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July 27 2017

The Language of Praise and How We Talk About the Books We Love

We all love to gush over the books we love, right? We have our squeeing, our fangirl meltdowns, our all-caps commentary, fights over book boyfriends, and all of that love to express. But...
March 18 2017

Death, the After Life... and Romance?

The main rule of the romance genre is an HEA—happily ever after. It’s surprising then, how the genre deals with death. A number of novels use the threat of death as a plot device—looking...
March 13 2017

When the HEA Isn’t Quite What We Expect: Unusual Happily-Ever-Afters!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Lorraine Heath (When the Marquess Falls) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. In romance, we know we get a Happily Ever After, but sometimes that HEA is a little more...
March 23 2016

Happily Never After, and the Changing Nature of the Romance Novel

Spoiler Warning: To talk about the changing nature of the romance novel and the romance covenant's cardinal rule: The Happy Ever After, we will be discussing spoilers, including The Shadows...
October 5 2015

“Mother’s Vagina? Deal Breaker!” What Are Your Deal Breakers?

This Season 2 trailer of The Royals is a pretty good summary of both what happened in Season 1 and what's to come in Season 2. It also lists one of the biggest deal breakers in romance—infidelity...with...
April 30 2012

What Rules are in the Romance Covenant?

A covenant is “an agreement, usually do or not do something specified.” So what agreements would be in the Romance Covenant? Please add your thoughts in comments (and of...