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December 10 2013

Tidings of Joy: Not-Your-Usual Historicals for December 2013

December is a notoriously slow month when it comes to new releases, and the list of off-the-beaten track historicals holds true to that fact. But while the list may be light, that does not mean there...
November 30 2013

First Look: Lena Dowling’s His Convict Wife (December 1, 2013)

Lena Dowling His Convict Wife Escape / December 1, 2013 / $.99 digital For Irish convict Colleen Malone, being framed, transported to Australia and forced into prostitution seemed like the...
March 28 2013

Short Stuff: What Makes a Short Story Just Right?

More and more frequently, authors give their readers a little treat by writing a short story between novels so that a minor secondary character in their series can get a little HEA. They are a gift...