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April 22 2014

They Did WHAT??: When Authors Mess with the HEA

When a romance author advances her hero and heroine towards a serious relationship, readers expect romance, physical scenes, conflict, and eventually a happily ever after. We are pleased that our couple...
August 1 2011

No Hair, But Lots of Hubba-Hubba: Bald-Headed Heroes

When I was asked to start blogging for Heroes and Heartbreakers, the first topic suggested to me was to name my top five hairiest heroes. Is my love for hairy men that well known? Okay, fine;...
June 29 2011

Who Floats Your (Book) Boat?: The Book Character You’d Most Like to Sleep With

Recently, the Huffington Post asked its readers which book characters they’d most like to sleep with; answers ranged from the obvious (Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy, the Sookie Stackhouse...
June 13 2011

True Blood Season Four: A Bloody Mess?

Some of us have been concerned, to say the least, about Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire series. There have been times when some of us have threatened, and carried out our threats, never to return...
May 25 2011

Anticipating True Blood (Waiting Sucks!)

Right around this time of year—for the past three seasons anyway—my blood starts to course rapidly through my veins. Fear of withdrawal symptoms impel me to watch HBO OnDemand (along with...
May 14 2011

Defining Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance: What’s the Difference?

It's a question every paranormal and/or urban fantasy reader encounters in the course of their reading: What's the difference between the two? For me, Urban Fantasy is all about the paranormal...
May 12 2011

For the Love of...Charlaine Harris (You Go, Girl!)

While the debates rage on as to whether or not people should even continue to read Dead Reckoning, the latest book in Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series (read Laurie Gold's...
May 11 2011

Charlaine Harris’s Dead Reckoning was a Satisfying Read for This Sookie Fan

I looked forward to May 3, 2011, for a long, long time. That's the day the latest in Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire series was slated for release. (It doesn't hurt that True Blood...
May 6 2011

Where’s the Beef?: Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris Makes Me Ranty

I managed to get my hands on an advance copy of Charlaine Harris's Dead Reckoning and after finishing it all I could say was “WTF?” I can’t say I’m surprised; the...
May 2 2011

This is the End: Why I Won’t be Buying Charlaine Harris’s Dead Reckoning Tomorrow

It’s hard to imagine that after a decade, I’m giving up on a series that I’ve long adored, one that helped open up an entirely new avenue of reading for me. And yet, when Dead...
March 7 2011

For The Love Of . . . Shirtless Vampire Hotties!

Oh, hi, are you missing something? Like your shirt? <gulp> On second thought, never mind, you look just fine. TOTALLY fine. True Blood returns this summer.
February 22 2011

Fangs, Fur, Rotting Flesh: What’s Your Paranormal Pleasure?

My tastes in paranormal romance can be summed up as follows: Stake the vamps, burn the zombies, shag the werewolves. Shorter version: Don’t fuck dead things. (I thought about making one of...
February 17 2011

Bring on the Bloodlust: Top 5 Vampire Romancers

Who was your first? Your first vamp, I mean. My interest was piqued by the cult classic The Lost Boys. My older sister took me to the movie with her—my first R-rated movie. I was...
February 13 2011

To Die For: Gifts For Your Vampire Lover

Whether it's Valentine's Day or any other gift-giving time, what kind of gift would you give to someone who is basically immortal?! You think buying a gift for your mother is hard, try...
February 12 2011

Never Too Much?: When To Stop Paranormal Series

There are so many Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy series we readers can’t seem to get enough of. We rush to the stores on release day; then we rock back-and-forth until the next release....