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February 15 2012

The Books That Broke the Camel’s Back: Hamilton, Neill, Harris, et al.

We’ve talked before about stopping reading a particular series because one of the series’ books has ruined the whole experience for you (for example, Robin Bradford dumped Laurell K. Hamilton),...
December 26 2011

So You Got an E-Reader for Chrismas!: What to Buy for Your E-Reader

As many a bibliophile can understand, it’s a big decision to begin incorporating digital books into your library. On the one hand, a book is a book, is a book. But on the other, it’s an acknowledgement...
August 6 2011

Peachy Keen: Stephanie Bond Heads to Georgia in Baby, Drive South

Baby, Drive South (Southern Roads, Book 1) by Stephanie Bond When I think about Georgia, I think of delicious ripe peaches, crunchy Vidalia onions, the siege of Atlanta from Gone with the Wind,...
July 9 2011

The Bookstore Beat: Mid-July Report

People have been asking questions about what readers are looking for, but after taking a peek at what’s been selling in early July at Posman Books, the answer is not as clear as people might like. There...
June 7 2011

Bookstore Beat: Mid-June 2011 Report

Summer is here, and Posman customers are coming in to pick up not only the new releases, but also older titles that they might have missed during the course of a busy year. So here are some recommendations...
March 18 2011

Small-Town Romances Make It Big

It all started with Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. Or maybe not. Maybe the genesis can be traced to Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove, or Susan Wiggs' Lakeshore Chronicles. Wherever it began,...