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June 12 2015

Romance News Roundup: Meg Cabot’s Love Advice, Deal Alerts, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now. —Deal Alert #1: Barbara Freethy's contemporary...
May 20 2015

What Secrets to Success Do You Think Real-Life Couples Could Learn from Romance?

Many times, we as romance readers are told that we are fostering unrealistic expectations of relationships due to our reading. However, I think it's safe to say that there are a few things...
April 13 2015

Bitten 2x10 Clay/Elena Heart-to-Heart, Plus 7 Things We Learned from Laura Vandervoort and Greyston Holt!

Show/Episode: Bitten, Season 2, Episode 10, “Fine Temporum” (Spoilers, natch) Ship(s): Clay/Elena, Nick/Paige With remnants of last week’s emotional episode still so fresh, watching...
April 8 2015

Stamos Snugglefest: What Celebrity Would You Want Cuddle Tips From?

Full House is back on, and this video resurfaced! Thanks to College Humor—and John Stamos and Bob Saget for being hilarious—we now have cuddle tips that we can reference nightly. What...
November 17 2014

Not at Home (To You): Helpful Restrictions in the Victorian Era

Today we are thrilled to welcome author Tasha Alexander to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Tasha has just released the ninth book in her Lady Emily mystery series, titled The Counterfeit Heiress. Lady Emily...
April 23 2014

Family, Dogs, and Love: Jennifer Crusie’s Various Temptations

Jennifer Crusie has never been an especially prolific author and that’s even more true now. But each of her books sticks with me. I love the crazy plots, the zingy one-liners, the madcap escapades....