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August 15 2017

Brontë or Austen?

Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility. These are some of the greatest work of literature for modern fans of fiction—especially if you're a romance...
November 23 2012

Make Mine Canine: Heroes and Heroines and Their Dog Breeds

Dr. Wright's Breedfreak is a short book by a vet about the characteristics of various dog breeds. To say Dr. Wright has some strong opinions is like saying the ocean has some water. Maybe that’s...
September 6 2011

A Twist on Wuthering Heights

Showing now at the Venice Film Festival is this intriguing film adaptation of Wuthering Heights, with Heathcliff played by a black actor. The Huffington Post runs a summary of responses, all of...
May 19 2011

No Bridget Jones’s Diary: My Top 10 Romantic Adaptations

With the sepia-toned splendor of the Robert Pattinson/Reese Witherspoon lovefest Water for Elephants newly in theaters, a romance reader's thoughts must inevitably turn to other beloved tales of...
April 20 2011

Fierce, Broody Passion: A Timothy Dalton Tribute

For many, Timothy Dalton was the lamest James Bond ever, and that's all they know about him. Which is a shame (and a truth—he was the lamest James Bond ever! Rebuttals in comments, please)...
April 1 2011

Team Heathcliff or Team Rochester?: Choose Your Favorite Bronte Hero

Yet another reason to be glad there's a new version of Jane Eyre: a good excuse to pledge our allegiance. Because when it comes to the Bronte sisters, most people are either on Team Rochester or...