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May 25 2016

Nothing Between Them: Using—and Not Using—Birth Control in Romance

When it comes to depicting birth control in cis-het romance, readers fall in widely different camps. Some feel the very mention is a buzzkill. Others think leaving it out makes the characters too...
September 23 2013

Shannon McKenna’s Hot Mess Heroes

“You don’t apologize much, do you?” His eyebrow twitched. “Is it so obvious? I’m just being honest. When I’ve got you in bed, I don’t care about what’s...
August 7 2013

The Balancing Act of Romantic Suspense: Kennedy, Robb, Gerard and More!

Romantic Suspense is a tough sub-genre to write. Instead of just having one subject to deal with, the author has to balance both romance and suspense. Usually, one of those elements is overwhelmed by...
May 20 2013

You Never Forget Your First Time: Erotica Authors Recall Their First Hot Reads

Are erotica authors born, or made? After a lifetime of reading sex-drenched novels, I finally took the plunge two years ago and published one of my own. Now, five steamy (and occasionally raunchy) “Logan...
October 23 2012

Short and Sweet (and Hot!): Novellas from Lori Foster, Shannon McKenna, and More!

I didn’t really begin reading romances until after I’d been out of college for a few years. With my literature degree in writing and editing, I’d read my share of novels, but there’s...
April 25 2012

Author Elle Kennedy on Kick-Ass Heroines (’Cause Heroes Shouldn’t Get to Have All the Fun)

Today we’re thrilled to welcome author Elle Kennedy to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Next week, Elle will release Midnight Rescue, the first book in her new Killer Instincts series. With words like “desperate,”...
May 21 2011

No Prom, Please, I’m A Grown-Up: Why I Don’t Read YA

It started, I think, with Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. Or at least, that’s when the pervasiveness of YA fiction in the adult marketplace began to infringe on my consciousness. Stephenie Meyer's...
May 16 2011

The Better to See You With, My Dear: Glasses-Wearing Romance Heroines

Despite Dorothy Parker’s protestations otherwise, men certainly do make passes at girls who wear glasses. Plenty of us can testify from personal experience, but there’s also romance novel...
February 23 2011

“He’s About to Kill Us...Let’s Shag.”

I used to say that I simply didn't read the subgenre of romantic suspense (RS), but that's not really true. In fact, some of the authors I would've put on my favorites list write RS....