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September 24 2015

Only Cream We Want Is for Coffee: Squick Me Out(Loud) Romance Words vs. Real-Life Usage

There are a ton of words that romance writers can get away with in print that the everyday person wouldn’t be ballsy enough to say out loud. In a normal sexual situation, I don’t think...
November 6 2014

Turgid Rod, Dewy Petals: You’re Invited to the Euphemism Party!

Today we're pleased to welcome author Brighton Walsh to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Brighton's new book, Caged in Winter, is released this week, and includes Cade, a sexy chef, and Winter, an...
May 22 2013

Squick Me Out, Part 4: Return of the Moist

It’s that time again, where I gross you out and make you dirty giggle in your office. I can’t believe this is my fourth squick words post; I'd have thought I wouldn’t have to do...
December 5 2012

Squick Me Out, Part 3: Revenge of the Moist

As you all know, I absolutely detest the word “moist.” Since my first post on Squick Words, I’ve been known to get “moist bombed” on Twitter. That’s when a random...
November 13 2011

Squick Me Out: UnPassionate Words, Part 2

The first Squick Word post just won’t die (Squick Me Out! Words Not to Use in Moments of Passion) comments keep being posted, and some evil beings continue to email me passages of books with...
April 20 2011

Squick Me Out!: Words Not to Use in Moments of Passion

While I definitely admit to being a lover of descriptive sex scenes, sometimes authors go a little too far with the wordy words. And certain words used in sex scenes take me right out of the story and...