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October 8 2017

Ode to the Queen of Dirty Talk: Tessa Bailey

Ask any well-read romance reader what they know about Tessa Bailey, and other than her prolific (and growing!) backlist and very naughty, anything goes foreplay-to-finish sex scenes, the well-known...
October 26 2015

The Whole She-Bang: Words for the Vagina in Romance

After the Dick-tionary’s explosive success—pun always intended—I’ve been asked to follow-up with a post regarding lady-parts terminology when it comes to romance writing. In...
September 24 2015

Only Cream We Want Is for Coffee: Squick Me Out(Loud) Romance Words vs. Real-Life Usage

There are a ton of words that romance writers can get away with in print that the everyday person wouldn’t be ballsy enough to say out loud. In a normal sexual situation, I don’t think...
March 13 2015

Friday Beefcake: Irish Corned Beefcake, Vol. 5 with O’Donoghue, Turner, O’Mara, and More!

May the luck of the Irish be with you—especially on Friday the 13th! Today, we're thrilled to offer our 5th edition of the Irish Corned Beefcake! We've happily brought you Irish actors...
March 13 2015

Clean Reading App: Would You Use It?

The clean reading app has been making waves in the online community this week. Romance isn't exactly known for it's clean language—we've all learned some words that, if said aloud...
November 26 2014

Why Do We Love Dirty Talking in Romance?

Today we're thrilled to have author Laura Kaye joining us at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Laura's latest in her Hard Ink series, Hard to Come By, is just out, and has a hero—Derek DiMarzio—with...
November 6 2014

Turgid Rod, Dewy Petals: You’re Invited to the Euphemism Party!

Today we're pleased to welcome author Brighton Walsh to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Brighton's new book, Caged in Winter, is released this week, and includes Cade, a sexy chef, and Winter, an...
June 5 2013

Tell Me What to Do: Top 5 Bossiest Romance Heroes

Alpha heroes in romance novels have major appeal to readers. They are often overprotective, in total control and as a result, bossy. It is their way or the highway. One doesn’t have to look hard...
May 22 2013

Squick Me Out, Part 4: Return of the Moist

It’s that time again, where I gross you out and make you dirty giggle in your office. I can’t believe this is my fourth squick words post; I'd have thought I wouldn’t have to do...
May 13 2013

First Look: Tessa Bailey’s His Risk to Take (May 13, 2013)

Tessa Bailey His Risk to Take Entangled / May 13, 2013 / $1.99 digital Homicide cop Troy Bennett had a reputation with the Chicago PD for being fearless and in control—until the night...
March 17 2013

Irish Corned Beefcake, Vol. 3: Michael Fassbender, Colin Farrell, Jamie Dornan, Cillian Murphy, and More Irish Hotties!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In our third annual edition of Irish Corned Beefcake (Check out Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 for a few of our favorites), and boy-o we've got a treat for you. We compiled...
January 21 2013

“Swearing In” on Inauguration Day!: Cursing in Romance Novels

Happy Inauguration Day for our U.S. readers! (and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, too). Washington, D.C., is completely abuzz this a.m. with President Obama Inauguration 2.0. Speaking of swearing-in......
December 5 2012

Squick Me Out, Part 3: Revenge of the Moist

As you all know, I absolutely detest the word “moist.” Since my first post on Squick Words, I’ve been known to get “moist bombed” on Twitter. That’s when a random...
September 7 2012

Don’t Be Sheltered from Charlotte Stein’s Huge (and Well-Hung!) Body of Work

Charlotte Stein sprang on to the erotic scene with her super hot, but slightly dumb, heroes and her sexually open heroines and never looked back. Huge cocks and moist penetrations became an instant...
September 6 2012

Talking During Sex Leads to Better Sex, Science Finds

“You want it, you slutty little bookworm.”—Charlotte Stein's Control There's something to why we find dirty-talking characters so damn hot: Communication during...
August 29 2012

Author Sarah Anderson on Names for the Vagina

We're thrilled to welcome author Sarah Anderson back to Heroes and Heartbreakers! Sarah had a memorable post on the variety of terms authors use for the penis, but we knew she was only telling half...
July 17 2012

Author Sarah Anderson on a Penis by Any Other Name...

So many men, so little time: Today we welcome author Sarah Anderson to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Sarah’s A Man of Privilege was released just a few weeks ago, and then in September, she’ll...
November 13 2011

Squick Me Out: UnPassionate Words, Part 2

The first Squick Word post just won’t die (Squick Me Out! Words Not to Use in Moments of Passion) comments keep being posted, and some evil beings continue to email me passages of books with...
June 2 2011

Nous Aimons Bradley Cooper!

Just when you thought Bradley Cooper couldn’t be any more charming—he goes and ups his game by speaking another language! And not just any other language, but French, one of the sexiest-sounding...
April 20 2011

Squick Me Out!: Words Not to Use in Moments of Passion

While I definitely admit to being a lover of descriptive sex scenes, sometimes authors go a little too far with the wordy words. And certain words used in sex scenes take me right out of the story and...
March 18 2011

Built for the Kilt: Sexy Scotsmen in Romance

“The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom; to serve all, but love only one.” —Honore de Balzac There is something inexplicably sexy about a man sired from the same...
March 17 2011

Irish Corned Beefcake: Celebrating Irish Hotties

Now that you've had your Irish Morning Coffee, what say you to some corned beefcake for lunch? After all, what is St. Patrick's Day if not the perfect opportunity to take a little time to objectify celebrate...
March 17 2011

Kiss Me, I’m Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Romance Recs

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Not just because it's an excuse for everyone to find a pub, drink Irish coffees and Shamrock-tinis, and sing along to Young Dubliners songs...