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April 11 2014

Friday Beefcake: Suit Up with Gandy, Hiddleston, Suits, and More!

Barney Stinson coined the phrase known around the world, and got millions of women thinking that nothing suits them more than a man in a suit! Well, famously this time of year, people are turning to...
September 6 2013

If I Ran the Circus: The Future of Suits

If I Ran the Circus … Being asked to envision the future of Suits is kind of like being asked to run the circus: lots of ideas, but no clue. With that in mind, here goes! Cast of Characters: Harvey...
July 28 2013

Shipping Sunday: Suits’s Harvey/Donna, Mike/Rachel, Donna/Rachel, Harvey/Jessica, and Harvey/Mike!

Very recently I caught up with USA's Suits, and have fallen hard for Harvey/Donna (a.k.a. Darvey). But in dipping my toe into the Suits fandom, I've found that there are fans for lots of other...