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September 16 2016

Heroines Who Find Their Power: From Jane Eyre to Game of Thrones’s Sansa

Some romantic heroines kick ass from the get-go and that's that. They may have moments of vulnerability, but their essential badassery is never in question. Think Claire from Outlander, for...
March 4 2015

Ray Guns and Relationships: Finding the Balance in Science Fiction Romance

Today we're thrilled to welcome Christie Meierz to the site, whose latest release The Fall, came out on Monday. Christie writes science fiction romance, and love in a galaxy far, far away are no...
October 30 2012

Our Love is Alive (Even if You’re Not): The Undead as Romantic Protagonists

The course of true love never did run smooth, but there are obstacles and there are obstacles. The person you love is a thousand-year-old vampire? That’s a problem. The person you love is married...
September 4 2012

Qhuay: M/Mainstreaming M/Man-Love in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood

It’s just possible that you’ve already heard: Qhuay is on the way. J.R. Ward has announced that the next installment of her mega-popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover At Last, will...
August 14 2011

Making the Case for Romance: Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden Universe

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller would probably not thank me for labeling the books in their outrageously addictive Liaden Universe ® “romance.” Indeed, when asked about the designation “Futuristic...