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January 12 2012

The Books of Downton Abbey

Today the New York Times has a piece on how publishers are recognizing that fans of Downton Abbey (and PBS in general) are more likely to be readers, and are promoting their releases with a Downton...
July 14 2011

Downton Abbey’s 11 Emmy Nominations

Due to a change in Emmy nomination rules (first discussed in the Downton Abbey at Emmys? post), Downton Abbey was indeed eligible to be considered for an Emmy nomination. And boy, did it come...
March 22 2011

Downton Abbey, Season 2: New Parody Slakes Thirst For More

While you're thirsting for the second season of Downton Abbey (Blackmail! Sex! World War I!), here is a parody Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous) et al, including Sex And The City's Kim...
March 8 2011

New Pictures from the Set of Downton Abbey Season 2

On-set pictures from the new season of Downton Abbey have emerged on the UK's Daily Mail site and they're veeery intriguing. Especially this one:                       Yay...
Liz Maverick
February 20 2011

More Anna and Bates for Downton Abbey Fans

Downton Abbey fans have something to look forward to, according to the UK's Daily Mirror: The new series of Downton Abbey will see John Bates’s romance with head housemaid...
February 20 2011

Romp & Circumstance: Poldark

When the going gets rough, the tough turn to romance . . . at least, that’s what I do.  Usually, it’s a romance novel, but since life’s been unusually tough lately, I've found...
February 13 2011

Downton Abbey, Episode 4: Apparently An Abbey Can Hang Off A Cliff!

We had some action this week. A good thing, since Episode 3 was such a snooze-fest. In fact, we had a lot going on both upstairs and downstairs. [Upstairs! Downstairs! And yes, mention of my...
February 12 2011

Downton Abbey, Episode 3: In Which Downstairs Is Far More Interesting Than Upstairs

It’s a good thing Downton Abbey has such a great cast, such a fabulous location, and such gorgeous costumes, because the plot is getting a little worn. [It is better to look good than...
February 10 2011

Downton Abbey, Episode 2: As The Soap Bubbles

Whoa! Talk about drama—or melodrama, you be the judge. Episode two of Downton Abbey is just rife with interesting vignettes, all of them possibly setups for yet more drama down the road. [Lights,...
February 6 2011

Downton Abbey, Episode 1: What Is A Weekend?

Downton Abbey: Our latest English costume drama import. The best of post-Edwardian angst, feisty dowager-countesses, and manor-house porn. Like any good Anglophile, I settled down with my glass of port...