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Laws of Attraction
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March 17 2015

You’re Dismissed: What Book Would You Bring to Get Out of Jury Duty?

Jury duty, while one of those constitutional duties we fought so hard for, is not one most citizens look forward to. In a recent Facebook conversation, someone asked what book to bring to jury...
May 14 2014

Don’t Doubt My Love: Whitney Gracia Williams’s Reasonable Doubt

**Warning: this post contains spoilers on Whitney Gracia Williams's Reasonable Doubt, Volume 1. Proceed with caution!** Have you ever gotten to a point with an author where you’re cyber-stalking...
January 9 2012

The Porn Industry to Get an Order of Protection?

If you read any steamy contemporary romance, chances are good that you’ve seen mention of the hero finding and unwrapping a condom while sexing up the heroine. For the author not to mention it,...
June 1 2011

For the Love of...Men Showing Romantic Interest

In her book Superflirt, sex expert Tracey Cox (best last name ever for a sex expert, wouldn’t you say?) states that, “Women choose from no less than 52 moves to show men they’re interested....