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April 10 2015

Going to the Chapel: Wedding Drama in Loretta Chase’s Royally Ever After

The two short, previously-published novellas in Loretta Chase's Royally Ever After anthology both revolve around a royal wedding. In Lord Lovedon's Duel the heroine's sister just married...
April 29 2014

10 Tropes That Make Historical Romance Awesome

Today we're thrilled to have not one but three authors—Gayle Callen, Laura Lee Guhrke, and Caroline Linden—weigh in on one of our favorite genres, historical romance. Gayle's latest...
July 23 2013

It’s a Boy!: A Royal Baby Roundup

We kind of had a thing for The Royal Wedding. Kate and William's romance swept the world—and swept everyone along with them. When the pair got married in April 2011, all eyes turned to the...
July 8 2013

Author Beth Harbison’s 10 All-Time Favorite On-Screen Wedding Scenes

Heroes and Heartbreakers is pleased to welcome author Beth Harbison to the site today. Beth's latest release, Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger has a heroine who bolts from her own...
September 24 2012

Author Valerie Bowman on Regency Weddings

Today, we're thrilled to have Author Valerie Bowman (and regular H&H contributor!) at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Valerie's Secrets of a Wedding Night is released tomorrow, and is a delicious...
April 27 2012

Cover Alert: Megan Mulry’s A Royal Pain

The cover for Megan Mulry’s A Royal Pain, has been unveiled! More details to come, but we’re already intrigued by the tagline: “It’s not easy being common.” Isn’t that the truth... A...
June 2 2011

Murder at the Royal Wedding, or Capitalizing on the Hype

                    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present... Murder at the Royal Wedding.  (That’s...
April 29 2011

For the Love of...the Cutest, Bestest Marriage Proposal Ever!

Even the most cynical among us (ahem!) have to admit this is just the sweetest, nicest, cutest marriage proposal we've ever seen. Kate—some British woman who's getting married...
Liz Maverick
April 29 2011

Princess Catherine’s Wedding Dress: Discuss!

The run-up to the royal wedding is over. Let the fashion and beauty talk reign supreme! She could have chosen any designer, any dress in the world, and Kate Middleton chose to become Princess Catherine...
April 29 2011

Clothes Make the Bride: Royal Wedding Fashions

It’s wedding season at Buckingham Palace, an event that should set every devoted romance reader’s heart aflutter with anticipation. Infrequent as they are, royal weddings have had an...
April 28 2011

Of Sparkly Crowns and Pretty Gowns: The (Disney) Princess Experience

In honor of the Royal Wedding coverage, I have been asked to share my princess experience story. If you have been to Disney World recently with a young girl between the age of 4 and 11 or a slightly...
April 28 2011

Recap! Royal Wedding Snark-n-Swoon

Missed it?  Want to relive it?  Want to experience it through Team H&H's bleary eyes?  We got up early, so you didn't have to.  Revel in the eye-rolling absurdity...
April 27 2011

If Only for a Day: The Pleasure of Being a Princess

Princesses have long been a top choice for romance heroines; take a look at some current and upcoming Harlequin titles: The Inherited Bride by Maisey Yates, whose Princess Isabella does not want to...
April 13 2011

For The Love Of...The Royal Wedding and Knitting?

If you are breathless with anticipation waiting for the Royal Wedding, are a crafty enthusiast, and have some time on your hands, have we got a book for you! (Thanks to blogger Myretta Robens for...