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August 29 2017

How Many Bookmarks Do You Own?

This week I was tackling my ever-growing physical TBR pile (we don't talk about my digital to-be-read pile... it's too scary!) and I decided to crack out a gift I got for Christmas last...
August 11 2017

6 Steps to Rock a Book Sale!

I don’t need to tell you that books are the best, especially those with kissing. But sometimes? Sometimes my budget tells me that I need to slow my book-buying roll. For those of us who like...
November 25 2016

In Defense of Breaking Spines

We’re not monsters. We’re not bad people.We’re not book hating anarchists. We’re your friends, your neighbors, your sisters and spouses. We work next to you, come to your...
November 8 2016

How to (Re-)Arrange Your Romances Novels At Home

Has your romance collection turned into a zillion of your beloved books scattered in piles you keep meaning to get to? Are you overwhelmed because space is starting to be an issue? Don’t...