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November 17 2017

3 Pets from Romance We Wish Were Ours

Today we're thrilled to welcome Tara Leigh (Deal Breaker) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Many of us are long-time animal lovers and pet owners, and it can be a special joy to see cute creatures...
September 23 2015

Doggy Confessions: 10 Times Your Dog Knew You Were in Love Before You Did

Today we're thrilled to welcome D.D. Ayres to Heroes and Heartbreakers. D.D.'s books are known for their action, hot heroes...and the dogs that take center stage! D.D. latest release in...
July 6 2014

Going to the Dogs in Kristan Higgins’s Romance Novels

**Spoiler Alert: This post may contain some spoilers about Kristan Higgins's books and some of the very cute companions within.** Sometimes you pick up a book with a dog on the cover and think,...
June 4 2012

And the Cutest Pets Are...: The “My Pet Is Way Cuter Than Yours” Sweepstakes Winners!

We had high hopes for H&H’s first-ever Facebook photo contest, the “My Pet Is Way Cuter Than Yours” Sweepstakes, and boy, did you all deliver! All of the pictures were ridiculously cute, and...
May 17 2012

Introducing H&H’s “My Pet Is Way Cuter Than Yours!” Sweepstakes

In honor of Elsa Watson’s upcoming release, Dog Days, (out May 22), Team H&H is offering you the chance to get barking bragging rights for your pet. We’re looking for the cutest pet, any...
October 18 2011

Not Just Man’s Best Friend: Pets in Paranormal and Urban Fantasy

Weapons? Check. Magic? Check. Animal sidekicks? Check and Check! In attempting to discover just what we love about urban fantasy and paranormal romance, we have dissected the hero and the heroine...