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April 1 2013

The I’s Have It: First-Person Point of View in Historical Romance

Try changing the point of view from first person to third person in the opening of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, and you will understand the power a first-person narrative can have. I doubt that...
October 5 2011

Barbara Metzger’s Traditional Regencies: Dogs, Witty Humor, and “Aww!” Moments

If a book has the words “Barbara Metzger” on it, I have bought it, and it will stay in my Keeper Vault until the end of eternity. What makes me such a rabid devotee of her traditional Regencies? First,...
May 12 2011

Michelle Martin’s Pembroke Park: A Lesbian Regency

Traditional Regencies were my introduction to Historical Romance and I consumed them at an alarming rate. I was not undiscriminating, you understand; I found and clung to certain authors, while others...
March 15 2011

Mad for Trad: Top 3 Traditional Regency Authors

Traditional Regencies*. Just the phrase makes me smile. It evokes images of carriage rides through Hyde Park at the Fashionable Hour, weak lemonade at Almack's, wafer-thin ham served at Vauxhall,...