recs

Every so often, a debate starts among bloggers and authors as to what exactly defines PNR and UF and what are the differences. For me it’s simple: Paranormal Romance (PNR) is a romance novel based...