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November 20 2017

Insight into MaryJanice Davidson’s Deja New

MaryJanice Davidson asks that age-old question in her latest novel, Deja New if you give birth to your mother, does that make you your own grandmother? Leah Nazir is one of the world’s...
September 28 2017

In Dianne Duvall’s Blade of Darkness, Loneliness Can Be Dangerous

Dianne Duvall has given us another electrifying page-turner filled with romance, non-stop action, and suspense.  Loneliness can make some people do desperate things, such as, um…break...
December 10 2012

Extraordinary Heroines—and the Heroes Who Love Them—in Sci-Fi Romance

There are many, many romance stories wherein the hero is a creature of the paranormal world and he’s paired with a human heroine. But what about the reverse scenario? That is our $64,000 question...
September 24 2012

First Look: Joan Swan’s Blaze (September 25, 2012)

Joan Swan Blaze Kensington / September 25, 2012 / $14.00 print & digital Ever since FBI agent Keira O’Shay started tracking a young boy named Mateo, she’s felt a connection...
April 27 2012

First Look: Alexia Reed’s Hunting the Shadows (May 7, 2012)

Alexia Reed Hunting the Shadows Carina / May 7, 2012 / $5.99 Amy has spent her life in isolation. Locked away in the Centre, a secret government facility where children with extraordinary...
July 7 2011

Girl Power: Kick-Ass Heroines Coming into Their Own in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Imagine being forcibly turned into a werewolf. Worse, imagine being treated by your pack as the lowest of the low. Then, in a sorta-kinda Cinderella twist, you meet your mate—a sophisticated,...
May 18 2011

Nalini Singh’s Wonderful Psy-Changeling World

Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series is one of my top ten YOU MUST READ paranormal romance series to date. It's filled with non-stop action, suspense and mystery, but nicely balanced with...