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October 2 2014

Hitting the Road: Why We Love Road Trips in Historical Romance

Today we're delighted to welcome Maya Rodale to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Maya's new release, What a Wallflower Wants, is the third book in her Wallflower trilogy, and is also a road romance—its...
July 14 2014

Who’s Your Ideal Fictional Road Trip Companion?

It's road trip season and while many families and friends are piling into their cars for some good ol' fashioned togetherness, we've been having road trip and vacation romances on the brain!...
July 10 2014

Love’s Journey: Road Trip Romances with Jeffries, Knox, Cole and More!

Everyone knows that road trips can make or break a relationship. You’re in close quarters, you find out that your friend really likes Taco Bell, and you have to make constant bathroom breaks and...
March 8 2013

Isn’t It Romantic… Women’s Fiction That’s Really Romance

Women’s Fiction is many things, with many labels and definitions. For me, it’s a good story that appeals to women, written by both men and women. It can be serious, sad, funny, heartwarming...
November 3 2011

Learning the (T)ropes of Historical Romance: Putney, Carlyle, and Chase

There is no new thing under the sun. This is probably especially true of Historical Romance. It’s hard to find a Historical Romance that is not built around one trope or another. Just recently, Miranda...
April 28 2011

On the Road Again: Getting Road-Trip Romances Right

Road Romances are one of my favorite romance tropes. There are a lot of them out there, but to my mind, a great road romance must include three elements. There must be a compelling reason for our...