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December 1 2016

It’s Anarchy!: Romance News & Deals

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance. {Did you know you can sign up to receive Afternoon Tea as an e-mail? Sign up to have your daily cuppa delivered...
March 9 2016

What Would Jax Do? Finding Romance Novel Heroes Like Jax Teller

Today we're thrilled to welcome Terri L. Austin to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Terri writes some great alphas, especially in her new series, Beauty and the Brit, which saw the release of book...
March 13 2015

Romance News Roundup: Lunar Chronicles, Jax Teller Appreciation, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —You can sneak a peek at Marissa Meyer's...
December 10 2014

Sons of Anarchy Series Finale (!!!) Discussion Thread

**Spoiler Alert: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Sons of Anarchy, including the second episode in the two-part SERIES FINALE, “Papa's Goods.” So—it's...
December 2 2014

The Life and Death of Sam Crow: Speculating on Sons of Anarchy’s Series Finale

**Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sons of Anarchy and will including speculation on the two-part series finale, “Red Rose” and “Papa's Goods.”** The...
December 1 2014

SAMCRO Forever: Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Retrospective

**Note: This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Sons of Anarchy, especially looking back on Season 7, before the series finale on December 9** After seven years of murder, mayhem and...
November 25 2014

Mr. Grey, Travis Family, Thor, and More: Gifts for Your Singular Reading Tastes

This time of year, it's not unusual for people to gift and receive self-help books, or to listen to music that they wish was the soundtrack for their lives. Sure, those kinds of things are fine,...
November 14 2014

Friday Beefcake: We Support No-Shave November with Cavill, Ejiofor, Elba, and More!

November might be one of our favorite months, purely because it gives us No-Shave November, or Movember, if you're a fan of moustaches. Facial hair has often been a topic of interest for the team...
September 10 2014

Hit the Road: Top 10 Motorcycle Club Heroes

Source: As of last night,Sons of Anarchy is back on our TV screens. Jax Teller is the epitome of the MC hero: tough as nails attitude,...
March 30 2014

Hog Wild: Best Erotic Motorcycle Club Romances by Sheehan, Wylde, Ashley and More!

Thanks to the allure of gritty television shows such as Sons of Anarchy (and their hot eye-candy stars like Charlie Hunnam) the Motorcycle Club lifestyle has become a popular subject of interest. Recently...
September 12 2013

Hello, Christian Grey: Charlie Hunnam’s Impressive Body (of Work)

Charlie Hunnam is having a spectacular month. His big-budget monsters vs. robots movie Pacific Rim is still in theaters worldwide, he returns to TV as Jax Teller on FX’s motorcycle drama Sons...
September 10 2013

Like Sons of Anarchy’s Jax Teller? Here’s What to Read

News of Charlie Hunnam's casting as Christian Grey in the filmed version of E.L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey only increased excitement for tonight's premiere of the sixth season of...
September 2 2013

More Fifty Shades of Grey Casting News: Charlie Hunnam Is Christian Grey!

Hot on the heels of news that Dakota Johnson has been cast as Anastasia Steele came confirmation of who will portray Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie: Charlie Hunnam! Hunnam...
August 14 2013

King Jax Returns in Sons of Anarchy Season 6: What Might Happen?

Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy starts in a few short weeks after a seemingly interminable wait. (Seriously, FX gives us 13 episodes, then makes us wait NINE MONTHS for the show to return. I could gestate...
March 14 2013

Recommended Reading for Nashville, Sons of Anarchy Characters

Reading is a quiet, mostly solitary act, so it’s rare to see beloved TV characters kicking back and cracking open a paperback. But….you can learn a lot from a book! Whether they’re...
December 5 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale: Relationship Hell!

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Sons of Anarchy, including last night's Season 5 finale, “J'ai Obtenu Cette.” With each season of Sons of Anarchy,...
January 17 2012

Killing for Love: Sons of Anarchy’s Jax and Richelle Mead’s Dorian

There are certain things that when you explain aloud sound awful. For example, think of explaining the plot of The Hunger Games to a friend: It’s an exhilarating read with a great message—oh...