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March 9 2014

Shipping Sunday: Justified’s Raylan/Boyd

There’s nothing like a smooth talker. That guy who always knows the right thing to say and has a way of saying it that will make a girl lose any small shred of common sense that she’s still...
April 3 2013

Justified’s Raylan-Boyd Bromance Lives On

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Justified, including last night's Season 4, episode 13, “Ghosts.” There hasn't been anything romantic between...
May 2 2012

Just Can’t Get Enough: Author Allison Brennan on Her TV Addiction

Today, author Allison Brennan—whose new Lucy Kincaid novel, Silenced, was released just last week—reveals she has a weakness. An addiction, if you will. Thanks for sharing with us, Allison! I’m...
April 14 2012

Timothy Olyphant’s Romantic Body…of Work!

With the third season of F/X’s electrifying Justified having hurtled to a gun-blazing close, the time has come for us all to contemplate the barren, Timothy Olyphant-less wasteland that is television...
April 10 2012

Author Allison Brennan on Hating Justified’s Winona, Loving Raylan

Justified is one of my all-time favorite shows, and not just because it stars Timothy Olyphant. As soon as I discovered it—by accident, mind you—and downloaded the pilot, I was hooked. Exactly...
March 15 2012

Do Clothes Make the Man? Dyson, Raylan, and Devil’s Cub

Television series are like visual Cliff Notes when it comes to romance.  In the span of a half hour or an hour, each episode must hit emotional high notes that romance novel builds up to in 300+...
January 25 2012

Raylan and Boyd: The Hot Bromance in Justified

Last night’s episode of Justified once again shone the light on the awesome pairing of Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder. After marshal Raylan has thrown Boyd in jail for attacking him, he figures...
December 7 2011

Justified Returns Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012: New Promo Clip Out Now!

Sure, it’s a cop show with bad guys and crime and all that. But this trailer for season three of Justified shows what some of us are really watching for: the bromance. The punch him, throw him...
April 14 2011

Justified’s “Debts And Accounts”

Justified just keeps getting better. The first season was good, sure, but the second season is way better than it should be, and last night's episode— [highlight for spoilers] following...