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May 20 2015

What Secrets to Success Do You Think Real-Life Couples Could Learn from Romance?

Many times, we as romance readers are told that we are fostering unrealistic expectations of relationships due to our reading. However, I think it's safe to say that there are a few things...
April 24 2015

Would You Read a Romance About Online Dating?

In the digital age, the way we meet our prospective partners is changing. Online dating, which was once-upon-a-time only a mode for the desperate, divorced, and/or doddering, but now people are just...
April 8 2015

Stamos Snugglefest: What Celebrity Would You Want Cuddle Tips From?

Full House is back on, and this video resurfaced! Thanks to College Humor—and John Stamos and Bob Saget for being hilarious—we now have cuddle tips that we can reference nightly. What...
April 7 2015

What’s the Longest Courtship You Remember in a Romance Novel?

In some of the most iconic romances in the genre, what feels like weeks and months of falling in love, is actually just a few days of intense attraction. In others, the author's pacing is so fast...
February 8 2012

Ground-Breaking Scientific Study Reveals Men Want Sex

You know how he grouses when you ask him about doing a simple household chore? Maybe next time you should ask him while looking your best—science reveals something we already know: Men...
February 7 2012

Book A Date!

Short a Valentine this year? How about trying read-dating? A library in Canada has started a “book-club/speed-dating hybrid,” where unattached literary types spend about four minutes talking...
May 1 2011

A Romance Reader Reads Mystery: Julia Spencer-Fleming’s Russ and Clare

This post originally appeared on our new crime/mystery sister site, Go investigate! I like to think that I read eclectically, and that might be true. When I looked at that BBC...