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September 13 2017

How to Turn Your Comic-Reading Friends into Romance Readers

Romance and comics hit similar buttons for me: an easy to read format, genre conventions/tropes, over-the-top characters, high stakes conflicts, and… stigma for readers that has lead to...
January 5 2017

5 Romance Comics for Every Reader (and Heat Level!)

Hello romance nerds! Supporting diverse comics is a priority for me and something I really enjoy. Lucky for me, H&H is letting me write about romance comics for you again! Before we...
October 10 2016

Ladies Get in Formation at New York Comic Con

What did the ladies have to look forward to at New York Comic Con?  Something striking happened at this year's New York Comic Con—and no, I'm not talking about the approximately...
July 2 2016

Fresh Romance: Comics for Romance Readers

Sometimes I get tired of reading novels (OMG did she just say that?!) and I flip on the latest episode of Jane the Virgin. And sometimes… I read comics. Okay, a lot of the time. I’m...