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April 1 2016

On Top of Mt. TBR: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special...
Kate Nagy
December 7 2014

Happily Never After: Romances Without a HEA

Recently, H&H’s Jennifer Proffitt took some time to speculate upon the likely fate of The Hobbit’s Kili and Tauriel. Although the adorable, mismatched dwarf-and-elf pair are not precisely...
May 20 2013

You Never Forget Your First Time: Erotica Authors Recall Their First Hot Reads

Are erotica authors born, or made? After a lifetime of reading sex-drenched novels, I finally took the plunge two years ago and published one of my own. Now, five steamy (and occasionally raunchy) “Logan...
May 17 2012

Romance (and Sex!) in YA: Judy Blume, Charlotte Stein, Simone Elkele, and More!

SEX!!!! Did I get your attention? A tiny, yet powerful, three letter word that can invoke a powerful onslaught of feelings in both adults and young adults. There isn’t a romance book written...
August 19 2011

Burnt Out on Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

After reading back-to-back Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, one needs a break. At least I do. I have a few authors I usually turn to right away by checking to see if they have a new release. If...