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April 18 2014

Bloodied Relations: Lucrezia, Scarlett, Cersei and More Ruthless Ladies!

Today is Lucrezia Borgia's birthday, born in Italy way back in 1480. Happy Birthday, Lucrezia! Lucrezia has become notorious in history as a woman who will do anything for her family, including...
August 12 2013

The Borgia Apocalypse: A Recap of The Borgias Series Finale Screenplay (SPOILERS)

Today, Showtime and Neil Jordan released as an e-book the script that The Borgias series creator Jordan wrote to wrap up all the show's story lines—The Borgia Apocalypse. While Jordan had...
July 3 2013

Fans Launch “Save The Borgias” Campaign

Fans of the canceled Showtime series The Borgias, which recently wrapped with the Season 3 finale (now series finale) “The Prince,” have launched a campaign to convince the network to revive...
June 10 2013

“And Mine”: The Borgias’s Deliciously Dark and Twisted Series Finale

*****MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS for The Borgias's series finale—3.10, “The Prince”—below.***** Seriously, DO NOT READ until you've seen the episode for yourself. While...
June 5 2013

My Body Is a Cage: The Borgias’s Cesare/Lucrezia

(This post contains SPOILERS for Showtime's The Borgias, which, it was just announced, will end its run with its Season 3 finale—now being dubbed the series finale—on June 16.) So...