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November 9 2015

Romance News: We Heart the Holidays

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Reader treat: A free recipe collection, We...
November 5 2013

Over the Moon for MoonPies

Today we're pleased to welcome author Kieran Kramer, whose Sweet Talk Me is her first foray into contemporary romance—and it's set in the South, with a sweet-talking guy who makes the...
September 19 2012

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien’s Guilt-Free Dreamboat Parfaits (+ Eye Candy!)

Guilt-free enjoyment is one of the reasons we read romance novels—where else can we imagine being swept away by someone who is gorgeous, attentive, and devoted to our every need? Without feeling...
Beth Ciotta
August 27 2012

Author Beth Ciotta on Sexy Sweets—The Cupcake Effect

Today, Heroes and Heartbreakers welcomes Beth Ciotta—not to mention her sweet treats—to the site. Beth's Fool for Love pits a chef-in-training with a sassy attitude against an all-business...
August 7 2012

Author Lisa Kleypas Cooks Up Some Love With a Recipe and a Sexy Dream Lake Excerpt!

Lisa Kleypas’s newest release, Dream Lake, is out today, and tells the story of Zoe Hoffman, who’s a trained chef and an innkeeper who has all but given up on love. Not only has her hero, Alex Nolan,...
June 27 2012

Author Beth Harbison Dishes on the World’s Oldest Profession—with a Menu, Too!

Today, we’re pleased to welcome author Beth Harbison to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Beth’s brand-new release, When in Doubt, Add Butter, tells the story of a private chef who’s happy to cook for...
November 24 2011

Louisa Edwards Serves Up Her Favorite Tasty Sites!

Author Louisa Edwards not only writes about hot chefs—she is one, too! We asked her to share some of her favorite recipe sites while she anticipates the release of the final book in her Recipe for...
April 6 2011

Take a Walk on the Dark Side: Villains in Romance

For me, storytelling is all about character development. Character is the essential, crucial element that captures and holds my interest in whatever I am reading. In many story lines, the villain is...
March 2 2011

The Food-Love Connection

Food nowadays is about convenience. How much time do we have to plan and cook and clean up? Meals are just another task in increasingly busy days. Food is fuel. And it seems as if we aren’t supposed...