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October 31 2014

Trope of the Month: Villains to Heroes

Academically put, tropes are “common or overused theme[s] or device[s],“ which makes them sound like cliches, which makes them seem like a bad thing. But they’re totally not! Romance...
August 6 2014

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know: The Best Alpha Males in Romance

Today we're joined by author C.L. Wilson, whose The Winter King has just been released. The Winter King is a high fantasy romance, featuring a fierce hero who—though he is the Winter...
May 24 2014

Libraries, Bracelets, and Hearts: The 10 Most Coveted Items in Romance from KCole, Singh, Rocha, and More!

Have you ever read a romance novel and said, “I want that?” I know I have. Or has the hero done some romantic gesture that just sweeps you offer your feet? Yeah, I thought so. Below are...
May 15 2014

Give it To Me, Baby: Top 5 Attributes an Alpha Male Should Have

Today we're delighted to welcome author Gena Showalter to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Gena's latest release, Burning Dawn, is the third book in her Angels of the Dark series. Last week, Julie...
October 10 2013

A Man with a Plan: The Romance Novel Villain

Some of the best villains in literature are men with a grand plan, whether it is revenge or world domination. These men have set their goal, usually from a young age, and have spent their lives setting...
April 9 2013

Crazy in Love: Speculating about the Perfect Match for Kresley Cole’s Nïx

In an interview about Lothaire in 2011, Kresley Cole said she has at least 10 more books plotted out in her head for her Immortals After Dark series, not even including (one would hope) her spin-off...
February 15 2013

Friday Beefcake: Romance Novel Cover Models

Ask and you shall receive. Last week, we polled you all to see what you wanted for Valentine's Day and overwhelmingly you said you wanted a romance novel hero to walk out of your favorite book....
Donna Cummings
April 28 2012

Lothaire and Ellie? Romantic Odd Couples: So (Im)Perfect for Each Other

Every romance couple has challenges, but some of them have major ones—things that make it seemingly impossible for them to connect, let alone make it all the way to a HEA. These are the couples that...
January 15 2012

Fantasy Casting for Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series, Part 2

Kresley Cole’s latest book, Lothaire, hit the shelves on Tuesday. If you are like me, nothing improves the reading experience more than finding just the right actor or actress to fill the...
January 14 2012

Fantasy Casting for Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series, Part 1

Kresley Cole’s latest book, Lothaire, hit the shelves on Tuesday. If you are like me, nothing improves the reading experience more than finding just the right actor or actress to fill the role of...
January 10 2012

Voting and New Releases on Tuesdays—Why?

It’s Tuesday. Which means, among other things, that new books (including Kresley Cole’s Lothaire) are released today (and people are voting, but we’re not tackling that here). But why on Tuesdays? A...
January 9 2012

Fresh Meat: Kresley Cole’s Lothaire (Jan. 10, 2012)

Kresley Cole Lothaire Gallery Books, $25.00/$11.99 digital, Jan. 10, 2012 ALL FEAR THE ENEMY OF OLD Driven by his insatiable need for revenge, Lothaire, the Lore’s most ruthless vampire,...
November 18 2011

Kresley Cole’s Lothaire Trailer

It’s not so long now...does Lothaire look as you imagined he would?
November 7 2011

Kresley Cole Previews Lothaire, out January 10, 2012

          Kresley Cole is such a tease...earlier today, she posted this snippet from her upcoming Immortals After Dark book, Lothaire on Facebook. Lothaire...
October 21 2011

Kresley Cole Talks Lothaire

This clip features Kresley Cole talking about her upcoming, hotly-anticipated release Lothaire. Most bestest news for Immortals After Dark fans? The series isn’t going to end, not for a long...
October 6 2011

Kresley Cole’s Lothaire: Back Cover Blurb

A few minutes ago, Kresley Cole’s Facebook page revealed the back cover copy for the eagerly-anticipated Lothaire, which releases in hardcover January 10, 2012.  Here’s the blurb: ALL...
September 28 2011

So Scary They’re Sexy: Terrible, Lothaire, Zsadist, and Barrons

Nearly everyone on the H&H team loves a good alpha hero. We like the tough guys, the protectors. That makes sense; instinctually we like the idea of someone who wants to keep us safe. Why, then,...
August 31 2011

Anticipating Kresley Cole’s Lothaire

A couple years ago, there was a Saturday morning cartoon called Shaolin Showdown. The basic premise was that four extraordinary kids were chosen to save the world with martial arts superpowers. There...