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November 2 2017

Romance as Grief Counseling: When Real Life HEAs Are Hard To Come By

Today we welcome author Jen Doyle (Holiday House Call) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jen, like many of us, turns to romance when life gets rough. She's here today to talk about her experience...
October 19 2017

A How-to Guide for Reviewing Romance for the Inexperienced (and Indifferent) Critic

6 Aspects of Romance You Should Definitely Bring Up When You Review the Genre Being a critic isn’t an easy job. Especially when it comes to reviewing romance. It’s such a complex...
July 27 2017

The Language of Praise and How We Talk About the Books We Love

We all love to gush over the books we love, right? We have our squeeing, our fangirl meltdowns, our all-caps commentary, fights over book boyfriends, and all of that love to express. But...
July 27 2017

Romance as Resistance: The Important Role Romance Plays in Our Lives

Today we're thrilled to have Tamsen Parker (Rogue Desire) on Heroes and Heartbreakers in her role as an author. In an eight-book anthology, Tamsen and her fellow authors tackle politics in...
June 14 2017

Romance in the Age of the Trigger Warning: Do Readers Need to be Warned?

The presence of Trigger Warnings has been fast growing. We see them more and more. Sometimes clear, sometimes vague, but always—in my opinion—helpful. I wish there were more of...
May 17 2017

What’s the Line Between Forbidden and Too Forbidden?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Megan Hart (All The Lies We Tell) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The line of what's taboo is constantly moving—what was forbidden 20 years ago, is mainstream...
January 2 2017

What Do You Think Your Own Personal Reading Trend of 2017 Will Be?

Last year (weird to say, I know), I made my prediction of what the industry's trends would be for the coming year. However, we all know that what we personally like, and what is offered up...
December 2 2016

Move Over, Vampires, Time for the Age of Vikings!

Are Vikings the New Vampire? (They Should Be) Last year I read Asa Maria Bradley’s debut, Viking Warrior Rising, and fell in love. I compared it to the Black Dagger Brotherhood but with...
November 15 2016

Sex Doesn’t Sell? Wait...What Now?

Sex doesn’t sell. In books— at least per the bestseller-ometer! Believe it or not? Jodie Archer, ex-research lead on literature at Apple, and Matthew L. Jockers, an associate...
September 15 2016

Are Your Keepers Still Keepers?

Keepers—we all have them. It's a book that speaks to us —makes us rejoice in the marvel of the hero and heroine finding the one person that completes them and...
July 11 2016

5 Lessons Readers Can Learn from Romance Novels

We're thrilled to welcome Christie Craig (Divorced, Desperate, and Daring) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Christie is here to offer five lessons every woman should learn from those steamy, emotional...
March 23 2016

Happily Never After, and the Changing Nature of the Romance Novel

Spoiler Warning: To talk about the changing nature of the romance novel and the romance covenant's cardinal rule: The Happy Ever After, we will be discussing spoilers, including The Shadows...
December 28 2015

Your Future Reads: 7 Romance Trends You’ll See in 2016

In 2016 there will be a lot of new books for you to feast your eyes on—hundreds! One of the great things about romance is seeing all the new trends and tropes and twists that pop up in the genre....
September 10 2013

Neither Comfy Nor Cozy: Bathrobes in Romance Novels

How often do we have to read a specific detail in our romances before we consider it a cliché, a trend, or a trope? What if it’s a very minor detail that pops up more than once or twice?...