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July 30 2014

Outlander’s “Just a Bodice-Ripper”? Really, Vanity Fair?!

Earlier this week, Vanity Faira posted an article with the headline “Does the New Outlander Series Have What It Takes to Be More than Just a Bodice-Ripper?b” In the piece itself,...
April 22 2014

They Did WHAT??: When Authors Mess with the HEA

When a romance author advances her hero and heroine towards a serious relationship, readers expect romance, physical scenes, conflict, and eventually a happily ever after. We are pleased that our couple...
August 20 2013

“A Vicariously Slutty Life”: Author Gender Switching

Slate recently had a portrait gallery of erotic romance authors photographed in real life. The comments section (note to everyone: Don't read the comments) included some posts by people who...
May 30 2013

Not Dead Yet: Historical Romances are Still Alive and Kicking

Are you a historical romance fan? Have you noticed that this genre seems to be suffering of late? It certainly seems to be the source of some debate—Dear Author’s Jane Litte recently wrote...
January 22 2013

Don’t Make Me Slap You!: When Erotica Crosses the Line

I love erotica. I think I have made that pretty clear to everyone. I enjoy reading about it in all forms. M/M, M/F, and sometimes M/F/M. Erotica is nothing more than extremely sexually visual romance....
November 8 2012

Untie Me Already!: Over BDSM

There’s a famous episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye Pierce calls a fictional restaurant in Chicago, Adam’s Ribs, and orders take-out to Korea. What prompts this bit of madness is a string...
October 4 2012

Mandatory Retirement: Putting Tired Romance Tropes Out to Pasture

A few years ago, when I first starting reading romance, I could envision a life of reading nothing but romances (with a smattering of fantasy, YA, and fiction). But like when you eat nothing but dessert,...
June 9 2012

Goodbye, Gossip Girl: I’m Leaving You, and This Time I Mean It

I am so angry with myself. Livid. I should have known it was coming. I should have known it would come to a bad end: all disappointment, depression and outright disgust. I mean, my goodness, I’m talking...
November 21 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Wishes It Were As Good as a Hot Mess

Words cannot express the sheer awkwardness of the movie Breaking Dawn Part 1, but this is a blog, and this is my post, so I guess I must. For all the die-hard Twilight fans out there, you may not want...
July 6 2011

I Don’t Do Creamy: Why I’m Not a Fan of Erotica

Before I started reviewing, I had never touched an erotica. Flash forward a few years and I have officially had my fill (no pun intended) of erotic novels. There are only so many cocks, heaving bosoms,...