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July 8 2014

TSTL vs. Kick-Ass Heroines from Frost, Armstrong, Brockmann, and More!

As an avid reader, I come across a lot of heroines. Some of them kick-ass, some of them forgettable, and unfortunately, some of them Too Stupid to Live. What are the characteristics of a TSTL heroine...
May 31 2012

Smart Women—And the NCIS Men Who Love Them

A few years ago, my author friend Toni McGee Causey presented a workshop at the Romance Writers of America’s national convention called, “Smart Women, Short Skirts,” with a nod to the musical...
February 13 2011

Splain It To Me, Lucy. How Is Gone With The Wind Romantic?

Last February, I went to hear a panel of romance writers discuss their work.  Since the event was being held in a bookstore and it was close to Valentine's Day, the moderator—a bookseller—asked...