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June 12 2011

The Fathers of Jane Austen

If you’re feeling kindly toward your Dad this Father’s Day, you might want to refrain from giving him a Jane Austen novel. Stick with power tools. Although Jane Austen herself seems to have...
June 7 2011

Amiable Rancour: Jane Austen’s Insults

Would Jane Austen issue an insult? Would any have of her characters (other than the mean ones, of course)? Certainly not. Jane Austen is that sweet little Regency-era lady who wrote those nice...
May 20 2011

The 11 Most Dashingly Romantic Ship Captains!

They’re not easy to love, but they’re certainly easy to fall for. Between the gold buttons and the scrupulous neatness and that slight whiff of sketchiness, there are many reasons to love...
May 16 2011

Downton Abbey Inspires Tourism; Visiting Fictional Settings in Real Places

Would you travel to visit a real place peopled by fictional characters? Apparently for a lot of us, the answer is a resounding YES! Seems that one out of ten British people want to head to...
May 7 2011

Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Bennet: Jane Austen’s Mothers

Mothers don't often fare well in Jane Austen's world. In fact, many have been buried by the time we meet their offspring. Emma Woodhouse's mother has been long gone by the time we meet...
April 1 2011

Which Austen Heroine Could Be Your BFF?

Yes. Jane Austen has written some drool-worthy heroes, men of various stripes with whom we would like to end up, from her Alpha Fitzwilliam Darcy to her Beta Henry Tilney, there probably isn't a...
March 10 2011

Would Mr. Darcy Drive An “Austen-Martin”?

For some characters in Jane Austen's world, what they're driving (or their equipage as we should say) is almost as important as that vintage Corvette up on blocks in your brother-in-law's...
February 19 2011

Seeing is Believing: The Heroine’s Journey

Novelists often talk about the importance of “showing, not telling” in their writing, which means something like, as Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) put it: “Don't tell us that the...