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June 6 2017

First Look: Charlotte Stein and Cara McKenna’s Way Down Deep (June 6, 2017)

Charlotte Stein and Cara McKenna Way Down Deep Self-published / June 6, 2017 / $2.99 digital Here’s what you need to know about Way Down Deep: Cara McKenna and Charlotte Stein...
May 30 2017

First Look: Helena Hunting’s Shacking Up (May 30, 2017)

Helena Hunting Shacking Up Swerve / May 30, 2017 / $15.99 print, $3.99 digital Shacking Up is a fun, sexy, contemporary read. It’s an attribute I think readers of Helena Hunting...
March 28 2017

What Is Your Favorite E-Mail or Text Exchange from Romance?

Romance is firmly in the digital age. I'm not talking about e-books, but rather texts and e-mails! More and more, we're seeing this technology integrated into romances. Fifty Shades of Grey...
July 7 2016

Three Cheers for STEM Girls!

This week saw one small leap for readers, one giant leap for geek-girl kind as Iron Man was not only made a woman... but a woman of color. It was pretty fantastic news for women in science everywhere...
July 5 2016

Robots are Getting Emotional and Reading Romance...

In a tech update we didn't see coming—thanks for sharing, Alex Hollins—Sony says it has plans to develop a robot that is capable of developing emotional bonds. Now, of course, we...
June 9 2016

Boys and Their Toys: A Look at Guys and Gadgets in Romance

Isn’t technology fun? How about pairing up the technology with a book/film boyfriend like my long-time crush and possible future husband Tony Stark and his Iron Man armor? Below is a list...
November 9 2015

What Pieces of Technology Would You Like to See in Romance?

Recently we heard about a new app call Postmates that combines Seamless and Uber—on-demand delivery for all of your needs. We can see this new app being utilized in a New Adult job, don't...
December 10 2014

All About the Geek, No Floppy: Computer Prodigies in Romance from Moon, Yates, and More!

Computer geniuses are a minority in the romance genre. This seldom-explored hero is not one who immediately comes to mind when thinking of the typical Alpha romance character; heroes are less Sheldon...
December 5 2014

The App Doesn’t Fall Far from the E-Reader: Reading Apps to Love and Use

Last time, we talked about devices you could use to read. This time, we're tackling reading apps. While a computer (PC or Mac) isn’t ideal for reading on, it’s an unbeatable tool...
November 20 2014

Literary Devices: Different Types of E-Readers

First, what is an e-reader? When you stop to think about it, there are so many ways you can read an ebook, both in terms of devices and platforms. Devices are the “things” you read on,...
August 21 2014

You’ve Got Text: Love in the Digital Age

Today we're pleased to have author Shelley K. Wall join us to talk about the next iteration of romance communication, this time in the digital age! Shelley's latest release, Text Me, has...