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August 22 2017

Dating Is Hard... Even in Romance Novels!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Kristen Proby (The Beauty of Us) to Heroes and Heartbreakers). In romance, there are plenty of good dates to help us escape the bad dates we face in reality......
August 9 2017

4 Beloved On-Screen Romantic Suspense Couples

Today we're thrilled to welcome Layla Reyne (Barrel Proof) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. We all had relationships (of the fictional variety) that influenced the couples we love to read and watch...
August 8 2017

Why the Fish-Out-of-Water Story Will Always Be a Favorite

What is it about the fish-out-water trope that readers love so much? Today we're thrilled to have Shelly Stratton (Between Lost and Found) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. One time or another...
July 27 2017

Romance as Resistance: The Important Role Romance Plays in Our Lives

Today we're thrilled to have Tamsen Parker (Rogue Desire) on Heroes and Heartbreakers in her role as an author. In an eight-book anthology, Tamsen and her fellow authors tackle politics in...
July 24 2017

Clothes Make the Man: 4 Fashionable Heroes from Schwab, Reisz, and More

Today we're thrilled to welcome J.R. Gray (author of Say Yes) to Heroes and Heartbreakers! For James, the hero of Say Yes, clothes are a defining part of who he is and how he expresses his...
July 19 2017

Bad Boys & Freedom: An Intellectual Choice For The Modern Woman

Today we're thrilled to host LaQuette (Breaking Bad: 14 Tales of Lawless Love) who is here to talk about one of our favorite things—heroes! And not just any heroes, but bad boys. Now,...
July 14 2017

Female Sexuality and the Role of Erotic Romance

Today we're thrilled to welcome May Bridges (Killing June) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Society's view on female sexuality has changed a lot over the years, but in other ways things have...
July 13 2017

20 Signs You’re Secretly Attracted to the Person You Say You Hate

We're thrilled to welcome Roan Parrish and Avon Gale to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Their book Heart of the Steal just came out last month and features a delicious enemies to lovers/reluctant...
July 10 2017

Unsung Heroines: The Forgotten Female Spies of World War I

Today we're thrilled to welcome Kate Quinn (The Alice Network) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Kate's book covers the secret lives of some of World War I's most interesting spies—the...
July 5 2017

Dear Lisa: A (Real) Advice Columnist Tackles Romance’s (Fictional) Problems

Relationships are hard—especially with all the road blocks we (and the universe) throw in the way. In Romancelandia, we know that a lot of those road blocks can be spirited away and resolved...
July 3 2017

Everybody Hurts: Sadists in Romance

Today we're thrilled to have Tamsen Parker (The Cartographer) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. It's no secret that Tamsen's Compass series is kinky and sexy, but it's with the last...
June 26 2017

5 Reasons to Say “I Do” When You Really Want to Say “I Don’t”

Marriages of convenience: Super common in romance novels, not so common in real life. Ann Marie Walker (Black Tie Optional) is here at Heroes and Heartbreakers today to give us a few reasons that we...
June 19 2017

Two Different Authors, One Very Sexy Hero—The Alpha!

Today we're thrilled to welcome not one but two authors to Heroes and Heartbreakers—Anne Calhoun (Turn Me Loose) and Jeffe Kennedy (With a Prince). It's always a great coincidence...
June 16 2017

Is It Hate or Is It Love? The Closeness of Fear and Desire

Today we're thrilled to welcome Robin Lovett (Stranger) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Robin writes dark, gritty romance, and knows a thing or two about about the line between love and hate,...
June 9 2017

6 Enemies-to-Lovers Stories for Every Mood

Today we're thrilled to welcome Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell (Mature Content) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Megan and Santino have explored a lot of tropes we love, but today they're...
June 7 2017

5 Types of Ships You’ll Encounter in Fandom

Today we're thrilled to welcome Danika Stone (Internet Famous) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Danika really knows her ships and so today she's here to talk about some of her favorite types...
June 5 2017

What to Read If You Watch Victoria, Jane the Virgin, Arrow, and More!

We are excited today to welcome author Amy E. Reichert (The Simplicity of Cider) to Heroes and Heartbreakers! However you like to see your stories, Amy is here with some great recommendations of...
June 2 2017

How Will You Spend Your Regency Evening Out? (Game)

Today we're thrilled to welcome Jane Ashford (Nothing Like a Duke) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. As a historical romance author, Jane has to know a thing or two about planning extravagant nights...
May 23 2017

Bonnie and Clyde: History’s Most Infamous Couple

Today we're thrilled to welcome author Jenni L. Walsh (Becoming Bonnie) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. May 23 is the fateful day when Bonnie and Clyde's crime spree came to an end, but this...
May 22 2017

The “Why” Behind the Current Daddy Kink Trend in Romance

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sara Taylor Woods (Hold Me Down) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Erotic romance is known for pushing boundaries, but behind every taboo concept there's a reason...
May 19 2017

Survey Says: What Is It Like to Really Date a Bad Boy?

Today we're thrilled to host Jessica Calla (She Wants It All) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jessica, like us, knows that romance readers love a bad boy—but some field research proves that...
May 17 2017

What’s the Line Between Forbidden and Too Forbidden?

Today we're thrilled to welcome Megan Hart (All The Lies We Tell) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. The line of what's taboo is constantly moving—what was forbidden 20 years ago, is mainstream...
May 16 2017

What Happens When You Binge Read The Wallflowers

Today we're pleased to welcome Roshani Chokshi (A Crown of Wishes) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Earlier this spring, Roshani is new to romance genre and was game to let the H&H community—that...
May 15 2017

Romance Isn’t the Reason for Singledom

Today we're thrilled to welcome Andie J. Christopher (Dusk Until Dawn) to Heroes and Hearbreakers. When you openly read or write romance, sometimes many of our peers make assumptions about...
May 11 2017

Genies: The Myth, the Men and the Magnetism

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sophie H. Morgan (Her Wish) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sophie loves genies and she's here to convince us why we should too. Thanks, Sophie!  Okay,...
May 10 2017

A Hollywood Actress’s Transitions to Writing Romance—But How Are They Different?

Today we're thrilled to host Meg Tilly, writing as Sara Flynn, to Heroes and Heartbreakers. It isn’t often a award winning actress decides to write romance novels, but that’s exactly...
May 9 2017

3 Must-Read Sexy Urban Fantasy Series

Today we're so thrilled to welcome our blogger, Chelsea Mueller, to Heroes and Heartbreakers in her author capacity. Chelsea's recently released Borrowed Souls is sexy urban fantasy. We...
May 1 2017

Romance and The Handmaid’s Tale Explore a Woman’s Worth

Today we're thrilled to have Jeffe Kennedy (The Edge of the Blade) on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jeffe's The Edge of the Blade has an independent heroine who is introduced to a culture where...
April 25 2017

The Greatest Love Songs Don’t Exactly End Happily

Today we're thrilled to have Laura Lee Guhrke (The Truth About Love and Dukes) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Many authors get inspired by music while they write, but it's sad to say... many...
April 24 2017

Historical Romance Heroines with Unconventional Occupations—She Can Bring Home the Bacon!

Today we're thrilled to welcome Lenora Bell (Blame It on the Duke) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Lenora's latest release features a linguist heroine who is very talented at translations....