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Kate Nagy
February 25 2017

What Are the 7 Most Romantic Scenes in Fiction?

There's never not a good time to celebrate love in Romancelandia. Your mileage may vary on some of these, of course, so after you read this, be sure to share your favorites in the comments! This...
September 16 2016

Heroines Who Find Their Power: From Jane Eyre to Game of Thrones’s Sansa

Some romantic heroines kick ass from the get-go and that's that. They may have moments of vulnerability, but their essential badassery is never in question. Think Claire from Outlander, for...
October 14 2015

Friends to Lovers Are the Best...Unless They’re Also Roommates

After writing First Looks on Christina Lauren’s Dark Wild Night and Lauren Layne’s Blurred Lines, I began to notice a theme. Yes, I’m talking about the friends-to-lovers/roommates-to-lovers...
July 1 2015

O Canada! Celebrating Canadian Romances and Writers

O Canada! When you think of our neighbor north of the 49th Parallel, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Why, romance, of course!  I’m not Canadian, but...
November 8 2013

More Knits for Crafty Readers

It’s finally autumn, the season of chilly breezes, changing leaves, crackling fires, and hot apple cider. It’s also prime knitting season, as any crafter can attest. “Heroines who...
July 24 2012

Best YA of All Time?

We have a bit of a YA Crush here at H&H, so we were delighted to learn that NPR is putting together a list of the Top 100 YA Novels OF ALL TIME.  The epic nomination list includes novels...
June 11 2012

Sugar and Spice: Anne of Green Gables and Masters of Sex TV News

You’ve gotta love Hollywood. Not only did we learn that a new Anne of Green Gables television series may be in the works today, but we also just read that Showtime has picked up a show called...
March 20 2012

Author Kate Rothwell Talks the Earliest YA and Chick-Lit Author, Jean Webster

Today we welcome Kate Rothwell as a guest to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Kate writes under her own name, as well as the pseudonym Summer Devon. Kate’s latest release, Thank You, Mrs. M, was partly inspired...
September 28 2011

The First Blush of Romance: Girl Books from Alcott, Montgomery, Lovelace, and Wilder

Like many other readers, my first experience with romance in fiction was with the “girl books” popular with generations of female readers. I loved these books because the heroines are strong and...
July 26 2011

Prescription for Romance: Favorite Fictional Doctors

As Megan Frampton reported in a Heroes and Heartbreakers post in May, neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam concluded, after analyzing 15,000 Harlequin novels, that the most popular profession for...
June 8 2011

The Proposal Scene from L. M. Montgomery’s The Blue Castle

No bodily fluids are exchanged when 29-year-old spinster Valancy Stirling asks town reprobate Barney Snaith for his hand in marriage in L. M. Montgomery’s 1926 novel The Blue Castle. The groom-to-be...
June 7 2011

“I Never Asked You to Give Me Your Heart”: The Quotes That Slay Me

I discovered Baroness Emmuska Orczy’s The Scarlet Pimpernel in movie form, in 10th grade World History CP. We watched it for who knows what reason, and the entire class was just all, “that’s Dr....