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Nicola R. White
February 22 2016

Love Lost and Found: Finding Love After Losing “The One”

Although there’s no doubt that losing a partner is devastating, eventually widowed spouses may consider the possibility of dating again. But what are the odds of finding a new love when potential...
July 3 2014

I Melt with You: Top 10 ’80s Romances

Ah, the '80s! A decade of big hair, Miami Vice, MTV, Duran Duran, shoulders padded out to there, and an explosion of over-the-top, lush, blooming romances that came to be known as bodice rippers. That...
January 31 2014

Conveniently Married: Marriage of Convenience Romance Novels

Today we're pleased to welcome author Lily Everett to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Lily's new release, Shoreline Drive, is a modern-day marriage of convenience story, with a handsome, guarded veterinarian...
December 7 2013

Top 10 American Historicals: An Opinionated Opinion

I grew up reading and rereading Elswyth Thane’s Williamsburg series, not exactly romance fiction, but with all the matches from Tibby and Julian in Colonial America through six more books to their...
December 4 2013

A Pattern of Perfection: Childbirth and Motherhood in LaVyrle Spencer’s Morning Glory

Set in a small town and an isolated farm in Georgia in 1941, LaVyrle Spencer's classic convenient marriage romance Morning Glory in some ways feels more like Americana stories set in the 19th century...
September 23 2013

Warmth and Love in North Dakota: LaVyrle Spencer’s Years

We’re reading our way across America…one romance at a time. Years by LaVyrle Spencer And now we come to North Dakota, and the work of LaVyrle Spencer. What? You didn’t...
August 31 2013

Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Blue Collar Hero?

Recently, we ran an article about Blue Collar Heroes. We think it shows that while billionaires are still going strong, the working man still very much has the appeal. You all gave some great examples...
July 23 2013

It’s a Boy!: A Royal Baby Roundup

We kind of had a thing for The Royal Wedding. Kate and William's romance swept the world—and swept everyone along with them. When the pair got married in April 2011, all eyes turned to the...
November 27 2012

Trope of the Month: Marriage of Convenience

Academically put, tropes are “common or overused theme[s] or device[s]," which makes them sound like cliches, which makes them seem like a bad thing. But they’re totally not! Romance...
June 26 2012

Bring the Pain: Angsty Historicals from Ranney, Judith James, Spencer, and More!

Angsty romances aren’t for everyone, but stories where the hero and heroine really have to earn their happily ever after are among my favorites. There’s a certain catharsis in following a pair of...
May 22 2012

Missing in Action: Sexy Heroes Who Work with Their Hands

There’s nothing sexier than a hero who can craft objects with his bare hands. In historical times, constructing even the most basic everyday item required skills of imagination, geometry, attention...
October 27 2011

Family Ties: LaVyrle Spencer’s Enduring Appeal, Part 2

Picking up right where we left off in Part 1, more LaVyrle Spencer favorites... Separate Beds:  Clay Forrester is a wealthy college grad student working toward becoming a lawyer. His one-night...
October 26 2011

Family Ties: LaVyrle Spencer’s Enduring Appeal, Part 1

My very first introduction to romance novels was LaVyrle Spencer’s The Gamble. The Gamble is a story about a Southern gambler who opens a saloon in Kansas—and comes up against a lady prohibitionist....
May 23 2011

I Heart Betas!: Beta Heroes in Romance

Quickly now, name your top five heroes from romance novels. I'll wait. Now think about the heroes you’ve named and tally those who are audacious alphas or tormented loners. I suspect that...
March 9 2011

Author Binge Buys: Gluttonous Shopping Sprees of Epic Proportions

Binge buying is not like binge drinking. Gross. Another turn of phrase for binge buying would be a gluttonous shopping spree of epic proportions. You know the ones I’m talking about, so don’t...