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November 22 2013

New Vampire Academy Trailer: This Rose Has Thorns!

The full-length theatrical trailer for Vampire Academy is here! The movie, based on the first book in Richelle Mead's YA series by the same name, is directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Just...
August 14 2013

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Teaser Trailer Debuts!

While the full trailer for Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters won't be revealed until this evening (7:30 p.m. EDT, according to author Richelle Mead), the film company has released this teaser...
July 31 2013

5 Reasons Bloodlines’ Adrian Ivashkov Would Make an Awesome Boyfriend

If you’re a regular reader here at Heroes and Heartbreakers, you may know I 'shipped Rose and Dimitri in Richelle Mead’s highly successful Vampire Academy series, which is about to be...
May 15 2013

More Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Casting News!

Earlier, we reported on the casting for Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series being turned into film (and Chelsea Mueller assured us “it's going to be okay.”) In addition to...
March 4 2013

H&H Off-Hours #2: These are Our Obsessions, Part 1

You may have caught the first time Team H&H stepped out from behind internet anonymity to discuss the growing sub-genre that is New Adult, or you might not have. Either way, we are back, and...
February 5 2013

Vampire Academy Movie Casting: It’s Going to be Okay!

Every time a beloved book gets made into a movie there is a flurry of negativity. The fear that the movie will ruin all we hold dear makes us lash out. Remember when Robert Pattinson was cast as Edward...