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July 30 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 8 Recap: Blood, Sex, and the Vampire God

We had lots of movement on several storylines on this week’s True Blood. Less huge world changes, but lots of setting things up. Also, lots of naked Joe Manganiello. Last week we learned:...
July 23 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: Vampire Drunk Bloodlust, Oh MY!

It’s been one week since someone had sex on True Blood, and this week had zero sex. WTH! We should really start doing a countdown. Things we learned last week: Russell staked Roman, Alcide issues...
July 16 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 6 Recap: Absurd Magical Thinking

Oh, H&Hers, I’m back to recapping (yay!) and am happy to bring you the good, the bad, and the dirty (double yay!) from Sunday’s True Blood. Things we learned last week: Russell is back,...
July 9 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: Cookie- and Russell-Tossing

Things we learned last week: Sam finds his shifter buddies dead, Sookie is moving on to Alcide and Tara tried death by Jersey Shore. Chelsea would normally be your recapper today, but I am subbing...
July 2 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 4 Recap: In Which [Redacted] FINALLY Make Out

Things we learned last week: Newlin is the new Nan, Eric and Bill must find out where Russell is, Pam totally did it with Eric and Tara still hates Sookie and Lafayette. (Need to catch up? Check...
June 26 2012

Reader Vertigo: When Series Authors Don’t Fill Us In Well Enough

In My Fair Lady, Henry Higgins asks, “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” It’s practically sacrilege, but at times I want to ask, “Why can’t paranormal romance,...
June 25 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 3 Recap: The New Nan Flannigan and Tara 2.0

Last week on True Blood, Tara became a vampire. Emma was revealed as a tiny little wolf cub. Eric and Bill made deals with the Authority. And Alcide didn’t want to be packmaster. Things we learned...
June 18 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: Where EVERYBODY Is Pissed!

This entire episode can has two major plot points: Tara is batshit crazy as a vampire and the Authority is scary as hell! Hell, to sum it up EVERYONE is pissed at somebody. Also, Newlin dancing. HIGHLIGHTS Tara...
June 11 2012

True Blood Recap Season 5, Episode 1: Makers, Siblings, and Sex

Last season on True Blood, Sookie called things off with both Eric and Bill. Jessica dumped Hoyt and got dirty with Jason. Eric and Bill killed Nan. Lafayette went full on medium. Alcide killed the...
May 6 2012

True Blood’s Jessica Improves on Charlaine Harris’s Sookieverse

As readers, we know the book is almost always better than the movie. We get to build the world in our minds, and due to time limitations and the like, both big and small screen adaptations often lose...
April 25 2012

May 2012 Upcoming Romance Releases Shopping List!

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in May. This time around, we’ve divided them up by subgenre to make it easier for those who’ve...
March 9 2012

Falling in Love a Second Time: Heroes from Allison Pang, Charlaine Harris, and Kim Harrison

Read the comments on any of our Black Dagger Brotherhood Re-Read posts, and it’s clear we, as romance readers, latch on to one guy. We have a favorite. It’s even more pronounced with a series. I...
March 6 2012

Breather Books: Lover Enshrined, Dead in the Family, Drink Deep, and More!

I was late to the party with the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Six of the books had already been released when I started the series. This was in the days when a title like Dark Lover would have me going...
March 3 2012

Why I’m Team Eric: The Appeal of True Blood’s Eric Northman

I crack jokes about my affinity for all things Alexander Skarsgard, but I’m going to admit something to you: He’s not the reason I love Eric Northman. I’d be falling all over myself for the...
February 24 2012

Stephenie Meyer, Meg Cabot, and Charlaine Harris: Who Does Vampire Fiction Best?

There’s no escaping the fact that people have written an awful lot of novels in a short space of time featuring human-vamp couplings with Montague-Capulet-scale PR problems. But how these inter-species...
January 11 2012

Bad Friend Heroines from Richelle Mead, Charlaine Harris, Karina Cooper and More!

As romance readers, we often joke about book boyfriends—the heroes we get all weak in the knees over. But what about the women? We invest so much time with the heroines in our favorite series,...
November 2 2011

Chemistry 301: Top 10 Onscreen Breakups, with Buffy, Doctor Who, Sookie, and More!

This is the third post on offbeat onscreen moments; previous posts have covered Chemistry 101: Top 10 Romantic Moments and Chemistry 201: Top Sexy Onscreen Moments, sharing favorite scenes from TV and...
October 26 2011

Series-ish Addiction: When to Stick With ’Em, When to Move On

Authors writing series books is now the norm in romance; but what makes a series great, and what makes readers decide not to follow the series through to its end? The draw of any series is the characters....
October 17 2011

Open Letter to Kick-Ass Heroines: I Don’t Want Your Life

I love strong heroines. Whether it’s romance or urban fantasy, if the main character can’t hold her own, we’re not friends. Generally, they’re people I identify with or want to be more like....
October 13 2011

Chemistry 201: Top 10 Sexy Onscreen Moments

A while back you might have seen my post “Chemistry 101: Top 10 Romantic Onscreen Moments” in which I wax rhapsodic on some of the best mushy moments in my favorite offbeat shows and movies. It...
October 11 2011

Good-bye, Sookie: Charlaine Harris Announces Her Next Project

USA Today reported recently that Charlaine Harris, best-selling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series (on which HBO’s True Blood is based), has her next project lined up: a graphic novel trilogy...
September 13 2011

[Redacted] Isn’t [Redacted]? True Blood Season 5 is Already a Surprise!

The True Blood finale for Season Four just aired, and of course there is already news out about Season Five. Do not click below the fold if you do not wish to be spoiled for the next season of True...
September 12 2011

True Blood Season 4, Episode 12: Don’t Bury Me ’Cause I’m Not Dead Yet

After watching the season finale, I really want to discuss the last scene first. But we don’t do it like that over here, so bear with me. I know you are all frothing to get to that ending, just like...
August 29 2011

True Blood Season 4, Episode 10: The Return

Episode 10, “Burning Down the House” in review (All ****SPOILERS**** included): We are almost nearing the end of the season and the big showdown, so it was perfect to set up last...
August 17 2011

Sometimes I Want to Slap Her: Anita Blake, Merit, Rachel Morgan, Kitty Norville, and Sookie Stackhouse

I am all for strong heroines, but sometimes I wish I could reach through the pages of my book and slap the shit out of a character. I have a few, which I am sure all of us do. Here are my top five: Anita...
August 15 2011

True Blood Season 4, Episode 8: The Rescuers

The episode starts where last week’s ended, with Jess walking out the doors of Bill’s mansion. But as she steps into the sun, Jason tackles her back inside the doors, saving her life. Jess snaps...
August 11 2011

Bite Me, Baby: Top 5 (+1!) Vampire Lovers

Powerful men are sexy. Men fighting for control are sexy. Dark and mysterious, yep, sexy again. Now add fangs, super speed and centuries of practice, and you know why vampires consistently...
August 9 2011

Not Another Gosh-Darn Melon-Farming Euphemism!: Sex Talk, Translated

Generally speaking, writers are not a conservative bunch. They’ll try anything, say anything and write about it all in (occasionally excruciating) detail. So why the bizarre shyness that seems to...
August 1 2011

True Blood Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: The True Death is Different from the Little Death

Episode 6, “I Wish I Was the Moon” in review (All sorts of sexy ****SPOILERS**** within): We start out with a heavy petting session between Eric and Sookie. Just as I imagine Eric’s...
July 30 2011

The Women of True Blood: Pam vs. Sookie

We’ve often focused on the men of True Blood, and for good reason—an inability to wear shirts, serious sexual charisma, and many, many abs. But what about the ladies? So we thought we’d represent...