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December 22 2014

(Spoiler!) State of The Affair 1x10

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of The Affair, including last night's Season 1 finale. So we’ve seen ten episodes now of this fascinating (and recently Golden Globe-nominated)...
November 24 2014

The State of The Affair: We Need to Talk About Cole

It’s Episode 7 of The Affair and the Lockhart Ranch manure has officially hit the fan. The affair is revealed to the spouses, the Solloways leave the island, and the drug trafficking problems...
November 3 2014

The State of The Affair: #TeamNoah or #TeamAlison?

We’re four episodes into —and almost halfway through the first season of—this ambitious prestige drama, and the skin has finally hit the sheets, folks. Yes, Alison and Noah have done...
October 13 2014

Should You Take a Chance on The Affair?

In Romancelandia, there’s no greater taboo than infidelity. Cheating on a partner whom you’ve committed to—with whom you’ve already declared your happily-ever-after—defies...
July 11 2012

Breaking Dishes and Setting Fires: Revenge-Inspired Songs and Stories

Adele’s 21 took the world by audible storm, the singer’s very real and poignant failed romance resonating with anyone who’s ever fallen in love, and had it fall apart. 21 is perhaps the most successful...
April 13 2012

Oh No He Didn’t!: The Cheating Hero

A cheating hero—is this really a controversial subject? Or do we all pretty much agree that a cheating hero is a deal breaker when it comes to romance novels? We don’t need Tiger Woods or...