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May-December Romances
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August 18 2015

What is Your Favorite May-December Romance?

We're ready to have the seasons change here and give us some cooler weather. With the seasons in mind, let's talk May-December romances. Once upon a time, they used to be fairly common—especially...
Kate Nagy
July 16 2014

Anticipating Starz’s Outlander: 5 Things the Series Shouldn’t Change

In just a few short weeks, the long-awaited televised version of Diana Gabaldon’s genre classic Outlander will finally, finally reach the screen. Although at this writing Starz Network has selfishly...
April 1 2014

Rhett Butler, Colonel Brandon, and More: The Allure of the Older Hero in Romance Novels

Today we're joined by author Julie Anne Long, whose Between the Devil and Ian Eversea has just been released. Julie Anne has written many heroes, including the titular Ian Eversea, but was inspired...
January 21 2012

Androids Have Delicious Despair Moments, Too: Alpha by Catherine Asaro

The Heroine: Alpha, a gorgeous, deadly android The Hero: General Thomas Wharington, a stalwart military leader Type of romance: May-December (Beware of ***SPOILERS***) In a near-future world...