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Mala Bhattacharjee
July 31 2017

Sestras Before Misters: Orphan Black’s Sisterhood

Sarah. Helena. Cosima. Alison. Krystal. Rachel. MK. Beth Childs, whose death set a stunning chain of events in motion. Any devout member of Orphan Black’s “Clone Club” knows...
May 16 2014

“I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way": Top 5 Bad Girls in Romance Novels

I read a lot of comic books when I was a youngster. While I admired Wonder Woman and thought it would be neat to be an Amazon princess and carry a sword, the person I really wanted to be, the one...
September 19 2013

Marvelous Rumor: Female-Led Agent Carter Next Marvel TV Series?

Joss Whedon's The Avengers TV spinoff, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, premieres on ABC next week, yet Marvel Entertainment is apparently already thinking ahead, as they do. Clearly anticipating...
May 16 2012

Author Bronwen Evans on Regency Working Girls (Companions, Governesses, Smugglers, and Courtesans)

Today we welcome author Bronwen Evans to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Bronwen’s most recent release, Invitation to Scandal, features a heroine who makes her not-quite-honest living as a smuggler....
April 16 2012

Only Time Will Tell: Thoughts on Girls Episode 1

Last night was the premiere of HBO’s Girls, a show you may have seen me mention the other day. Twitter’s all abuzz with reactions, both good and bad, from critics and viewers, but I don’t...
January 25 2012

Who’s Brooding Now? The YA Heroine Has a Sulk

It used to be the hero who brooded. There he stood, in a corner, warily keeping his back to the wall, moodily gazing off into the middle distance, holding the heroine at arm’s length—until she got...
July 7 2011

Girl Power: Kick-Ass Heroines Coming into Their Own in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Imagine being forcibly turned into a werewolf. Worse, imagine being treated by your pack as the lowest of the low. Then, in a sorta-kinda Cinderella twist, you meet your mate—a sophisticated,...
June 29 2011

She Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Hero, She’s a Heroine of Summer TV

They don’t drink blood, shapeshift, or command the powers of the wind. Instead, they use a well-placed sneer, a polite thank you, an upraised eyebrow, and sometimes a big gun to save the world....
May 23 2011

For the Love of...What’s Your Number?

This looks SO INCREDIBLY CUTE. Between this and Bridesmaids, maybe we can make a real argument for sassy post-Sex And The City chick films. We can only hope.
March 28 2011

For The Love Of . . . Girls Kicking Ass?!?

We're all conflicted here at H&H Central. See, over the weekend, Sucker Punch came out—but was beat handily at the box office by Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. Prior to...