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Hot Men in Uniforms
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September 6 2013

Friday Beefcake: Football Season with Newton, Tebow, Reed, and More!

~I will fully and freely admit to knowing next to nothing about football. In fact, when I recently went home, my six-year-old nephew schooled me in some of the rules while we played in my parent's...
May 19 2013

Poll: What is Your Favorite Type of Man in Uniform?

Men in uniform certainly have appeal. Is it the discipline of being in service? The crisp dress uniforms? The muscles that often come with the need to stay fit in the line of duty? Yesterday was...
January 11 2013

Friday Beefcake: Guys of Gangster Squad

Welcome to the gun show, and we're talking guns of both variety in the new movie Gangster Squad. The release was pushed back, but now the time has come, Team H&H got the chance to see the movie...
February 8 2012

Ex-SEALs in Love: Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops Series

Following yesterday’s coverage of Lora Leigh’s SEALs series by PFC Dolly Sickles, we’ve got more hot Leigh heroes to share with you today. I’m not really sure when I personally developed...