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September 13 2017

How to Turn Your Comic-Reading Friends into Romance Readers

Romance and comics hit similar buttons for me: an easy to read format, genre conventions/tropes, over-the-top characters, high stakes conflicts, and… stigma for readers that has lead to...
May 7 2015

His Bark is Worse Than His Bite: Much-Loved Beauty and the Beast Retellings

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sarah J. Maas to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sarah's latest book, A Court of Thorns and Roses, came out on Tuesday and features a young huntress offered up to...
December 20 2011

It’s the Journey: “Beauty and the Beast” vs. “Cinderella”

Though I’m not a gambler, I’d be willing to bet that “Cinderella” is the fairy tale most commonly retold in modern-day romances. What’s more appealing than the mistreated...