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March 28 2016

Revolutionary Sagas: Laura Frantz’s Inspiring Historicals

Is it just me, or is anyone else baffled by the fact that there are remarkably few romance novels set in colonial America? Bookstore shelves groan beneath the weight of books that depict that general...
June 11 2015

A Forgotten Treasure: Norma Johnston’s Keeping Days Saga

“As soon as I awoke on the morning of my fourteenth birthday I knew it was going to be a Keeping Day.” So begins The Keeping Days, the first of six books in Norma Johnston’s...
May 18 2015

Love Is In the Air: Not-Your-Usual Historical Romance Best Bets for May 2015

Spring, when a not-so-young-anymore girl’s fancy turns to…..more historical romance! There’s a nice variety of historical romance this month to help you shake up any impending...
March 29 2015

All the Good Shivers: Paranormal Romance Best Bets for March 2015

Welcome to the paranormal best bets for March! The weather is getting a little warmer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to crawl into bed with a book creature that will give you the...
May 9 2014

A Very Unusual Historical: Margeaux Otis’s 1919: After the War

It's no secret that I have a love affair with the First World War. Though many view it with sorrow and horror—an image fostered by the poetry of Wilfred Owen and programmes like Blackadder...
January 9 2014

Lost Senses Awakened: Judith Kinghorn’s The Memory of Lost Senses

The Memory of Lost Senses is my first Judith Kinghorn book. It won't be my last.  This book tells the overlapping stories  of two women, Cecily and Cora. Cecily Chadwick's story...
June 10 2013

Wishlisting on a Historical Star: A Historical Romance Starter Kit

One thing I love about the romance genre is the amount of variety. I can literally go from reading a book featuring a shape-shifting vampire angel to a contemporary action-adventure story featuring...