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October 26 2017

First Look: Christmas in Kilts Anthology (October 31, 2017)

Terri Brisbin, Lecia Cornwall, Bronwen Evans, Lavinia Kent, May McGoldrick Christmas in Kilts St. Martin's Swerve / October 31, 2017 / $4.99 digital Five authors bring Christmas in...
October 18 2017

Life Is a Cosmic Cabaret

Cosmic Cabaret is an exciting new sci-fi romance anthology, newly released in October, with thirteen SFR stories by different authors, all set on the LS Quantum, a luxury spaceliner where pretty...
October 12 2017

First Look: Hamilton’s Battalion Anthology (October 17, 2017)

Rose Lerner, Courtney Milan, Alyssa Cole Hamilton's Battalion Courtney Milan / October 17, 2017 / $4.99 digital  If you, dear reader, have been longing for something more in the...
October 10 2017

First Look: Embrace the Romance, Pets in Space 2 Anthology (October 10, 2017)

Carol Van Natta, Alexis Glynn Latner, Jessica E. Subject, Sabine Priestley, Michelle Howard, et al. Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 Cats, Dogs, and Other Worldly Creatures / October 10,...
October 3 2017

First Look: How to Find a Duke in Ten Days Anthology (October 3, 2017)

Grace Burrowes, Shana Galen, Carolyn Jewel How to Find a Duke in Ten Days Grace Burrowes Publishing / October 3, 2017 / $7.99 print, $3.99 digital The Duke in How to Find a Duke in Ten Days...
September 5 2017

Who Are the Writers Behind the Sight Unseen Anthology?

Sight Unseen is a compilation of novellas written by five of the top voices in romance. They were asked to write something that scared them—a subgenre they’d never written in before,...
August 8 2017

8 Lighthearted Science-Fiction Romances to Help You Relax Under Any Circumstance!

Science-fiction romance generally explores intense topics, including alien invasions/attacks, war, political strife, human trafficking, and all kinds of catastrophes. That's not even counting...
July 20 2017

First Look: Rogue Desire Anthology (July 20, 2017)

Adriana Anders, Amy Jo Cousins, Ainsley Booth, Emma Barry, Dakota Gray, Stacey Agdern, Jane Lee Blair, Tamsen Parker Rogue Desires Pronoun / July 20, 2017 / $.99 digital Eight romance authors...
July 18 2017

First Look: On Fire Anthology (July 18, 2017)

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel* On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories Cleis Press / July 18, 2017 / $10.99 digital On Fire is the latest in writer/editor Rachel Kramer Bussel’s erotica...
Mala Bhattacharjee
May 8 2017

First Look: Shana Galen, Christi Caldwell, Theresa Romain and Vanessa Kelly’s The Dukes of Vauxhall (May 9, 2017)

Shana Galen, Christi Caldwell, Theresa Romain and Vanessa Kelly The Dukes of Vauxhall Self-Published / May 9, 2017 / $3.99 digital The prince regent’s splashy birthday celebrations...
March 1 2017

The My Monster Boyfriend Comic is the Paranormal Romance You’ve Been Waiting For

Last time, on Smut Peddler Presents… *cue swirly flashback screen* We talked about an anthology of dirty comics made by a whole mess of talented ladies! This week, we’ll catch...
January 17 2017

Smut Peddler: Naughty Comics by Women, For Women

Last time I wrote about comics, I gave them a rating based upon the subjective criteria “can you read this on the train” and “how explicit is this.” This time, I’m...
December 26 2016

What Romance Should You Read, Based On What You Asked for for the Holidays?

Christmas may be over, but there are still romances to be read…and gift cards to be spent. Here are some suggestions for books that belong under your tree based on what you asked for (and...
December 25 2016

The Gift of Love in the Silver Belles Anthology

There’s something about the holidays and anthologies that go together like Santa and his reindeer. Or Durga Puja and gossip. Or Winter Solstice and a prayer said outdoors. Though I am an...
September 27 2016

First Look: Holiday Temptations Anthology (September 27, 2016)

Donna Hill, Farrah Rochon, and K.M. Jackson Holiday Temptations Dafina / September 27, 2016 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital Holiday romances are a special sort of addiction for me. Along with...
September 27 2016

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Donna Alward, Amelia Grey, Ally Blue, Alyssa Cole, Lena Hart & More

Team H&H is pleased to bring you exclusive cover reveals from authors Donna Alward, Amelia Grey, Ally Blue, and anthology from authors Alyssa Cole, Lena Hart, Kianna Alexander, and Piper Huguley!...