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January 31 2017

Is Your Keeper Shelf Vastly Different from Your Current Reading Pattern?

It wasn't until a recent conversation with a friend that I realized the books I kept on my keeper shelf were no longer what I was reading currently. I had shifted heat level and subgenre quite...
April 27 2015

They Laughed, They Cried: Standout Moments in Romance Novels

Heroes and Heartbreakers is pleased to welcome author Sara Jane Stone, whose fourth Independence Falls novel, Wild With You, hit shelves on April 14. Shere's here today to discuss what qualities...
July 9 2014

There When You Need It: How Eloisa James’s The Duke is Mine Landed on the Keeper Shelf

Today we're thrilled to welcome Sara Jane Stone, whose Full Exposure was just released. Full Exposure is the first book in the Independence Falls series and focuses on Georgia, a recently-returned...
March 15 2013

Book Quests: Adding to Your Digital Shelves

My husband calls them quests. My quest to build a digital library as a replacement for my actual library started five years ago, when I received my first Kindle for Mother's Day. At the time we...
December 28 2012

Falling in Love Again—Soon?: A 2013 Journey Through Romance Novels

2011 went down, I think, as the first year in nearly 20 that no romance novel landed on my Keeper Shelf. I did add two books, but both were fiction of the literary variety. 2012 proved to be even...
May 13 2011

Small Heroines with Big Lives: Top 10 Most Memorable Bertrice Small Heroines

When I was eleven years old, I stole my mother’s copy of Bertrice Small's The Kadin and knew I’d found what I wanted to read and write for the rest of my life. I loved the epic...
April 18 2011

The “I’ve Been Waiting for You” Scene in Adele Ashworth’s Winter Garden

One of my regular rereads is Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth, and that is due to Thomas. Ahhhh, Thomas . . . He's so deliciously tortured (What?! It's good for him!) and he loves his Madeleine...
April 10 2011

Medieval Times: Garwood and Elliott Bring Historical Hotness

I am a Regency Romance Gal; it's my preferred historical time period and my default comfort-zone reading. But sometimes I just have to have me some medieval brawn: A big ol' hunk o'...
March 25 2011

Undressing the Hero: Judith Ivory’s Untie My Heart

When someone asks me the differences between Romance and Erotic Romance and Erotica, my answer usually boils down to “it’s complicated.” For me, one of the most erotic authors out...
March 14 2011

“The Devil’s Out After Midnight” Scene in Marcia McClure’s The Prairie Prince

Whenever I’m in the mood to read a romance that will not only have my toes curling and stomach dipping but also keep me in a constant state of swooning, the author I instinctively reach for is...
March 12 2011

Madly, Blindly, Passionately in Love: Rereading The Scarlet Pimpernel

At any given moment in time, there's something I can't find—my keys, my reading glasses, my cup of coffee, the portable phone. I'm constantly missing appointments. And if we've...
March 9 2011

Author Binge Buys: Gluttonous Shopping Sprees of Epic Proportions

Binge buying is not like binge drinking. Gross. Another turn of phrase for binge buying would be a gluttonous shopping spree of epic proportions. You know the ones I’m talking about, so don’t...
February 26 2011

You Stole My Heart: Surprise Fiction Favorites

Every time you open the cover of a new book and start reading a brand-new story, you have certain expectations. To be entertained, to have a happily ever after (if it's a romance, that is!), and...