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August 21 2017

How Do You Recover from a Book Hangover?

Cures for hangovers are a dime a dozen and everyone has an opinion for what works. However, for the book hangover—that feeling you have when the book you just read is so good that you don't...
August 14 2017

Have You Read Any One-Book Writers and Wished There Were More?

Here's the scenario: you've fallen totally head-over-heels with a writer and it's the first book you've read by them, but then—tires screech—they've only ever written...
August 11 2017

Has a Book Ever Hit Too Close to Home?

Many of us read for escapism. When a romance hits too close to home, though, it can mess with our heads—but make us love a book even more!  Have you read a book and it felt like...
August 8 2017

What Are Your Least Favorite Ways to See a Heroine Described?

We've talked about our nope tropes and our squick words. We've talked about the types of heroines we love... but what about when a heroine we'd otherwise love is described in a way...
August 2 2017

How Have You Converted Your Friends into Romance Readers?

It's a readers greatest joy when you can convert a non-reader into a bibliophile. It's an even greater accomplishment when you can convert a non-romance reader into a romance reader for...
July 17 2017

What Character Reminds You of Someone in Your Own Life?

Many characters are meant to be relatable—and in some cases, they're modeled after various characteristics of the people in the author's life. However, we're talking about you...
July 9 2017

In Defense of Reading Out of Order

My name is Jenn, and I read out of order.  Okay, phew, with that out of the way, let's talk a little bit about what I get out of reading out of order. Follow Your Heart I think...
July 5 2017

What Quote Sums Up Your Love of Reading and Books?

Sometimes it's hard to sum up our love of reading and books. It's a bone-deep feeling for most readers. It's that same inexplicable love of reading that is so fundamentally part of...
June 23 2017

What Genre or Type of Book Do You Keep Trying to Make “Work”?

There's always that one genre or type of book or author that we know we should like... and yet something keeps holding us back. For example, when talking with a friend recently, she lamented that...
June 19 2017

What Is Your Squick Trope?

We talk about squick words all the time—words that gross us out in romance novels (I'm looking at you, moist). However, squick can apply to many things, so today I want to hear about...
June 12 2017

Has an Author Written Both Your Favorite and Least Favorite Book?

  Not every book can be a home run, but it can be especially frustrating when that book belongs to the author of your favorite book. Has that ever happened, where an author has penned...
May 30 2017

What’s Your Reading Goal this Summer?

Memorial Day weekend heralds in the start of summer in the United States. With the summer months comes summer reading (or at least one would hope).  What are your reading goals this summer?...
May 26 2017

What Do You Think When a Book “Ends” at the Halfway Point?

Bear with me for just one moment. A recent “trend” in romance seems to be to include bonus content. That sounds great on the surface, but many times that means getting about halfway through...
May 24 2017

Have You Ever Returned a Book You Bought?

Sometimes we get buyers remorse. If it were a piece of clothing, we would simply keep the tags on and return it to the store. However, when it comes to books, that same policy doesn't really...
May 17 2017

Can You Read Right Before Bed?

Reading can be a double edged sword when it comes to a nightly routine. FOr some, it can send them right to the Sandman and they'll be sleeping in no time, while for others, it will keep them...
May 16 2017

What’s the Most “Fun” Book You’ve Read?

Recently, an H&H commenter mentioned how fun a book sounded. It's a phrase we toss around a lot—“what a fun read.” However, what constitutes a fun read? What was the last...
May 11 2017

What Author or Book Do You Think Most Influenced Your Reading?

We all have a lightbulb moment when we read where an author or a book impacts what we're going to read going forward. Sometimes we're aware of it in the moment, and sometimes it's not until...
May 9 2017

Is There a Book You Read Every Summer, Without Fail?

Summer is almost here (unless for those reading in the Southern Hemisphere, it is soon to be winter), and that means summer reading. It's not just something kids take a part in! Lazier summer...
May 3 2017

What Are Your Top Three Ways You Discover New Books?

There are so many ways to discover new books these days. You can discover new books from the comfort of your own home with recommended reading pouring in from so many directions, it's hard...
May 1 2017

Describe Your Current Read in Three Words!

Hopefully your weekend was full of reading and that May is starting you off with some great reads. To get our week off to a fun start, today I want you to describe what you're reading in three...
April 25 2017

What’s the Shortest It’s Taken for a Series to “Click” for You?

Sometimes it takes as little as two words—like, Beards and Bondage—for you to realize a series seems made for you. Other times it takes a few books for it to sneak up on you and make...
April 19 2017

What Book Did You Have Trouble Convincing Others to Read?

We all have books we love, but sometimes the concept can be hard to persuade our friends on. For one person, you may know a book you just read will be a slam dunk, but for one reason or another...
April 13 2017

How Often Do You Read Non-Romance?

Monthly book club? Weekend read? Are romances just your treat and non-romance is your main genre? It can differ month-to-month and year-to-year, but many of us take a break from romance from time...
April 11 2017

Do You Insert Yourself into the Story?

When we were discussing lesbian romance, commenters got into a conversation about how much readers put themselves into the story. Do you look for a carbon copy of yourself amongst the pages of...
April 10 2017

Do You Have Rules When You Loan a Book?

When you loan out a book, it's with the idea that the person you are loaning it to will enjoy it. However, there's another unwritten expectation—that they'll also take care of...
April 5 2017

What Is Your Ideal Romance Vibe?

A slow burn with a sweet love? Dirty talk with angsty appeal? Light-hearted but steamy? The combinations of what a romance can “feel” like go on and on, but today I want to know your...
April 3 2017

Will You Do Any Romance Spring Cleaning?

Spring feels like it has official sprung and so that means Spring cleaning! We read so much in a given month that sometimes our TBR piles begin to look a little dusty and cluttered with types of...
March 29 2017

What Was the Last Book You Shouldn’t Have Liked But Did?

We all have the tropes, types of characters, and subplots that we don't like, and it takes a very special and compelling argument to get us to give a book that includes some (or all) of these...
March 14 2017

How Does Reading Improve Your Health?

Over the years many of us have found reading as a good escape for the woes of life. But could it could be good for your health too? In a recent article on Bustle, the 5 proven ways reading can improve...
March 13 2017

What’s the Weirdest Place You’ve Ever Finished a Book?

Last week you had us rolling on the floor with your stories of inappropriate places you've read a romance or sex scene. Today, we're furthering our ask. Sometimes when you get to the end...