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September 7 2013

Poll: Who Would You Want By Your Side During the Apocalypse?

With this week's poll, we're not talking love in the time of the apocalypse, but sheer bad-assery. The adrenaline will be pumping and the endorphins from that need to go somewhere, so we're...
March 9 2013

Poll: What Hero Would You Give Up an Hour for?

Today marks the time on the calendar for all of us to spring back an hour. Sure we lose an hour, but it marks the beginning of spring and a chance to brave the great outdoors once again with our...
December 12 2012

Sifting for Gold: Bad Guys We Love

After a year and a half of recapping Once Upon a Time for Heroes and Heartbreakers, I find that the real attraction for me isn't the love story of Snow White and Prince Charming. Instead, the reason...
March 29 2011

KhageMatchh: Final KhageMatchh!

It has come to this: the Final KhageMatchh, the Winner-Takes-All Event, the Time when Muscular Bros face off against Muscular Bros. Wrath, Vishous, Rhage, or Zsadist; which one reigns supreme...
March 26 2011

KhageMatchh: Zsadist vs. Rehvenge

Welcome to the last pair in Part I of II in the Black Dagger Brotherhood KhageMatchh! (Battle Wrath vs. Phury is here; Vishous vs. Butch is here; Rhage vs. John Matthew is here.) So far, the...